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The "All Time" Class of 1970

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The EA Class of 1970 in the 7th Grade in Leblon

Click here for larger Photo in1965.

Go to Brian Paren's EA Yearbooks Online!

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     Welcome to the Class of 1970 web site, where your old friends live on in cyberspace!  We want to hear from any and all of EA kids who were ever a part of the Class of 1970, whether you were lucky enough to stay and graduate from EA or not.  The photos on this page were provided by Paula Lee Rosevear, Randy Moeller, Suzy Kent, Beverly Rendall, and Brian Paren.  Visit the newest addition to the EA Web, the Class of 1970 Carioca Yearbook, courtesy of Brian Paren.  Links to his books below.

Please send missing photos for all sections for 1st through 7th grades!

4th Grade

6th Grade

6th Grade

7th  Grade

8th  Grade

9th  Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

We also have a database of all known classmates, which continues to grow as names emerge over the Internet.   Check for your name on the list.  If it is not there, please send it to me.   Click here to access the database, the most recent received from Walt Perkins.  Send your updates information to .  

More old photos are located below, so scroll down the page for old class photos and photos of old friends.   NEW photos of Old EA Classmates were uploaded November 3, 2002.

Speaking of updates, here is a mini-reunion of two, Mark Brougham and Bruce Stirling, at the Wigwam Resort near Phoenix, AZ. on August 3, 2002.

HERE for a fifth grade photo sent to us by Randy Moeller of some friends on the Leblon playground circa 1963.

Here's an oldie but a goodie: EA Junior Prom photos circa 1966 received from Suzy Kent!

One last update: photos of Class of 1970 members at "Saudades 2002" in Rio.

We hope you find this site a place to visit periodically to matar a few saudades.  If you remember a name of a 1970 class member not named below, please tell us.   ALL EA students from the Class of 1970 should be found below.  The list attempts to name all known members the Class of 1970, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, whether EA graduates or not.  Click here to see old yearbook photos of the class of 1970 in the seventh grade in 1965.  I tried to videotape the yearbooks at the EA Library.  The scanned yearbooks are now better quality.  If you have an old EA Class of 1970 photo from our elementary school days, please scan it and send us a copy!!!  Please!

If you know of other classmates not listed, please send their names to me.   Dave McGuerty, Class of '72, gave us his EA Alumni List, compiled from information supplied by Dr. Brown, EA, and others.  Others were added based upon memory.  

If you are named here, please send us your current address, email, telephone number, name, etc.   We are looking for you.  Please Contact Us to Update Your Information.  Do not forget to register with Panthernet on the EA official site.

Ackley, Carol
Adams, Lark
Alexander, Jane
Andrade, Malu
Arambula, Martha
Assey (sp?), Gerrie
Bado, Rick
Bakas, Loretta
Bash, Mary (In Memoriam)
Batalha, Ronald M.
Baumann, Antonio Carlos (Tony)
Bertão, Patricia
Berthold, Arno
Billeaudeaux, Blaine (In Memoriam(
Blasingame, Mike (In Memoriam)
Borwick, Benjamin
Brennan, Kevin
Brougham, Mark
Byrnes, Tim (In Memoriam)
Byrom, Lynda
Campbell, June
Canfield, Kenneth
Chaves, Amado
Chiba, Tatsu
Clause, Cheri
Clayton, Mary
Clegg, Gloria
Coll, Perla
Crandall, Cathie
Crandall, Sara
Craven, Frances
Creane, Cathy Cardona
Davis Gary
De Long, Jeff
de Sá, Carlos
Denmark, Gordon
Denys, Rogêrio
Dosoer, Mark
Doster, Steve
Dunn, Paul J.
Ebel, Peg
Ellis, Jeannette
Elwood, Robert
Erling, Debbie
Escamillo, Miguel
Evans, David
Feith, Robert (Bob)
Fenna, Roberts Paul
Fernandez, Robert
Forbis, Steven
Frazier, Tina
Freitas, Aguenor
Fuji, Ken
Ganzer, Sue
Garner, Paul
Geisemeyer, Angelika
Gibson, Martha
Gjorup, Mimi Fusco
Goldstein, Neil
Goto, Hideo
Gottlieb, George Arnold

Greenhood, Joan
Grosso, Marty
Harmon, Barbara
Henneberger, Belle G.
Hernandez, Mary A.
Hevesi, Catarina
Hill, Katie Johnson
Illes, Frank
Jennings, Mike
Jessup, Janet
Jew, Fanny
Johnson, Craig
Johnson, Don
Kent, Suzi (Suzanne)
Key, Jay Naomi
Kim, Paula
Klien, Andreas Caila
Kozlowska, Eva
Krause, Peggy
La Ruffa, Phillippe

Lambert, Kristine
Lancaster, Antonia
Lane, Randy
Lee, Luciana

Lenz, Rolf
Ling, Lee Tai
Loh, Roger
MacDonald, Kay
MacKnight, William (Bill)
Malm, Patricia
Mason, Peter
McCann, Gail
McCartney, Byron
McTague, John
McTague, Mark
Mellama, Bob
Merceron, Reynold
Miller, Carl
Mitchell, Olivia
Moeller, Randy
Montavon, Betsy
Moore, Helen
Morris, John
Moss, Anita (Gail)
Morthland, Bronwyn (Bronnie)
Musgrave, John
Nagel, Raymond
Newberg, Richard
Oiestad, Greta (In Memoriam)
Olsen, Esther
Olson, David
Palian, Gayane
Patterson, Stuart
Pereles, Andrea
Perez, Michael
Poppino, Richard
Porto, Suzy Pallin
Poulsen, Michael

Rapp, Jimmy
Rendall, Beverly
Richards, Tony
Richoux, Jeffrey
Rodgers, John
Rodgers, William F.
Rodriquez, Felipe
Rosevear, Paula Lee
Rozanes, Avi
Ruszkay, Gerry

Sá, Carlos de
Sandler, Scott
Sandstrom, Kathy
Sandstrom, Russell
Sas, Istvan
Schloman, Peggy
Seligsohn, Irene Wolf
Shade, Deborah
Shields, Pamela
Simonpietri, Ramond
Skvirsky, Gary
Slotfeld, Harold
Smith, Rick (before skipped)
Spitzman, Turdy Irene Sorkin
Steger, Tony
Stirling, Robert Bruce, II
Strickland, Ann Louise
Strosberg, Miriam
Suhr, Karen

Sweet, Carl
Takamatsu, Mariko
Thornton, Andy
Tierney, Patricia Kaplan
Tirado, Nelson
Tolle, Jimmy
Turley, Ann
Turner, Lesley
Turner, Lin
Tuthill, David
Tysinger, Barbara
Tysinger, Faye
Uehrke, Charles
van Kooten, Olaf
Vega, Roberto
Wagoner, Turner
Walker, John
Walter, John
Ware, Cathy
Warner, John
Warren, John
Welch, Don
Wesson, Loreen
Weyland, Randy
Whipple, Craig
Whiticombe, Elizabeth
Whyte, Donald
Willis, Kirby
Wilcox, Daniel
Wilson, Nicky McAra
Wolfard, Dan

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