Guestbook Morgue 21 - January 1999!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

Happy New Year to you all ! I´m still looking for somewhere to stay a couplr of days during Daytona Speedweek in Beginning of March. Please help me. The rest of our stay will be in Miami. Hope to hear from you.
Christer Westerlund <>
Surahammar, Sweden -

Finally had a chance to catch up on the latest entries under the Guestbook. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Margarida Armstrong '82 or Monika Hoffman '80? Just checking once again. Sure is great seeing so many more people have found this great homepage. Um abraco!! P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!!
Carolyn Hannibal ' 81 <>
Ruston, LA USA -

Bruce, You might be interested in this email which I received this morning. Could be a good way to "matar as saudades" of Rio's Carnival. Hope it is useful. Abraços and keep up the excellent job, Karla Redig - Class of 81

Prezado(a) Usuário do RealPlayer, As Organições Globo, a Embratel e a RealNetworks convidam você para um show de Samba na Web a partir das 14:00hrs (Rio de Janeiro) deste sábado (13/2). Faremos o webcast ao vivo do Carnaval'99 diretamente do Rio de Janeiro e com imagens também de Salvador na Bahia. Este é somente o começo de uma fantástica e nova programação global que a RealNetworks trará para você em '99 via Internet. Este acontecimento histório usará a mais avançada tecnologia de transmissão de multimídia pela Internet -- o sistema RealNetworks G2. Você pode contar com a melhor qualidade em audio e vídeo já apresentada na Internet. Tudo sob seu controle ai mesmo na tela do PC.

Para assistir o Carnaval da Globo pela Internet, faça o download do RealPlayer G2 via: --> Vá então para o RealGuide: --> ou vá direto aos sites Brasileiros: Globo's Carnaval'99 Web Page: --> Rede Globo's web site: --> Os horários dos eventos estarão listados no site Carnaval'99 de forma que você possa aproveitar o webcast da maior festa do planeta até o seu final. Faça o seu download agora e vamos para a galera. Maria Cantwell Senior Vice President RealNetworks, Inc. Seattle, WA USA
Karla Redig
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil -

[Thank you, Karla!]

I stumbled upon this site and it brought back very many good memories. I arrived at E.A in 1974 ( Fourth grade ) along with my twin brother John and my two older sisters Lucia and Veronica. I almost graduated class of 1983 but somehow during eleventh grade, Dr. Brown asked me and another 6 students to finish our studies elsewhere. The truth is that E.A. and it´s faculty members taught me and many others how to prepare for Exams and Universities. Rio taught us how to be careful and astute. Our classmates taught us how to have fun and the meaning of laughter and frienship. EARJ is a school like no other in a city like no other and I am thankful for so many good years and memories. To my classmates of 83 I send my best wishes and the best of luck in the years to come.
Gustavo C Junyent <>
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico -

Class of 75 the "Best of the best" anyway I'm glad I found this website, would like to find some old class mates and was wondering if that is all possible. I have lost touch with most after having left Brasil in December of 74. Most of the class mates whom I associated with were either Military Brats and you all know how often they've moved around. Would like to hear from anyone that can help me find locate some of my class mates. I'm forgetful with names, perhaps a list of names from the school roster would help me remeber a few. One in particular would be Sterling Carter
Wayne Anderson <>
Salt Lake City, Ut USA -

Hey there, members of the class of '91!!! I am happy to discover that the '91 ZC is finally getting class stats together like so many other classes already have. If you are from the class of '91 and aren't yet in the loop, send your vital statistics (name, e-mail, city where you live, profession,phone number, and whatever other info you want to share) to Valerie Vajay at or to Sandra Sachs at . Hope to hear from long lost '91ers soon!
Valerie Vajay <>
Orlando, FL USA -

The class of 69 is having a reunion in Daytona Beach in the Orlando Fl area on the weekend of June 19. EA69@30. We welcome any and all persons from any class to join us . We would like to have the class of 79 join us for their 20. Contact David at for details.
David Martin 69 <>
Deltona, FL USA -

Sometime in the near future this domain will be transferred to a new ISP address. Depending on how fast I learn as I go, this may or may not result in a temporary disruption of access to the website. If in the near future you experience trouble finding the page, do not dispair. It will be back! By switching ISP addresses, we'll be able to add a tremendous amount of additional space online. We'll expand from a mere 50MB of space (we've only used about 24MB so far) to virtually an unlimited amount. This is a good thing. With luck, the page will even load faster, too. We will become an actual node on the Internet! Yaahoooooo! So bear with me. Abracos, Bruce Stirling
Webmaster <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

I am very impressed with the global network of ex-EA-students, and even more impressed with this homepage. I studied in EA from 1968-1980 and witnessed the transference to Gávea. I have been living in Sweden since 1991 and obviously miss the ocean smell of the most beautiful city in the world. Keep this good work! um abracão para toda essa galera espalhada por esse mundo Bengt Nyström ('80)
Bengt Nyström (80) <>

Hello EARJ - especially CLASS OF 83! I'm having trouble with the 83 website- but will try to get in touch with Archie. I'm back in the U.S. after a year back in Brazil( Campinas, SP). I've posted something on the bulletin board - please check it out. I'd love to hear from people- Be in touch.
mariana sanford maynard <>
Boston, MA USA -

