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   Times, people, and places change, but memories of old friends and good times remain in our hearts and minds.  Saudade . . . é isso que a gente sente . . .  Visit and relive some of your "Wonder Years" and help bring everyone together again.  In the process, we hope to make you all a little bit happier.  Welcome to the Escola Americana's Alumni homepage! Sejam bemvindos! Contribute your saudades and make this a better page!  Send us your letters, lembranças, photos, names of all EA friends, and your location. Think EA 2000!
EA in 1937 - Rua  General  Urquiza  223 - Leblon
Rua General Urquiza 223, Leblon (1940)
   Following its 1937 birth in an Old House in Ipanema (link to Official EA - use "back" button), the school moved in 1940 to the above location in Leblon, a suburb of Rio   (See Clickable Maps).   The Escola Americana (EA) became another jewel of the Cidade Maravilhosa, a city already famous for its beautiful geographical setting, Carnaval , the Samba, and Macumba.  This is how EA still appeared in 1965.
EA in 1965 - The New High School - Rua  General  Urquiza - Leblon
Rua General Urquiza 223, Leblon (1962)
   The Escola Americana today is nestled in a Lush Green Jungle in the suburb of Gávea.  The modern architecture, pool and Tropical Grounds give EA the appearance of a country club. You are the only thing missing.  Cadê você, heim?
EA - Today - Estrada da Gavea
Estrada da Gávea 132, Gavea (Today)
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   Here are the names of Old Friends, photos of the School over the years, Cabral, lyrics to the School Song , and News of events. You can even visit Ipanema, Arpoador, Copacabana, Leme , Barra da Tijuca, and Sao Conrado again. Visit the home of Guarana (Antarctica) and CHAT(Bate Papo) with EA friends!  Check out the EA Artifacts page.  Check out your friends at The Buttes Reunion in Tempe, Arizona. updated [5-23-98]   Read Alumni Letters from old friends, and instantly publish your own message on the EA Web by clicking on Guestbook! It doesn't get any easier than this, people!
   Remember an important or not so important event that happened while at EA?  Then add it to our EA Time Line Book.  Don't be shy!  Browse old Guestbook messages in the Guestbook Archives. Looking for an old friend?  Ask the Webmaster.   If that doesn't get you results, we have just added a Bulletin Board!  Post a message for the whole world to see and comment on!  Want to tell the world What EA Did for you?  Go ahead, we all want to know.  Wonder whatever happened to the SS Brasil and the SS Argentina?  Wonder no more.  Check out the new Ms. Collares and Mrs. Stanton pages.  A new addition to this site will soon appear, the Carioca Yearbooks!  Remember what you did on your Last Night In Rio?  Tell us all about it!
   Thanks to Dave McGuerty and Walt Perkins, we have over 7,300 names on file.  We are always seeking updated information.  Send us all known EA friends!  Make sure you take the time to follow our links, and please take the time to send us old and new photos of EA!  Send address corrections and updates!  Welcome back to EA!  Finally, thanks to Sussi Dahl, we can all now listen to Brazilian Musical Fm radio while you browse this and any other website!  Check it out!  You need at least a 28.8 modem and a Pentium CPU.   Here are over 1000 stations (radio and TV) to choose from, including: bullet2.gif (3167 bytes)Brazilian TV and Radio!!!  Read the Jornal do Brasil and Brazilian Magazines.  Finally, check out the Rio Guide and the Classified Ads in Brazil to get a feel for what's going on!
   For serious educators, see the Educational Technology links.  This list is huge, is constantly being updated, and is probably one of the most useful and complete on the planet!  It is ALL here!  It was prepared by Deborah Stirling.  [Some of the links on this page are to Ipanema.com , which covers everything about Rio in great detail.  Please visit their site.  Other sites above are links to Professor Koreisha's meta site on Brasil.  Please check them out.  The sites linked above that do not have the EA Index on the page are web sites of others.  Remember to use your "BACK" button to return to this page!  Please explore their sites, then remember to return to EA's Alumni Page!]

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