Guestbook Morgue 17 - September 1998!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

Thank's for the notice in the guestbook. Very clever! People are starting to send me their rock climing memories, maybe I should add them to my site, or create one just for that from other peoples pictures, Terry and my brother Jim climbed all the time, so did my brother Dave. I have to look for more pictures. I have a dozen candid and posed pictures of people from school and a handfull of the "stock" Rio photographs everyone has. I still need to scan them though. Terry Clarke is in the pictures, his waterjug is covering my face in the group shot, resting. I'm the one in the Mickey mouse t-shirt. BTW, my name is spelled Cindy Onorato, not Oronato (everyone makes that mistake, I don't know why.)
Cindy Onorato <>

I have moved. Please make note of my new address and telephone number: 16 Washburn Street - Willimantic, CT 06226 - 860-456-1050. It's been great to get in touch with Maria Cristina Herrera, one of my friends at EA. we correspond regularly and it's like old times. thank you for your hard work!!! Patricia.
Patricia Calva <>

This is great. I attended EARJ in second and third grade which would be 1970-1972 and then returned in 1976 and left again when my brother, Scott, graduated in 1978. I would have graduate with the class of 81. I now live in Tallahassee, Fl and Scott lives in California.
lLynda Daniels <>

Cindy Onorato wrote a LONG time ago to state she had the video of the EA turma singing the Coca-Cola ad (video), you know, the one where they want to "... buy the world a Coke." It seems the ad used our own EA kids to sing and be heard around the globe. That ad has gone down in history as an all time great. Now, thanks to Real Audio and Cindy, you can hear those EA kids again. I remember the ad, but I never knew the people in the commercial were from EA! Do you suppose they all signed releases? Click on "webmaster" (audio only) to hear and/or save it!   Check out Coke's copyrights.   You must have the Real Audio Player!  [On second thought, after reading their fine print, I took it down]
Webmaster <>

Hi, all! I'm from Class of '78 and check in from time to time but have never written. I'd love to hear from some of you, especially if you're in the New Jersey area and have time for lunch or something!
Cindy Walker Roberts <>
Mt. Laurel, NJ USA -

Hi, My name is Don Seeley and my brother Clayton and I were in Rio from 69 thruough 74 (both in the class of 76). We got to experience the old school and the construction of the new school. Many fond memories of being a garoto no Rio come back when looking at this site. I hope that someone reading this will remember us and surprise me with an e-mail. After Rio, we went to La Paz Bolivia, Upper Marlboro, MD, Alexandria, VA and then Graduated from the American School in Santo Domingo, D. R. Clayton got a degree in Offshore technology from Fla. Inst. of Technology at Jensen Beach and has since worked in Offshore Seismic exploration in Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, US, Carribbean, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, etc. He really gets around. He was married for about 5 years to a girl from Belem. Right now he is single, living in Houston and waiting for his opportunity to go back to Rio as Manager of Operations as soon as his company gets a contract there. I received an Industrial engineering degree form VA TEch (1982) and spent about a year recuperating in Indonesia from a motorcycle accident.I Sunnyvale CA, Juarez Mexico and Baltimore Maryland before going to get a Masters in International Business at USC (So. Carolina}in 1990 I've pretty much lived in Alexandria, VA (outside of Washington DC)since then, except for a six month stint in Puerto Rico (Where I got married in '89)I did get back to Brazil fo a few months in 96 but was mostly in Sao Paulo. Only got to go to Rio for one day :^(. I plan to go for a good while longer when Clayton gets transferred there (what a smooch I am ;^)) The people I have most kept in touch with over the years from Rio are the Carters(Jeannette, Mary Beth, Danny, Annette, Scotty, etc.). I also kept in touch with Michael Baker till he passed away about ten years ago. I used to go to some great carnaval parties regularly here in DC but they stopped having them...If anyone knows of any let me know... saudades tenho muitas. I discovered this site by happenstance. About two months ago I was told that someone on the net was asking for information about a large Merengue and Salsa party I organize called the Fiesta del Exilio. So I searched (I think it was Lycos) for "Exilio Fiesta", and believe it or not, got your site as the 3rd listing!! So I checked it out. Today, I got an e-mail from an old class mate(class of 76) telling me about the site. So apparently he found it too. Anyway, I am very impressed with the growth of the site in the last couple of months. Parabens! When I first saw the sight, I wondered if Dave Maguerty knew about it, as I knew that he had most of the alumni info for the San Diego reunion for 7's alumni a couple of years ago. Now I see that you all are in contact. Good. There was supposed to be a directory made of the San Diego Reunion, so I didn't get anyone's adresses, but the directory never came to be. So I'm glad to see your efforts here with the class directories. Keep up the good work!
Donald Seeley <>

