Guestbook Morgue 20 - December 1998!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

Happy New Year to you all ! I´m still looking for somewhere to stay a couplr of days during Daytona Speedweek in Beginning of March. Please help me. The rest of our stay will be in Miami. Hope to hear from you.
Christer Westerlund <>
Surahammar, Sweden -

Here we are at Robin's house dancing to Brasilian music,Central American music and so' deus sabe. We've managed to sweat away some of those middle-aged pounds. Someone should give a party like this every day and I'd be in shape in no time. Feliz Ano Novo to everyone who reads this. Happy New Year.
April Romo de Vivar(Stirling) <>
Tucson, Az USA -

Feliz Ano Novo!! Hey Aaron and Heith, this is Mercy, amiga dos seus pais na Guadalajara! We are having a festa de ano novo here at my sister Robin's house in Tucson...too bad you guys aren't here to do a little capoeira...Having seen your performance at your parent's house...muito bem!! or is that muito bom?? We have been playing cumbias, sambas and even musica iraniano...I hope everyone has a wonderful 1999 - a big abraco forte to all the cariocas e brasileiros do mundo!!! Mercy
Mercy Stirling de Duenas <>
Guadalajara, Mexico -

It's New Year's Eve and I am about to drive to Tucson to party with my wife, Debbie, and my sisters, April, Penny, Robin, and Meryc, and all of their off-spring. Apart from them, though, I'd rather be with old friends again. Happy New year everyone! Feliz Ano Novo tambem! I will make a concerted effort to return photos and tapes this weekend after all relatives leave town! This past year has been a lot of fun because of your entries and email. Nao deixa o samba morrer! Abracos to all, Bruce Stirling EA'70
Bruce Stirling <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

Now that I got some time to view the EAwebpage in detail, this is a terrific job. Congrats to all those involved. I will certainly come here to matar saudades. I will let some others know who are not listed. In any case, I left my e-mail, so if any of you remember me, leave me a note. Abracos, Pedro
Y.Pedro Kato <>
Pembroke Pines, FL USA -

Hello! I was a teacher at EARJ from 1981 to 1986.It is a very beautiful thing to see that school friends are still keeping in touch with each other. Congratulations and I hope you continue with it ever more strongly. Seeing some of the names listed in the alumni sections brought back some very good memories of the years I taught at EARJ.I am now 40 yrs old, married, one 4yr old daughter and another daughter on the way for February 1999. I am presently living in Rio and working as the General Manager of an Australian Pharmaceutical Company which is beginning its operations in Brazil. I wish you all the best of everything and am at your disposal for whatever, whenever. Thank you.
Rocha, João Carlos <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil -

This is so wonderful!! Hello, EA friends. We are Heith and Aaron, twin brothers (class of 1981)and would love to contact our friends from EA. I could (and frequently do) kick myself for not doing this sooner!! (Also for not staying longer in Rio) I quickly scanned the email list and saw about a dozen familiar names while falling out of my chair in excitement! We are now in San Antonio, TX, and are both chiropractors/acupuncturists with our own clinic. I'm actually looking into the possibility of moving to Brasil abd starting something there. Pra matar saudade, estamos jogando capoeira aqui, e temos um grupo bem grande, e fazemos "shows" de Samba de Roda, Samba-Reggae, Maculele, Afoxe, Ijexa, e capoeira. o nome do grupo e "Ile Bahia de San Antonio". My email is, please let me know when next reunion will take place (and details of course), meanwhile, I'll get aquainted with this site and contacts. ate logo, entao.
Aaron Root <>
San Antonio, TX USA -

Thank you again for this wonderful website. I have been looking for my best friend from EA-Cathy Cardwell (we were both class of 66) for over 30 years. Today I decided to check the Guestbook again (which I do from time to time) and lo and behold there was a note from Cathy! Maybe the class of 66 will find each other again thanks to your efforts, Bruce. Muito obrigado!!!
Nancy Baxter <>
Tarzana, ca USA -