HELP! A classmate from EARJ '65 -- Charles Miller -- recently moved from his former address in Salvador (Bahia) and is now missing. I've been trying to find someone who lives in Salvador who could help by checking at his old address (current resident, neighbors, and/or apartment building management) and possibly find out where Charles has gone. Can anyone help with friends, relatives, or other contacts in Salvador? The EARJ Class of 1965 would be very grateful. Kenny Mertz '65
Kenny Mertz <>
Malvern, PA USA -

Hi.....I ´m not an EARJ student....but I was a student at Escola Panamericana da Salvador Bahia and would like to inform all the old students from the 70´´s to the 80´s that I have an unofficial school page at
Enrique Martinez <>
cd.obregon, sonora mexico -

Ola Gente do tempo mais passado! This is Kim Russell, class of '61, registering in the EA Email List, with a new email address. I would like to hear from anyone from the '59-'62 era. Let's get together and renew amizades before the big bash of 2000 !!! Ate Entao.... Kim
M. Kim Russell <>

Hi , excusame for my bad english. We are a italian pupil's the secondary school. (14 y/o). This is my first Internet contact. I want to write with other school pupil's. Write me soon. Bye bye Francesco
Francesco <>

bem vindo a escola secundária Camilo Castelo Branco. Queremos saber informações sobre a vossa escola.
Braga, europa portugal -

Porto Alegre/Brasil/Feb. 14 1999. I have not signed the guestbook in more than a year but decided to drop in to comunicate my new home email address: You can also check out my home page writen over the past few days at: Regards to all from EA, Alan Joughin,class of 78.
Alan Joughin <>
Porto Alegre, RS BRASIL -

I have to pass on a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) that I am using for FREE. I believe that if you click on my name at the end this guestbook message it will take you to their homepage. All you have to do is download their software, install it, fill out a simple profile, and you have free internet connection. The downsides are that they use a dialer that connects you to their service that puts a pop up window with advertising that is there continuosly. I just move mine up to the upper right hand corner, use the highest resolution that I can (in my case 1024X768), and I forget that it is even there. Also, if you don't click on an ad every thirty minutes you get an annoying pop up inactivity message. Every 20 minutes or so I click on an ad and it takes me to that company's page. After it starts loading, I click on the back button and I'm back to what I was doing. You even get POP mail service (however, I think I found out that there is a restriction on how many e-mails per day and I am awaiting a response on how many). If you chose to use them, then be sure to look at their Support page and set up the dialer with the proper configuration for better service. Even if you don't want to use them as your regular ISP and want to continue using your pay ISP, it isn't a bad idea to subscribe to Netzero and use them if your service is unavailable. I've been using them for about two weeks, so if you have any questions, e-mail me and I will be glad to help. BTW, this is completely free and I am not an agent for them. I just wanted to share this with others.
Joe Musgrave <>
Fort Worth, TX USA -

First, let me thank you for finding my quest. I will call Gail [Toomey] in awhile because of time difference. I live in MD. My son will scan the pictures [of Rio in the '50s] and send them. I have one of Gail in front of the (old) school in Leblon. Some of the senior picture's faces look familiar. I was in the tenth grade and not one of the outstanding students. Mrs. Bridge was the teacher I remember most. I was very athletic and won alot of ribbons. That is it. I looked all over the site and could not find some of the friends I spent hours with. I will continue. Again, thank you so much for your help and the wonderful memories of Rio. Diana
Diana Lee Willey <>

16 Shangri La Circle Pittsburgh, PA 15239 Class of 1981 Profession: Senior Systems Analyst Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) Education: BA - Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania - Political Science MPIA - Univeristy of Pittsburgh - Master's Public Administration and International Affairs
Stacey A. Fedorka <>

My name was Diana Lee Willey and I lived in Rio from 1952 until 1956. I have been searching for Gail Toomey for some time and would be most grateful if anyone knows her whereabouts. I went to the EA until the time we left. I have been all over the web and came across EA ( with the help of my son). Her father was with Pan Am. My father worked for the Dept. of State. My mother lived in Rio until her death in 1996. So many fond memories of Rio, I can still close my eyes and walk through Leblon , Ipanema and all the way to Fort Leme. Thank you in advance for any assistance. I pictures of Rio from that time and guess what? the beaches were empty as well as the streets!!! Diana Willey Ledger [Webmaster's Note: We sent her Gail's telephone number and address, which just happened to be in the Guestbook Archives. Let us know what happens!]
Diana Willey Ledger <>

'Masterlist' of EA students, 1998 wrap-up: thanks to Vikki Mueller and Bob Hautz another three Cariocas were reviewed for new names. Their contributions drive the total to 7733 names. Everyone's help added over 4800 names to the list in 1998! If you would like to help this project I would like to see the following Carioca's: '38-'52, '57-'59, '68, '88, and '92-'98. Please contact me for details. Happy Holidays!
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

Just wanted to pass along a website for a Brazilian store in Irving, TX. I know that for those of you in the NY/NJ, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and some other areas there are several Brazilian stores at your disposal. At the website you will also find that they are a tourism agency. As a matter of fact, they may come in very handy in helping arrange transportation to a reunion in Rio. Anyway, the URL is They are a little pricey (a lot more than two years ago), but I am sure that has something to do with stuff being somewhat more expensive in Brasil. Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!
Joe Musgrave <>
Fort Worth, TX USA -

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