Guestbook Morgue 12 - April 1998!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

Holy COW!!! Blast from the past. I attended EA '75-77 - left before graduation but woulda been class of '77. Lost my yearbook in the many years since, so names (esp. last names) are fuzzy. Would love to find out what happened to Carmen Moreno, Anabelle, Mitzi Ramos, Lolli and Becky, etc, etc. I was one of 5 kids from Oregon in the school. Brother George Barker, and sisters Maria, Maureen and Nina all well and happy. I got myself a PhD in Microbiology after a lifetime of school and am now doing research in Montana. Whatta life! Anyone has info on anyone above, or remembers my skinny (then) butt, drop me a line! Great webpage - gotta go - need to check out the rest of the site. Thanks, Lu
Lucia (Lu) Barker <>
Hamilton, MT USA -

Just thought I'd check in and leave some updated contact information, we bought a house and I am now working for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (ergo new e-mail address): Cathy Ikels Celestino (Carlos) EA '86 12002 Oak Trail Austin, Texas 78753 512/873-8484 fone 512/873-0406 fax
Catherine Ikels Celestino <>
Austin, TX USA -

If you sent me a request to post your name online and it has not yet appeared, please resubmit ALL of your information.  Don't just ask if I received an earlier unreferenced request.  It is much easier for me to act immediately off of your reminder letters than trying to look up old email on numerous computers at different locations, under different browsers. I'm supposed to be having fun, and I am, but try to help by always including all information you want posted in every single reminder letter. Remind me as often as you like, I love email. Just make it easy for me. Okay? Muito obrigado, gente. Tchau.
Bruce Stirling <>

Glad EA is finally on line, hope to hear from my friends in the class of '80! Good to see Ms. Collares on line, she was one of the best teachers, if not the best, I ever had!
Fran Kammerer nee Ellis <>
Dixon, CA USA -

I am a Norwegian boy who attended EA from '87 to '89.  I must say that seeing the school song again brings out good memories.  Since I left Brazil I graduated from high school.  For the time being I am taking my bachelor of business administration.   I hope to continiue my education by taking a MBA.  Finally I would like to say that having studied at EA is an experience that I would not be without.
Robin Winther <>
Bergen, Norway -

Hi to all EA alums. I attended EA from '59-'63 and '65-'69, graduating with the class of '69. I would love to hear from any of my classmates, especially Olga Peters. Our 30 yr. graduation anniversary is coming up soon! I love this EA site and am glad that a friend passed on the info. about it to me! Abracos, Leslie
Leslie Ellis Brinson <>
Cullman, AL USA -

I just got the chance to "matar saudades" in a wonderful restaurant in NYC - The Churrascaria Plataforma. Everything authentic, from the churrasco to the caiparinhas. A must go if your ever in the area, and wanting a taste of Brazil. Its definately not the quiet, romantic type, but swings with the music and rhythms of Rio. It was great!
Cindy Onorato <>

The appeal for yearbook listing help was a modest success: we added 99 new names to the list for a total of 2994. I have a large list from Dave McGuerty to cull through and it will probably get us over the 3000 name level. It appears that the classes '56, '61 through '79, '81, and '83 have at least all the graduating names listed. Obviously, some classes have a large number of non-graduates also. We need to hear from other classes with those year book page copies. Just send to 4416 S.E. 4th Place; Ocala, Fla. 34471 or via e-mail. April class list status: '35-1, '36 through '39-0, '40-4, '41-2, '42-1, '43-10, '44-27, '45-24, '46-15, '47-22, '48-11, '49-3, '50-15, '51-3, '52-8, '53-4, '54-11, '55-7, '56-43, '57-9, '58-5, '59-14, '60-14, '61-44, '62-49, '63-92, '64-88, '65-148, '66-111, '67-107, '68-165, '69-194, '70-165, '71-113, '72-168, '73-153, '74-165, '75-172, '76-117, '77-133, '78-69, '79-52, '80-32, '81-87, '82-11, '83-82, '84-9, '85-18, '86-22, '87-14, '88-14, '89-11, '90-22, '91-2, '92-11, '93-12, '94-2, '95-6, '96-9, '97-72, '98 through '02- 0. So, get out your year book and start copying! Thanks for the help. Walt '63
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

What a find. This is great. I would like to find the class of '69.  Next year is thirty for us.  I made the twenty then lost everyone again.  We really need to do a thirty.  I'm in the Orlando area and would be willing to coordinate one here if anyone is willing.  The photos of the Reuion were great.  Thanks for the great site.  Contact me at
Deltona, FL USA -

George Gotlieb just emailed a great old photo of EA - Leblon, which is linked on the "Welcome" page under "School."  Thanks, George!