I attended EA in 78/79 and I was really excited when I found this website. Thank you for putting it together. I think about Rio often and I wonder about the friends I left there. Thanks to this website I have already contacted one friend whom I hadn't heard from in 20 years.
Krista Francis '80 <>
Calgary, Ab Canada -

Just thought some of you might want to know. GRADED is getting together for a reunion in February, 1999 in Boston. Here are the details. Following the record breaking attendance in New York last year, Mr. David Tully, Graded School’s superintendent cordially invites all alumni to a cocktail reception on February 13, 1999 at 7:30 pm Location: The Westin Copley Place – Boston 10 Huntington Ave. Boston, Massachussets Phone: (617) 262-9600 Please R.S.V.P. to Betina at Graded by January 15, 1999 via phone to 842-2499 ext 217, fax 842-9358 or by e-mail to
Bruce <>

Thank you for doing this. You should know that when I did a search on Altavista for "escola americana", it came back with over 20 pages of the website - good placement!!

Anyway, please include my name, e-mail and city in the Class of 81 listing. Here are the particulars:

Kent Millard Providence, RI

Again, thanks for doing this. I've got this site bookmarked and will check in periodically. Thanks.
Kent Millard <>
Providence, RI USA -

Ana Paula Machado Pessoa, graduated in 1984, born and raised in Rio. Spent 9 years in the US, Benin - West Africa, Germany and Italy (Stanford University, United Nations, World Bank). Came back to Brazil in 1993, started working for the Globo Organizations. Married Raul Trejos (EARJ '82) in 96 and am now working as Strategic Planning Director for Net Sat, where Globo is a partner together with News Corp, TCI and RBS. Unfortunately, though, I'm now living in São Paulo, which is really difficult...
Ana Paula Machado Pessoa <>
Sao Paulo, Brasil -

Class of 66. Lived in Rio 64-66. address: 2610 Central St. C-3, Evanston, IL 60201. Phone: 847-733-9214. Especially interested in knowing where are: Nancy Baxter, Dick Feith, Steve Kent, Pam Mills, Richard Crane, Tony Kischner, Sharon O'Day, Rick Lohman, Jim Privette, Mr. Cook, Anne Quick, Jeff Orman, the Stantons, John Walter, Mrs. Stekly and Mrs. Becker.
Cate Cardwell <>

Oi gente! I would have graduated in the class of '95 but had to leave in my freshman year to return to the States. I would like to hear from people and know how thay are doing! I am graduating from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 8 days (!!!) and already have a job as a librarian here at the university. I will be getting married in May of 1999. I keep in touch still with Rira Tamori and Noelle Peterson. Rira is in Japan and Noelle is Virginia and is joining the Navy when she finishes nursing school. We are meeting in Miami Fla. in March and will be seeing Aline and Prisscilla. Please getin touch with us... Eu sinto saudades de voces!
Marina Acosta <>
Chapel HIll, NC USA -

Hi! Faz tanto tempo que eu nao falo ou escrevo em portugues. Anyway, it was great running into this website. I am a class of '79 graduate. I am currently a full-time Mom living in suburban Darien,Connecticut. I have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful boys, Ricky (8) and Gregory (4). I would love to hear from some of my old friends at EA. Regina Oliveira, cade voce? Has anybody heard from Luiz Conceicao? Iona McMillan, Ariela Schlanger, Bob Gardner,Robson Gomes, Paco Houtzager, Gustavo Raposo,Kelly Robinson, Marcelo Salles, Peter Cole(Perereca)? God, it seems like I'm asking about the whole class. Well, I spent 11 years at EA and have lots of wonderful memories. Believe it or not, I haven't been back to Brazil since I left in 1985. Eu tenho muitas, mais muitas saudades. Realmente e um milagre de eu nao ter esquecido de falar em Portugues. I can be reached via E-mail at KEMPOK@MSN.COM. I forgot to mention that I am a part-time martial artist. That explains my E-mail address. Look forward to hearing from any of you in our class. Also, let me know if anyone lives around the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. Rita Mirella Fernandez
Rita Mirella Fernandez <KEMPOK@MSN.COM>