In case any cares, my e-mail address has changed to
Joe Musgrave <>
Corpus Christi, TX USA -

Anyone know why the school turns its server OFF on the weekends? Inquiring minds want to know. Never a good idea to turn your computer off, ever. Just leave it on and let it run. Avoid those surges that blow everything out when you boot back up. To make matters worse, NO COKES!!! Sorvete Kibon? Those chocolates Bhering? Those toffees that pulled your fillings out? Amendoim? Not sure I could stand it. I like the way no one could comment in the story, and that an anonymous caller reported the story.
Webmaster <>

Hi folks!!I guess politically correct eating habits have made their way to ol' EA!!!NO more hot dogs or Coca Cola are allowed!I suppose they don't eat doughnuts anymore either!Ai,Cabral!Imagina uma coisa dessas!!This news made the Jornal do Brasil and the coluna of Ricardo Boechat in O Globo. Happy 40th birthday to all of you fellow 76ers out there!!EEEEK!Paticia,Maureen,Patrick...Feliz Aniversario!LOVE,Sussi
sussi dahl <>
san diego, ca USA -

Thanks to a little help from friends, I got ahold of both Richard and Jenny Donley last night in Dallas, Texas. Richard was a a great EA baseball player in the Class of 1965. Jenny is his younger sister from the Class of 1968. With their permission, they can be reached at the following email address: They should be by to leave messages soon. Welcome back!
Bruce Stirling <>

I never actually graduated from EA, but I went there from '86 till '88, and although they were only two years, they were memorable ones. I still look back on those years, when I was only 10 years old with wonder, often hoping to find those old friends I had made.
Tycho Bueninck <>
Delft, Netherlands -

Michael Florez 41 Fifth Ave, 9E New York, NY., 10003 212.777.5071 (h) 201.557.5555 (w) Class of 85' In Rio from 75-82
Michael Florez <>

Patrice Marie Miller, class of 1968, attended the Escola Americana during the first grade (probably in 1956-57), then returned to the school in 1962, attending 7th through 10th grades. My mother, Margaret Miller, was the Guidance Director during those later years. After 10th grade, we moved to New York City, were I graduated from the United Nations International School. I attended Swarthmore College, but received my B.A. from New York University. I have a doctorate in Human Development and and Psychology, and teach Psychology at Salem State College in the Boston area. I have not been back to Brazil since 1972, but every year I say that I will go Hope to hear from some old classmates!

Webmaster's Note: She is also sister of Carl Miller, Class of 1970.
Patrice Marie Miller <>

Ever wanted to see that old street again on a map? Want to show the kids just where you lived? Want to show the other alumni where you hung out? Check out this clickable map of Rio. Move around the map by clicking on buttons NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST. Streets and locations names appear as you move the mouse around the map. To spot some street or location by its name, use the board below the map.
Check Out the Street Finder in Rio <>

With the generous help of Jim Strickland, Dave Martin, Cheryl Ellefson, Cindy Onorato, Alex Gomes, and John Paul Isaacson I reviewed the contents of 8 more Cariocas. The names from that activity plus the steady stream of alumni registrations brings the total EA alumni name count to 6700+. There are presently 8 additional Cariocas on there way to me so next month's update may again be significant. Bruce has the new file so check the alumni page for additional contact information. Contact me if you want to add or delete anything.
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

