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[VID] Bigorrilho.mpg          20-Jul-2003 03:38  10.2M  EA Alumni Killing Saudades 2003
[VID] Conga.mpg               20-Jul-2003 04:58   5.9M  The "American Side" of EA - Conga Line
[VID] EA2003.mpg              20-Jul-2003 04:16   3.1M  Before Dinner at Coral Gables 2003
[VID] EAClass65.mpg           20-Jul-2003 01:59   3.3M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EAClass66.mpg           20-Jul-2003 02:36   2.5M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EAClass67.mpg           20-Jul-2003 02:53   2.2M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EAClass68.mpg           20-Jul-2003 03:09   5.2M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EAClass70.mpg           20-Jul-2003 03:30   4.8M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EAClass71 72.mpg        20-Jul-2003 03:58   3.5M  Class Photo 2003 - video
[VID] EASpouse.mpg            20-Jul-2003 04:35   7.0M  EA Spouses at Coral Gables 2003
[VID] Miriam.mpg              20-Jul-2003 04:21   614k  "Miriam, Miriam" Oba!
[VID] Trem das Onze.mpg       20-Jul-2003 06:51  18.5M  EA Alumni Killing Saudades 2003
[VID] Tristeza.mpg            20-Jul-2003 06:13   9.6M  EA Alumni Killing Saudades 2003

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