Thanks for the great site! My sister Angelique (class of '80) and I have had a lot of fun (and a few tears) recently as we have talked about our years in Rio. I would be more than happy to pass on any greetings from her friends if they would contact me first. Add me to your lists and I look forward to talking with old friends! Pierre Berry, class of '77
Pierre Berry <>
Crossville, TN USA 38555 -

For those interested in communications, I just came across a program called ICQ, which is free from This acts as an "online pager", letting you know when contacts you have selected are online and can chat.
Brian J. Dooley <>
Leithfield Beach, N. Cant'y, New Zealand -

Seems like one of our own is making it big again! Guy Ecker, Class of 75(?). Is staring in another Spanish Novela, "La Mentira". Scheduled to air around here Monday Dec. 9:00PM EST. You can check out a promo site with his pictire at: Way to go Guy!!!!!
Cindy Onorato <>
Bristol, CT USA -

Found your site by chance. I married an alumna from the School - Ana Luisa Sequerra. Of course I will tell her about this site but as she is not such a Web surfer, you can always send her an e-mail at
Antoine J. Bachmann <>
Geneva, Switzerland -

I would be happy to help out in establishing a formal alumni association. Also, I would like to wish EA friends around the world a happy holiday season. My sister Mercy will arrive soon from Guadalajara, Mexico, to be here for Christmas. The whole Stirling family will be visiting Tucson, where we can be contacted at our parent's house at (no "g" on stirlin). Feliz Natal, Boas Festas, and enjoy your lives! Bruce
Bruce Stirling <>
Phoenix, USA -

As a result of my registration with the EA Alumni, I have already received some interesting mail. My e-mail adress has changed recently. Please update my registration. Thank you. Abraco, Hanno Bos.
Hanno Bos <>
Netherlands -

I'm the mother of Jessica and Monica Fielden who went to EA from 1961-68.  I'm here with Robin Stirling and Bob and Mary Stirling in Tucson.  My neighbor in Napa is Nadine, but her last name escapes me.  She went to school with Jessica in the same grade.  You can find her on the web and maybe you have already talked to her.  I can't guarantee that my girls wil go on the web, the reason escapes me.  Jessica is a physician in practice in Berkley in Family Practice, and has a little girl named Cornna, who is 8 years old.  She is still a Fielden so you can find you find her.   Monica is still a Fielden, no children, is an artist en El Cerrito, close to Berkley.  I'm taking a copy of the web page back to California and the girls will hopefully search you out, or they might be mad that I gave this information out . . . . oh well.  Forgive the typos because we can't see the screen too well. . . . If they want to get in touch, I'll have them put their information on the web site. . . Stirling and Bob and Mary
Evelyn Fielden, Napa, CA USA -

Also announcing our acquisition of eight "static IP" addresses.  That means the size of this website knows no bounds. We can get as big as we like, so no space limitations.  We will still have bandwith limits, but we're working on expanding them by spreading the load over different providers.  Look for changes soon.
Webmaster <>

Amazon Books just announced its approval of this site as an associate website.   Now we're just like Yahoo, Netscape, Excite, and AOL (right).  If you ever purchase anything through Amazon Books, CDs, videos, etc., we'd really appreciate it if you would do so through the links on this website.  The 5% earned off of each sale will help offset the costs of maintaining this site.  Thanks.
Webmaster <>

The website has worked its magic again! Six months ago a search inquiry on the bulletin board was placed for Elizabeth (Lizzy) Fonseca. She miraculously appeared out of cyberspace on November 3. Her whereabouts had not been known since 1965! Welcome back, Lizzy! Is the Internet great, or what?
Bruce Stirling <>