If you want current information about old friends, you can write to Dave McGuerty.
Write Dave McGuerty <>

Oi! Been long time since I left Rio and EARJ ('82).  I was class of '85 and enjoyed my two years there.  Hello to all former classmates and friends. Please write.  I am thinking about hosting class of '85 page, anyone got some info or pics for me?  Brian
Brian McDonald <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

My sisters loved the book, "Where the Sabia Sings," and every Brazilian knows the Cancao do Exilio, or they should. You should too.
Check Out "Where the Sabia Sings" <>

Oi... eu sou da class of 2001 and I just wanted to say, "hi."   I have a sister, Leticia Giffoni, and Renato Giffoni, my brother, who graduated from EA in the past 3 years.  Whatever.... bye.
Rita Villela <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRA -

Oi gente, hello everbody. Nem sei que lingua que devo escrever. Então acho que vou usar as duas. I was at EA from 1980 to 1990 (1st to 10th grades for me). Foi super difícil para mim mudar para os EUA. Odiei os primeiros 6 meses mas tive que me acostumar. No offence to you americans. I gradraduated from Wellesley High School in 1992. I still feel a part of EA and have no attatchmnetst to the school I actually graduated from. I went to Swarthmore College where I graduated from in 1996 with a BA in Psychology. I have since been working with kids with behavioral, emotional and in some cases, developmental disabilities. I hope to go to grad school next year to get a masters in school counseling. Me casei no ano passado, em Maio de 1997. Conheci meu marido em Swarthmore. Ele e um officer nos US Marines, e está estudando para ser piloto. Por isso estamos morando no "maravilhoso" estado de Mississippi. Que saudades do Rio!!! Pelo menos até aluns meses atrás estavamos morando em Pensacola, FL que tem as únicas praias decentes nos EUA. Estive no Rio no ano passodo, durante minha lua de mel. Mas estavamos lá apenas por duas semanas. Porfavor alguem pode me dizer como posso entrar em contato com a Raquel Silva? Falei com ela no telefone quando estive no Rio, mas não nos vimos e agora não tenho o endereço ou telefone dela. Que mais? Todos vocês class of '92, quero entrar em contacto com meu colegas. Keep me informed of any reunions, please!!! Minha irmã, Rebecca, está bem. Ela também se casou com um Americano. Quem diria que nos duas iriamos acabar morando nos EAU. Algum dia eu VOU voltar para morar, pois sempre senti muitas saudades do Rio. Meu pai está trabalhando na ESPN International, mandando programas para o Brasil. Vocês aí no Brazil que têm ESPN devem ouvir a voz dele. Bem, vou acabando por aqui. Please keep in touch. I have only been in touch with Emma Grant this year. Yet I even got an e-mail from Jennifer Sherwin - now married. I hadn't heard from her since I think the eighth grade!!! Beijos, Sarah Werneck Brown
Sarah Werneck Brown <>
Meridian, MS USA -

Okay.  So I visited the "Official" Web Page.  I was a little disappointed.  I am happy to see that it finally exists, but I can't believe they didn't add a link to these pages.  So it's early and I'll keep watching.  Will be on sabbatical for two months.  Use the e-mail listed here if you need to get in touch.  Back at work in November.  Abracos, Vikki
Vikki Mueller Espinosa <>
Portland, OR USA - [ Webmaster's Note:  EA came through for us and all known alumni sites are given prominent links.  We were left out of the BETA version, but it's an evolving internet.  We can all only get better.  Visit often.]

Kenny Mertz - Class of '65 - wrote to tell us Suelena Vieira wrote and told him the new OFFICIAL EA PAGE IS UP!!! It is located at this address:    On my first attempt, September 1, 1998, I just got an error message.   Keep trying!  Today, the page is definitely there.  Check it out!!!  Also, please note, we found out about the page early by mistake.   It is still undergoing fine tuning and changes.  Keep checking it out.  It will be linked to the school's server for additional content.   Sounds like fun!
Check Out Official EA Page!-

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