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Email from Alison MacAdams:

Thank you for creating that EARJ page! I was able to contact a few 'lost' friends! I was wondering if you could add my name to the alumni list for class of 1990? My name is Alison MacAdams and my e-mail address is I live in Boston, MA. Thanks!!! Alison

Email from Cindy Onorato:

How did I hear about you?

Well, I've been on the net for a while and I just wondered if EA had a website, so I searched for it on Altavista. Boy was I happy with what I found! That's it. I have been spreading the word and hopefully more people will be checking in soon. In fact, when I told my sister, Sue about the site, she [couldn't wait to] get connected!!!

Ate logo! Cindy

Email from Karla Redig:

My sister, Katia, Class of 80 is in Brazil visiting and saw the page. Please include her in the 1980 alumni list.


Karla Redig Class of 81

Email from Natsuko Kubo:

Thank you very much for your e-mail. It's very nice hearing from someone from EA (especially from the webmaster!) I'm net-surfing everyday and found the webpage of the Class of '83 in Yahoo. They have a lot of EA-related URLs and I net-surfed again, and finally found your page, the biggest EA site I ever knew.

I still keep in touch with some Japanese friends from EA. Back in early '80s, there were many Japanese in 9th - 12th grades. I'll contact my friends and tell 'em about your page. I'm sure they'll love it.

I'd like you to update the class of '86 page and include my name and e-mail address in the list.

Sorry for my English... I'm not using English very much recently :-)

Thank you for your attention! Um abraco,

Natsuko Kubo

Email from Jason Sausser:

I attended Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro from 1971 thru 1976 (graduated). I found your page by searching the web for "EA." It actually came up in the first ten sites found. You can bet that I'll be back! Thanks for putting the page together! Jason.

Email Leslie French:

Hey Bruce......looks like you're still keeping the old reunion spirit alive. I haven't had a chance to look at all of it but maybe I'll have more time to check out the rest of the reunion site later today. What I'm really looking for is Cathy Asper Nelson's e-mail address. Any chance you have that? Carla and I both think your wife is great and hope Stirlings and Frenches can get together again sometime. Our dad is going to be coming out at the end of Jan. to celebrate his 75th. Maybe you'll be able to come down to Tucson at that time? I'll get in touch with you and/or your parents when we have more details. Thanks for the great EA website. Leslie

Email from Dhyana Sudjuno:

Now "Mrs. Kiki Dhyanawati Omarabdalla" <>

Thank you so much for including me in your list of EA alumni. The name is not correctly spelled, it is Dhyana Sudjono instead of Sudjomo. Give me sometime before I send you some news about myself and my sister Edowati who was two grades below me. I shall also send you some more e-mail addresses if Gary Pomeroy has not done so. Bruce, are you aware of the BARULHO? This is an organization of the combined American Schools in Brazil who also arrange reunions in the United States. If you dont have it yet, I shall gladly give you the person in charge in my next e-mail. Ate logo! Dhyana

[Webmaster: I also created a "Barulho Brasileiro" website, as evidenced by the links from this site]

Email from Gary Pomery:

I don't think Hank [Font] mentioned your site. I will tell you that it's just great. I'm sure it's a lot of work for you. I appreciate browsing the various pages. Dhyana Sudjomo [sic - see letter above - Gary, what's up with that?] was another 1956 classmate of ours. Her father was Indonesian Ambassador to Brazil at the time. She lives in Jakarta now. Her e-mail address is Her name now is Kiki Dhyana Omarabdalla. Tony Motley was our class president for four years. He went on to become U.S. Ambassador to Brazil. I don't have a current address on him, although I believe he's still active with the state department. Gabor Domotor went on to become President of IBM do Brasil. I think that he lives in Rio now. Again, no address. As I develop addresses and other pertinent facts I'll pass them on. Take care.

Gary <>

Email from Kenny Mertz:

Thanks very much for putting the EA '65 photos on /ea/artifact9. They look great! After receiving your email last night, I spent about half an hour on your Web page, first examining and admiring the photos, then trying to print the page but not succeeding in getting a legible copy, and then trying to download it from AOL. . . but I couldn't figure out how to do it. So I finally resorted to paper and pencil and wrote down all the names from the page! Pretty low tech, admittedly, but it meets the need. I can now email the names to the class of '65, and can refer classmates to your URL if anyone wants to look at the photos.

Thanks again!