Hi!  For anyone who might remember me, I would have been class of '83 had I graduated from E.A.  I do not have access to a computer very often, so anyone wishing to get in touch with me will have to do so via snail mail.   Here is my mailing address: Robert Robinson, P.O. Box 5806, Station A, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1P2, Canada.   I am particularly interested in any news from or about John Kinsella or /and Romulo Pires.
Robert Robinson
toronto, Canada ................Canada Canada USA -

Good idea, Patrick. EA teachers in the '60s were paid very little.  I imagine retirement benefits, if any, are meager.  We've gone from plaques, to bricks, to leaves, and now to your good idea.  I wonder if the giving of the few would support such an undertaking?  How many Bill Gates types do we have?  I've heard of quite a few actually.  The administration of the fund would need serious supervision.
Bruce Stirling <>

The bricks and plaques are great ideas, but the school doesn’t seem to be in need of money. Thus, I’d like to propose that we come up with a “Velha Guarda” fund for retired and elderly EA faculty and staff in need of financial assistance.   This way we would be helping those individuals who made our days at EA so special.   It could be set up as a non-profit organization in US & Brazil so all contributions would be tax deductible.  What do y’all think of this?
Patrick Richoux '76 <>
Houston, TX USA -

Sorry if my message came up twice, but I had the wrong address on the first message.
Christer Westerlund <>
Surahammar, Sweden -

Hi everyone!  In late february I and my girlfriend Camilla, are planning to compete at Daytona Speedweek, Florida.  I wounder if there´s anyone who lives near by and would like to have guests for two weeks maybe?  It would be fun to talk about old memories from EA as well.
Christer Westerlund <>
Surahammar, Sweden -

Hi everyone! In late february I and my girlfriend Camilla, are planning to compete at Daytona Speedweek, Florida.  I wounder if there´s anyone who lives near by and would like to have guests for two weeks maybe?  It would be fun to talk about old memories from EA as well.
Christer Westerlund <>
Surahammar, Sweden -

NOTICE: Class of 86 and 87 If you have any information on these people, please e-mail me: * Rochelle MacReynolds ('87) - American, originally from Louisianna * Samantha Gummer ('86) - Austrailan, from Melbourne (?) * Hiroko Jimbo ('86) - Japaneese, married to Rushton; family possibly still in Tokyo Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS! - Janie
Janie Ruiz (Barnard) <>

Hey folks ! Just wanted to check in and give ya'll the new email address! Things are going well. Have just adopted my third and last child, Jason Robert Hubler. Hunting season has started and we are very busy searching for the ellusive deer. Will travel to Va. to see my sister,Kathy, at Thanksgiving. Mike and his wife,Stepanie, are expecting their first child in early spring! Mom and Dad are still in Mexico. The Weavers have been busy !!!!!!!!!!!!
Terri Weaver Hubler <>
Lake Charles, La USA -

I have been living in Utrecht in the Netherlands for about two decades. A vital part of my heart is in Rio though. I'm leaving tuesday for a two week vacation in Rio.

You can put me on the list next to James Tolbert. It was interesting to find the EA WEBSITE. Thank you for your time.

Hanno Bos <>

Honoring the composer of Samba do Aviao ... the Brasilian government is apparently close to naming Rio's international airport for Antonio Carlos Jobim. The Senate has to approve the bill already passed unanimously by the Camara before it can be sent to FH, but it seems sure to be approved. The airport will be known as Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim. Scot Stirling Class of 1972
Scot Stirling <>
Scottsdale, Arizona USA -

I noticed in 1987 at the 50th anniversary reunion, that there were small plaques on back of seats in the auditorium, evidencing contributions made by alumni. I missed out on that one, but I am sure many of us would like to somehow memorialize our names for all time at EA in some small manner. Anyone have any ideas? I am sure the school is just waiting for ideas like this to take root on these pages. I figured I'd take the plunge and get some discussion going. I want a plaque! What do you all think?
Bruce Stirling <>

Announcement: This just came in from Jimmy Jaffre - EA'65 - one of the true characters from that class - from the Golden Years of the Escola Americana:

Hello ! My name is Jim Jaffre and I am a member of the Classs of '65 who is organizing our 35th anniversary reunion to be held mid July 2000. I went to school with your sister and I may have met you when you were a young boy.

