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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find my way around this web site?
  2. Where can I find the Official American School of Rio de Janeiro web site?
  3. Why doesn't my name appear as a former EA student online?
  4. Who is the person who created and maintains this site?
  5. What is the email address to instantly publish a message to the whole EA Turma?
  6. When is the next EA Reunion?

How do I find my way around this web site?

At the top and bottom of each page is the index shown below.  Simply click on any link to surf the site.  Linked pages with no index are not part of the EA Alumni web site.  To return to EA, remember to use your browser's "back" button when visiting linked pages.  This site evolved and continued to grow since its birth in 1997.  It blossomed into a huge web of all things Brazilian.  Some of the most interesting links are NOT found in the index.  One day the entire site will be reorganized, but for now, just sit back and enjoy your visit.  The advent of broader bandwidth resulted in the use of many more photos.  If you are on a dial-up connection, you will experience delays in viewing some pages.  Sorry about that!

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Where can I find the Official American School of Rio de Janeiro web site?

The official EARJ (EA) web site is found at:  .   You are now at the unofficial EA Alumni we site, part of the EA Web (see link in red above).  This site is not affiliated with the school.

Over the years URL addresses change.  When an URL address changes, old links to the page no longer function.  The size of this site prevents automatic updates of changed addresses when they occur.  I could probably do it if I redid every page in cascading style sheets, but it is too late.  The link to the official EA web site on many Alumni  pages no longer functions.  The address used to be  .  When the change was made, all links ceased to function properly.  Should you experience this problem, just erase the "./" and you will be directed to the official site. 

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Why doesn't my name appear as a former EA student online?

You know you were never forgotten, even though you wandered far away!  Please help improve the site by checking the alumni listings for all old friends, whether they graduated from EA, or not.  If you notice an unlisted name, please notify Bruce Stirling, Walt Perkins, and David Maguerty.  We're all just a click away, so let each of us know, please.  Please allow plenty of time for the updates!  We are all volunteering our time, efforts, and money to make you happy.  Check the 50th Anniversary pages to see if your name is listed in the printed program passed out at the event in 1987.

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Who created and maintains this site?

Bruce Stirling published his original site in 1997 on Compuserve.  The site no longer exists.  Search engines directed traffic to the page in ever increasing hits.  Help was received from many former EA students, whose assistance is hopefully acknowledged online.  Particular thanks is due to Walt Perkins, and David Maguerty, who helped developed the alumni database.  Site maintenance is  time consuming and is a known cause of innumerable maladies.  Please report any problems to

We are all indebted to other EA webmasters, who maintain web sites for individual classes and special projects.  Unfortunately, some earlier sites vanished from the web and are extinct.  Gone, but not forgotten!  The EA  webmasters named below are responsible for some of the most interesting material available via links on this web site.  Please visit their pages on the EA Web.  But for the labors and hours of dedication of the EA webmasters listed below, your visit to this site would be less enjoyable by far. 

A very special "thank you" to Alex Morales (his was the first EA alumni site), Georgia Aliano, Archie Dick, Jaime Estupiñan, David Martin, Joe Musgrave, Cindy Onorato, Mark Engel, and Luis Miguel.  Finally, we can't say enough about the pleasures derived from the efforts of Brian Paren, who published the EA Yearbooks online!

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What is the email address to instantly publish a message to the whole EA Turma?

Send your messages to:  .  Note: all messages sent to the eGroup are moderated by Bruce Stirling.  No spam will get through unless I send it by mistake!

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When is the next EA Reunion?

Check the Reunion Page for information, or write your friends on the EA Alumni eGroup!

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