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Barulho Brasileiro

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Newsletter 12-03-02
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When: Friday, July 23, through Sunday July 25, 2004
Where: The Mission Inn in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida

Martha and Eldon Herron will be shepherding this event.

You may write them -

Martha and Eldon Herron,

2201 Dogwood Circle ,

Mount Dora , Florida 32757 .

You may email them with any comments or questions, at .


Location: The Mission Inn is a resort with 36 holes of golf, 8 tennis courts (6 clay, 2 all weather), three restaurants, the meeting rooms we will need, and a marina on 15,000 + acre Lake Harris of the Harris Chain of Lakes. The fejôada will be prepared at the Inn by Brazilian chefs. Located some 40 minutes from Disney World, Sea World and other attractions, it is also convenient to beaches, the Kennedy Space Center, excellent hunting and fishing in the Ocala National Forest, St. Augustine and more. The Inn is easily reached from the Orlando International Airport by taking the Florida Turnpike from the airport to Howey and then driving 6 miles directly to the Inn .

Later, information about area attractions and opportunities will be made available to you. Be sure to think about bringing children or grandchildren along. The room rate is good for a week, 3 days before the Barulho and 3 afterwards, and children under 16 stay free. They don’t even have to be yours!

We will need volunteers in 2004.  We need help with registration, a volunteer to make the nametags (this will be pretty late in the game).  We'll also need someone to handle the distribution of T-shirts, ballcaps, flip-flops, whatever if we are going to have them.  A poll is in progress.  You can vote as often as you like, but only the last one counts!  See the top of your F/M (dues) sheet.  So far, with thirteen votes recorded, T-shirts have it.  IF you want to volunteer, contact the Herrons, either by Email, snail mail or by calling us at 352-383-6888.  Decorations are already under control.

Sincerely yours;
Eldon & Martha Herron
Costs: Check back for updated information.
Reservations: Check back for updated information.
Information: Tom LaRocque
Phone: (407) 370-2332
E-mail: or larocquetom@hotmail (not hot male)
Post office: 8121 Marcella Dr. Orlando Fl 32836
Fax: (407) 354-2389
Gary Goslin and Bob Hautz… are respectively and

Barulho Brasileiro

EA Saudades 2002: “It was truly a remarkable event and time.  And, I am sure, a time marker in most everyone’s life.” – Barbara Clegg

These words probably reflect best what over 400 people came away with after participating in some way in that magical week in Rio: August 4-10, 2002.  What many of us learned – whether student or teacher or staff – is that Escola Americana has touched each of our lives in ways we never imagined.  And this is what Suelena Vieira de Melo Bastos and I counted on as we conceived of and orchestrated this event.

The emotions and energy were palpable at the opening cocktail party at the Sheraton on Sunday night.  Tears, as best friends and best enemies saw each other after many decades.  Abraços and hearty back pats after putting today’s wiser faces to years-long email conversations.  Everyone talking at machine-gun-fire pace, trying to fill in the blanks of so many years.

On Monday, the ‘Bus Tour to Wherever’ gave visitors back their bearings: no, Kenny Mertz cannot see the stars better in Barra.  It is now wall-to-wall high-rises.  And the pilgrimage to where the school ‘used to be’ had many Leblon residents wondering why 75 gringos were staring at a 4-storey apartment building.  [But the little paper store across the street is still there…]  The day’s events ended at an abundant churrasco across the bay from Pão de Açucar.  Caipirinhas, chopp, and camaraderie added to the spirited reception of Dr. Brown’s nostalgic words.

Tuesday was the emotional high-note of the week as we met with teachers and staff, new and old.  First, with a visit to the new school in Gávea to see how much it offers today and to hear its future plans.  And then at the Velha Guarda tea at Paissandu.  Everyone was there: Mrs. Boone, Ed Stanton, Miss Lila, Angela Froes, the Pinto sisters, nurse Margot Divenyi, Flavita, Dr. Flarys, Mrs. Bridge, Mrs. Becker, and too many others to list here.  Desmond Cole shared his feelings over the microphone as copies of his ‘little book of memories’ were handed out.  And the reunion’s most prized image came when he reached over, held Mademoiselle’s hands, and kissed her.