Kenny Mertz suggested I write you. As part of the reunion activities, I plan to produce a video of our class revolving around a storyline of "the way we were." I am seeking sources for original photos, slides, Super 8 or Regular 8 mm film, yearbooks, Tatui editions, ect...of ourselves, the Escola buildings, professors, Rio as it was then, ect...

I am qualified to treat the material with respect and care. In a previous job, I was resposible for production of over 30 TV commercials for a national brand. I will be using the production facilities of the same company and it is managed by professionals. I say this only to help overcome potential concerns of the owners of such important personal material and thier willingness to lend them.

Kenny believes that you may have some suggestions and ideas on whom I should approach, and their contact address. Meanwhile, Kenny and I are in the process of contacting our classmates directly.

I would appreciate your advice and suggestions. Thanks.

Jim Jaffre
Jim Jaffre <>

The latest addition to the EA Web. Check them out. They don't realize where they are in life.
Check Out EARJ2000 (Class of 2000's Page)

I love your page. It's great to be back in the EA family!!!

Just a quick update on me...I received my Ph.D in Psychology from Texas A&M University three years ago. I'm now teaching at Texas A&M International University in Laredo,TX.

Hope to hear from you in the future,
Jeff Brown (class of 85)

Jeff Brown <>

'Masterlist' update: thanks to the generosity of Cathy Asper, Wendy Nordstron, and Bob Brown, and Roberto Pons I was able to review five yearbooks and add about 250 new names to the list- total now 7608. I still need to review the '68, '73, '84, '85, and '88 Cariocas to have a complete 31 year record from '61 to '91. I have some books promised but could use more!! Contact me if you would like to help.
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

Thought I'd help a little, too. Click on the link below to go to the radio play request page. Everyone send in requests to have the radios play Graham's songs. You can email the requests.
Request Play Time for Graham's Songs

The magic of Rio has assisted in turning out another great addition to the human race, our own Graham Drout, who is the lead singer for the band Iko-Iko (song-writer of the year 1998).  I downloaded their new song "Gris Gris" and was amazed at how truly good they are! You can check them out by clicking on the above link. Better get on board this train early people (it's already too late, the world has taken notice), because Graham and the rest of Iko-Iko will soon be right up there with all the world music greats. They are good. Check them out, and then join their fan club, too, at Tell them I sent you (right).
Check Out Iko-Iko -- Graham Drout's Band! <>

Oi pessoal! Mike Delaney class of '78 mandando another abraco pra todo mundo do EA. Thanks to this site I was able to re-unite with a very good friend (Mike Glennon) after 15 years of lost contact. We had a blast cacthing up on new and old stories. Also received several e-mails from EA friends around the world. This is great ! Let's get online and communicate ! Como ja dizia o Chacrinha..alo-alo Terezinha ....
Mike Delaney <>
Boca Raton, Fl USA -

You knew it had to come to this (at least I did). We're looking for your contributions now. Oba!
Check Out Newest -- Soon to be Best Page! <>

Are Hank Font and I (EA '56) the oldest alumni in the group? Guess we'd better beat the bushes for "senior citizen computer hackers!" Thanks for all your good work! Sheila O'Day Newton (
Sheila O'Day Newton <(>

I was on your website and was intrigued! Kudos to you! The funny thing is when I went on and saw the old school song, I was amazed that I remembered the tune. But for all these years I thought the words were Oh Escola Americana Sunday school of work and play. Now after x amount of years it's Sunny not Sunday. It's not too late to learn.