Kenny <>

Email from Gary Pomeroy:

My name is Gary Pomeroy. I was in the EA class of 1956. As you know, the school was in Leblon then. I have been in touch with one of my classmates that I located on your alumnus page. Sheila O'Day ( Through Sheila I located two others from 1956 online. Hank Font ( and Dhyana Sudjomo ( If you like, you can add our e-mail addresses to the 1956 page. If you want additional info, let me know. Take care.

Gary Pomeroy -- 517 So. Ohioville Road, New Paltz, NY12561

Email from Denise Reardon:

It has been REALLY interesting reading letters from so many fond memory-filled ex-EA students!! It is great to think that after all these years we are able to communicate so easily with EA alumni all around the world... Well, I felt so many saudades of Rio and the carioca lifestyle that I decided to return to Rio after studying at Syracuse University (NY) and living in the U.S. for a few years. And Wally (the crazy Chemistry teacher) and I did get married. We have a daughter, Margaret, who presently studies at EA and LOVES it. I went to our class reunion in the Washington, D.C. area about 12 years ago but was unable to go to the last reunion in Dallas, TX. When will the next reunion be held? It would be fun to meet up again! I would love to hear from you all. My nickname was "Baby", by the way. Wally says Hello!! Abraços, Denise May Joughin Reardon -- Class of '75

Email from Joe Musgrave:

There is a good chance you didn't know my brother John. My parents were missionaries in Brasil from '48 to '84. They moved to Rio from Goiania in '62. I was born in '63. I believe my brother John and Jimmy ('69) started attending EA in either '65 or '66. Nonetheless, John lives in Austin and is an Episcopal priest. I attended EA from '72 to graduation in '81. I hope to be able to provide some help to you. I was very active in school (leads in plays, choir, band, athletics, student council, etc.) so I have a lot of memories. Let me know what I can do.

Email from Ruth Judd:

I just felt a need to thank-you once again. I've been contacted by another friend that I thought was lost forever. It is so great to hear from Joanie Sarratt again. I have had such a great time with my friends Larry, Chris, Carina, Kevin, Judy , Ken, Bob, Jens,Hiroyuki, and now Joanie. Thank-you so much for this incredible gift. I am really enjoying meeting new friends too-Susi, Eric, Stefan and you too! Abracos e beijos-Ruthie

Email from Sussi Dahl:

Good morning Bruce! Boy, I wish I had a clue about computers!I spent a week without real audio (no sound) trying to figure out what went wrong. After uninstalling and reinstalling it a few times, my husband finally found that a mute button buried somewhere in "preferences" had a check on it. Só Deus sabe como isso aconteceu! And you spend your weekend "building" a new computer! I'm glad the pictures arrived safe and sound. I just sent you what I had.You're welcome to use whichever ones you prefer. I spoke to Michael Strickland yesterday and he told me that Ann is his cousin and she lives in London. She's married to Arnaldo Cohen, a famous pianist. It is funny how small the world really is! I think it's great how everyone is enjoying this great homepage you have gone through so much trouble creating. I bet you with time alot more alums are going to find out about it! Até, Sussi

Email from Patrik Froecklin:

I went to EARJ in the fall of 89 and begining of spring 90. Then I was in the ninth grade. I suppose the name of my class is class of '93, because of the year we should graduate. Right now I am studying at school in Stockholm. My adress is : Patrik Froecklin Södra Åsvägen 2 18452 Österskär Tel: +46854021852 E-mail:

Thank you for your help...hope to get in touch with some of my old friends... Pat.

Email from Walt Perkins:

Bruce- It's been a while since I wrote. I've been busy compiling these attached alumni files. These should be complaint-proof: here's how I got them.

1. I took the EA master file you sent me and stripped out all address and telephone information

2. Then I eliminated duplicate name listings

3. Then I split it into separate class files

4. Then I added all the names and address information that is listed elsewhere on the internet (other class websites, etc.)

5. Then I added e-mail addresses appearing on your website (alumni letters, guestbook, etc.)

6. Then I sent eveyone with an e-mail address a note asking for additional information. I added information from the responses.

So, what you have now is freely-given information compiled by class. Can you blow it into the alumni class page files so everyone can see who was in their class and how to reach them (when addresses are available)???

What class was Gail Toomey in? I have a program from the '62 Stanton production of Best Foot Forward coming from my Mom. Do you have one or should I scan it for you? Whatever happened to the scanned photos I sent you? I can't find them anywhere on the website.

Let me know if this is a help.