Wednesday brought a relaxed bus trip to Petrópolis: a visit to the Imperial Museum , lunch at Quitandinha, and a quick shopping stop at Cerâmica Luiz Salvador on the way home.

Thursday started for some with a visit to H. Stern, and ended with a raucous night at Mangueira, sharing the floor with sparsely dressed mulatas … and remembering 'carnavais' gone by.  In all the excitement, some strained muscles they didn’t even remember they had!

The week’s one sad note was the passing of John Bash’s fiancée Harriet Maresh on Thursday.  We were all thrilled to see John beam as he introduced her to us and, in just four days, Harriet had eased so gently into our hearts.  Our prayers are with John as he faces his terrible loss.

Friday morning saw about 70 sleepy faces getting on buses to Angra, for a long day of sun, swimming, and schmoozing.  The video bears witness to the wonderful island hopping, eating, and drinking that went on as age barriers continued to break down.

The week ended with a splendid cocktail-dinner-dance in the Golden Room of the Copacabana Palace, made possible through the unending generosity of its Managing Director, Philip Carruthers (‘64).  The room was filled to capacity and all tickets sold out as 300 people took one more opportunity to honor EA’s staff and teachers – what fanfare over Naná Collares up on the stage!  ‘Paioleiros’ got to visit with Father Leising, Dr. Ruszkay wowed the women, and Mademoiselle held court looking as resplendent as ever.  The dancing went on until the wee hours.  By 3 a.m. , the empty Golden Room represented what was left of the entire week: first, the growing expectations … then the high-energy sharing and making of new memories … and then a very empty space ‘when the ball was over.’

-- Saudades 2002 Co-Instigator Sharon O’Day (’66)

McCartney --  It is with great sadness that I inform you that Byron McCartney passed away March 2, 2002 .

Paula McCartney via email 06/06/02 .

Mozer --  Ricky Mozer was tragically killed in an auto accident in Sao Paulo about three years ago.

Ken Mertz via email 06/07/02 .

For you current (paid up) members, you’ll find the Names listing in your mailing. Schools now has about 1100 entries, Names ABOUT 1190. This is an advantage of paying your dues! Remember that when you join up at the three-year rate ($40), we send you the last listing you missed, if you did miss one. One year at a time? Still $15.  

Extra special thanks to Sharon O’Day for the write-ups on EA’s Saudades 2002. It was a wonderful experience; you should have been there! There is no law prohibiting other schools from doing this!  

Bibi Momsen would like to know what ever happened to Mickey Weldon and Ricardo Leonard? (We’d like to know also). But she still hopes to be in Florida in ’04!  

Thanks to a letter from Tom Page we had to explore some errors in the Schools listing. Not only Tom, but 16 others had no school flag, and nine had the wrong flag. The missing and misclassified should show up on the next Schools list.  

Keep up all the good work, many thanks, from Mr. & Mrs. Shelby D. St. Martin. Thank you for your thank you.

Don’t overlook the information sheet: - Vote! (Up top). Please include your phone number/s and email (down below). Circle N (no, don’t print) or Y (yes, do). Sometimes we have questions!  

Ciao for now. Abracos e saudades a todos.

(Martha & Eldon, Carol, Bonnie and Bob)

Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

See you at Barulho VIII!  In Howie-in-the-Hills!

Dues Information:

Dues are now US $15.00 per year, and US $40.00 for three years.  Please pay through the next Barulho, summer of 2003. Please mail your checks to Barulho Brasileiro; c/o Robert L. Huff, CPA, Suite 301, 11551 Forest Central Drive, Dallas, Texas 75243.


Tom LaRocque; 8121 Marcella Drive; Orlando FL 32836.


Robert L. Huff CPA; Suite 301; 11551 Forest Central Drive; Dallas, TX 75243

List Maintenance:

Bob Hautzenroeder; 21w164 Monticello Road; Lombard, IL 60148.

You may call 630/268-1340 with address changes.  Be prepared to leave a message!  If I’m home, I’ll answer - but the "message machine" is never off.  And yes!  You may communicate with " ."


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