I will be going into that site more often. It's fantastic. Muito obrigada. Catch up with you soon. Keep up the good work. I really don't remember if you and I were in the same class, as I left to go to Teresopolis to the British Boarding School. And another note, my mother, my two aunts attended EA too. The library was donated by my grandfather in memory of his daughter, Celina Chaves. My aunt Ruth Chaves was a substitute teacher and still keeps in touch with her friend Jean Patterson who was my 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Vasconcellos was her french teacher then I had to spoil the apple by being the worst student she had.

I remember Suelena, Astri Sweet, Sarah Watson ( my upstairs neighbor) Virginia O' Donnell (next door) and I go back to the Haeglers too. I never want to go back to Rio, I had the best childhood in the world and it wouldn't the same. I was born in Rio and came to the USA when I was 17. I also remember Carla Maas, and the D'Alessandros.

Ken Mertz has kept us posted, and his Newsletter is fabulous. Ate logo, um abraco para voce. Ciao, Dru Watson
Dru Watson <>

Okay, okay, already.  Rather than lay out the entire "bonde" story here, I will provide only the bare outlines. Others who have information to add -- not only about the etymology of the word "bonde," but also about the proper style and etiquette of bonde riding -- should feel free to jump in.   I have a deep and abiding interest in infrastructure issues -- in fact, "infrastructure" is my middle name, which makes my middle initial C a little hard to explain.  But never mind that now. 

As Rio is preparing to privatize (maybe) its water and wastewater systems, there is a lot of concern about what might happen when major infrastructure systems are put into the hands of private and maybe foreign companies. Well, during the first half of this century, most of Brasil's infrastructure was in the hands of private foreign companies -- about 80% of it belonging to companies from Great Britain.  And most of that infrastructure was financed by the capital markets based in London.  I don't know exactly when the first trams (as the English would have called them) were installed in Rio, but the tram system in Rio was created by an English company and financed in part by bonds sold to investors in England and elsewhere.  When the trams first started running, passengers were issued little paper tickets that included a short-hand reference to the bond financing behind the system, using the word "bond" in English.   Apparently the word "bond" stood out in a way that suggested to the passengers that "Bond" might be the name of the company that owned and operated the trams, and so people began to refer to the trams as "bondes," and that is the name that stuck long after the bonds were paid off.   The system (I believe) was taken over by the local government, and the English company that built the system had disappeared from the scene. 

I have received a couple of e-mails from people who described their efforts to master the proper style for mounting and dismounting a bonde, including dismounting while facing the rear of the bonde and sliding gracefully to a stop while the bonde continued rolling.  As in any gymnastic routine, of course, sticking the landing was critical. Unfortunately, my brother wouldn't know anything about that.  I think Bruce is still remembered in some parts of Rio for stepping off a bonde that was moving a lot faster than he thought, and then sliding into a crowd of people who were trying to get on the bonde, taking them down like a bunch of bowling pins.  At least, that's the way I remember it.  Of course, even that is better than what I remember of my brother's bus-mounting skills in the presence of a gang of thugs in Mexico ... but that's a story for another day. 

If anybody would like to add to the story of the bonde system, or contribute to the lore of bonde-riding style -- especially if somebody wants to tell me that there was something like a "mile high club" for bonde riders, I would be very interested in knowing the details.   Scot Stirling Class of 1972
Scot Stirling <>
Scottsdale, Arizona USA -

Dear Friends, I have tried numerous times to reach Bruce and Melanie at the address on the web only to have my messages returned. Has anyone succeeded in contacting them? We love you Bruce and Melanie! Ruthie 79
Ruthie <>
Woodford, VA USA -

Try downloading or listening to the famous EA kids performing the cola commercial.   They tell me these are EA friends in the video.  You'll need the real audio plug-in to see and hear it.  Enjoy.  It took a long time to figure the right settings on record.
Down Load the EA Commercial <>
Some where offshore, Atlantis -

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