Email from Brian Dooley:

I'm class of 1972, and my current address, phone and so forth is:

Brian J. Dooley 38 Penfold Sq., Leithfield Beach NEW ZEALAND email: phone/fax: (64) (3) 314-9920 mobile: (64) (25) 344-547 Homepage:

My brother is class of 1971. His address is: Brendan Dooley 246 Franklin St. Cambridge, MA, USA 02139 email: phone: 1 617 868 4215

Others that I have located are: Sara Steers (1972) at Peter Canfield (1972) at Graham Wood Drout (1971) I haven't contacted them about the page.

Cheers, BJD

Email from Celine Marius:

I am Frederik Marius sister (Celine A. Marius). I was in the graduating year of 1996 same as (Cintia Higuchi).

But like my brother I left EA in 1988. I then went to Albyn school for girls 'til 1992. I then went on to graduate from the International School of Brussels in 1996. I'm presently reading English and French law at the University of Kent in Canterbury, from which I will hopefully graduate in the year 2000.

I hope the info provided is sufficiently clear. Celine A Marius

Email from Per Schwab:

Hi there! Thanx for setting up a great web site! I think it will be of great help in finding old friends and being updated on the school. Kindly add my info to the class listings on the following page: as I was in Class of '88.

Per Schwab, , Stockholm Sweden

Thanx for taking the time!

Best wishes, Per Schwab

Email from Renet Presas:

Hi. I can’t believe this site. I’m an EA graduate from class of 74. My name is Renet Presas and I went to EA from 64 to 74. This site looks great. Thanks for putting so much into it. I will check back soon.

Email from Jeff Richoux:

When you were in Rio, back in 1987 you should have looked me up. At that time I was living alone in the Barra da Tijuca in a beachfront apartment. But that life took a turn shortly after when I met my an old girfriend which became my wife.

With regards to the webpage, Patrick didn't say a word about it, and of course I'd like to sign in and find out a little more about a time of the past that was almost forgotten. The only ex EA student that I know that lives around here in Bruce Wright, who I talk to now and then.

I've got to go now, and catch-up on work, because yesterday I spent the day in a hospital with my son-in-law. Nothing major, but it needed my attention.

Keep in contact.


Email from Karla Redig:

Can not tell you how happy I was to find out about this page. Congratulations on the idea. I went to EA from kindergarten through 12th. Graduated in 1981. I am gonna scan some of the pictures. I do have quite a few and send them ASAP. Don't worry, my sister (Class of 80) and my brother (Class of 77) will also hear about EA's homepage tonight. Also letting some of my friends who I keep in touch know of this wonder. Once again, thanks for bringing us all back together.


Karla Redig EA '81

Email from Dante Peduzzi:

Well, I live in Houston, Texas. I have lived here for about 6yrs, before that we lived in Colombus, Ohio for 1.5yrs. Before that we lived in RJ and my 2 sisters and I attended EA for close to 7yrs. My mom taught ESL, and my dad is c/o 68 at EA, as well. Last year, on the first semester of my Junior year (I'm a senior now) I went back to EA and stayed with a friend of my dad's for 5mths. It was great...I am still in touch with students at EA, I'll try and find out about the Big 4.


Email from Michele (Mike) Mancini:

I was very surprised reading your last mail. Your Italian isn't bad at all! Some details such as using un apostrophe (d'italiano instead of di italiano) show that you are not a "greenhorn" in languages. If you like, try writing something in Italian too. And, PLEASE, correct my English whenever you see some errors.

I still didn't find my E-Mail address in the web. Can I get it, or you need some more informations about me (such as my address or what)? If so, tell me; I'll be glad to send it to you.

Concerning the school song, why don't you try to find someone who's got it recorded somewhere, and ask him to turn it into a .WAV file, so we could download it and listen to it all over the world? Actually, I can't remember the tune at all. It's a challenge!

I hope to hear news from you soon.

Mike Mancini

Email from Chris Ybarra:

I like what you have done to the page in the last few months. I thank you for your dedication. Because of your efforts I have been able to get in touch with many people I studied with in EA. Thank you and seasons greetings!

I have moved and would like to update my info. Thanks

Chris Ybarra 2701 Rawson St Oakland, Ca 94619 (510) 532 8476

Um abrasso, Chris

Email from Carina Betts:

Hey Bruce.... This was supposed to be a Stanton page. Maybe you were trying to gauge interest B4 working on it ? Not only was she my ( Carina Betts' 79) and Mom's (Asla Aapro ' 59) drama teacher, but she directed my Dad (Johnny Betts) in "Little Theatre" as well. Regina Oliveira, her Godaughter, was one of my closest friends throughout our 13 years at E.A.

By the way, still couldn't find Chris Hipskind in Rio last month, his sister works as a ground supervisor for Varig at Miami Int'l Airport though.... if you make an announcement someone in this neck of the woods might respond.

Email from Patrik Erik Fröcklin:

Hello my name is Patrik Erik Fröcklin or Froecklin. I come from Sweden. In the year of 1989-1990 I went to EARJ then in the 9th grade. Now I am looking for two old friends who went to the same class as I did. One is Gabriel Lam and another is Patricia dont know her last name. Any idea how i can find them Yours sincerely Patrik Fröcklin e-mail

Email from Suzi Kent:

Hi! It is so great to hear from you. The only people I have been in contact with from the reunion have been Dave McGuerty, Cathy Asper and Don Johnson. One of my rolls of film got lost and I think its the one with the photos from the nightclub, so I'm kind of perturbed about that. Its totally okay with me that you put any picture with me in it from the reunion on the website and I will let my sibs know.

I don't remember "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" but that doesn't mean I wasn't there. I think the reason I went riding on the back of the beer trucks with you and Randy Weyland was 'cos I was kind of a tomboy for quite a while, having been raised with two brothers and no sisters. I"ll give my mon your thanks--I didn't realize you enjoyed it so much!! What is the "guestbook?" What is the website address for the EA website? I'm going to look for it with the help of "swalker," my computer mentor and savior. I wish we had had more time to talk also. I have nothing but good memories about the times we ran around together. It was also really great to see your family. My parents recently visited us here in Chattanooga and saw all the pictures I had and send their regards to your mom, sisters and Scot (as I do). Also, I remember your wife mentioning that she knew a lot about grants and how to get them and I am interested in finding out more about that in the area of animal shelters especially. Let me know what the next step might be on that if she has the time to let me know. I recently went to a conference on animal assisted therapy and hope to incorporate it into my practice. Right now I have five dogs and it doesn't look too hopeful about finding homes for any of them especially with the weather getting cold so I'm thinking about putting them to work!!! Hope your cats are doing well--it really warmed my heart to hear that you take them in - it's sometimes hard to find people who understand. I'm also hoping on planning to start a pet loss support group here and have been out talking to local vets about it and have learned a lot about what they go through every day dealing with death - maybe a vet support group is in order!!! Well, let me know what you are up to and send me your mailing address so I can send you any photos I have with you in them that you might like. Please tell Debbie "Hi." We really enjoyed meeting her and it was nice for Bill to have someone to talk to. Hope to hear form you soon....abracos e beijos Suzanne (suzi)

Email from Karen Strickland:

Hi Bruce- thanks for the reply. Susie, Ann, Ricky (and Patty) are my cousins. I haven't seen them since my last trip to Brazil two years ago, but I have a great photo of them from that visit. Their father, Bill Strickland, is my father's older brother. All of us, including my three siblings Michael, Kathy and Kristina, are EA alumni. It was my brother (Michael Strickland, class of 76) that told me about your website. He and my sister Kathy (class of 78) attended an EA reunion a few years ago, I believe, in San Diego.

Email from Jaime Estupinan:

Let me first congratulate you on the great job with the EA alumni web site. I really enjoyed those pictures with Cabral, Ms. Collares, etc.

I would like to clarify a small misunderstanding. I was looking at the Alumni Homepages section and saw some pages of people who are not EA alumni. It turns out that links to these people's pages were in my "Friend's Links" page which is also where I used to keep my EA contacts. These people are totally unrelated to EA (too bad for them!) :

Andrea Nhuch, Jeremy Rawlinson, Paul Chang, Peter Schmidt, Manish Kothari, Marcelo Pereira.

Once again, thanks a lot for the work you've put into your site!


Jaime Estupinan

Email from Maria Cristina Herrera Arnold:

Oi Bruce, Eu so quero dizer muito obrigada por ter despertado minhas memorias da nossa querida escola e do Rio. Agora que eu estou coroa eu tenho muitas saudades do Rio e a vida que ja era. Bom, quero mandar-lhe uma mensagem pra voce e sua familia, Feliz Natal e Prospero Ano Novo. Espero que 1998 seja o seu ano de alegria e com muita prosperidades. Eu gostaria que voce me coloque na lista do '75' pra ser parte dos "alumni". Preciso ir um forte abraco e beijinhos. Maria Cristina Herrera Arnold

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