By the way...does anybody know where Lawrence Goldstein (class of '72) is? I lost track between moves about 15 years ago.
Brian J. Dooley <>
Leithfield Beach, North Canterbury New Zealand 

I tried to say earlier: This is the Daddy of them all: April, Penny, Robin, Mercy, Bruce and Scot. I was assistant Press Attache and Alianza Para O Progresso Officer in the American Embassy.  We lived on Rua Aperana, just off the Canal and the Leblon Beach. We all enjoyed Rio and in 3 1/2 years learned to speak pretty good Portuguese.  Now I'm trying to get this into the Guest Book and I'm not having much luck.  Have to let my boy Bruce, the Webmaster figure it out. The GREAT PUMA
Robert Bruce Stirling I, akaGREAT PUMA <>
Tucson, AZ USA -

I'm the Daddy of them all--APRIL, PENNY,ROBIN,MERCY, BRUCE and and SCOT--Bruce is this Escola Americana WEBMASTER and don't you forget it!!!
Robert Bruce Stirling I aka Great Puma <>
Tucson, , AZ USA -

Hey, one last thing! I just added a Bulletin Board for your enjoyment and pleasure! It is located at, which can be directly accessed by clicking on "Bruce" on this message. The main link is found hidden somewhere on the "Welcome" page. On a bulletin board, you post messages for discussion and/or reply, and then you hope someone responds with information you're looking for. I figured we could also share the board with my other American School sites, so please follow direction on the page. Thanks.
Bruce <>

Okay, we're really "cooking with gas" now! Check out the new EA Time Line page, where we ask you (in a guestbook format) to tell us about major and minor (hopefully interesting) events that happened while you were at EA and in Rio! Should become a very interesting place. Click on "webmaster" to go right there. The link is only found on the main Welcome page (scroll down). Otherwise, bookmark:


Check out new Escola Americana Love Story on the "saudade" page, linked under "webmaster" on this message.

This site just added the most comprehensive list of educational technology links known to exist on the planet, all with the compliments of my fine wife, Deborah, who is busy working on her Ph.D.  I decided we should wed our sites to create an EA experience on-line that equates with what we shared at EA.  Now the whole world can use EA's website as a true educational resource.
Webmaster <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

Check this out!

--> This is a message from Sunshine Online <-- Congratulations your school website has won the Sunshine Top Site Award! Sunshine Online selects quality educational websites from around the world for this award.


Anita Aspinall
Online Development Editor

Bruce Stirling <>
Phoenix, AAZ USA -

My kids went to EA in '68 - '70. Christina (Tina) graduated 1970.  Younger than she but did not graduate at EA were Teresa & Tommy.  If you were a classmate of Tina, please contact me at the above address.  She now lives in Oklahoma City.   Thanks!
Mrs. Bill Frazier (Annita) <>
Corpus Christi, TX USA -

Just a quick note to let you all know that my e-mail address has changed.  Intel decided to simplify (still looks awfully long to me).  Noticed that the Class of '85 still doesn't have a strong presence.  Wonder where Kiarash and Jimmy are? Anyone know?  Beijos e Abracos, Vikki
Vikki Mueller Espinosa <>
Portland, OR USA -

Wow!  I was really excited to find the EA homepage.   I attended EA from '84 until '88 (would've been class of '92).  I graduated from the University of Michigan in '96, and am now teaching preschool.  I just got married August '97 and my husband and I have just purchased our first home.  I think back to my times at EA often.   Those were the best days of my life.  My brother Christopher (Class of '97) is living in Texas with our parents, while attending college.  I would like to hear from old friends, so if you're out there, please e-mail me.  Tchau.
Jennifer Scherwin Wysocki <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA -

Hey!  First, I want to congratulate whoever created this page.  It's AWESOME !  My name is Andre S. Freitas, and I went to EARJ from 4th grade to graduation in 1995 - CLASS OF 1995!   And it was definitely one of the great periods of my life.  Right now, after a year in college in New York, I am going to Candido Mendes - Ipanema (Night Club) and working during the day at Aracruz Celulose, in the Investor Relations Department.  I am just very happy that this page was finally put together.  It was great seeing and reading from EARJ.   Let's keep up and gather more ex-students to join in, and let's show our everlasting schoolspirit.  By the way, don't you think we have to put a picture of CANECO 70 somewhere on this page ???  Valeu Galera, um abraco para todos que me conhecem !
Andre Seixas Correa de Freitas <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRAZIL -

This is great.  After so many years to find this page.  I would have been class of '84 have we not left Rio in my Junior year.  I am now living in Buenos Aires.  My brothers Pablo ('86) and Rodrigo ('87) are both living in Santiago.   Keep in touch.....
Andres Lobo <>
Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Just a reminder for those who never checked out the rest of this website, the Barulho Brasileiro cometh!  July 31 - August 2, 1998 in Monterey, California.  See details on the "Barulho" page.
Bruce Stirling <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

Hi, everybody!  I went to EARJ from '79 - '82 in class 7-10.  I´m trying to get in contact with the two Argentinian twins John and Gustavo, does anybody have an idea ??  If anybody knows anything please send a E-mail THANX . Also, does anybody know if the EA in Salvador Bahia is going to have a homepage ??
Christer Hultberg <>
Överum, Sweden -

Hi! I went to EA from 1983-1987 (elementary school).  Does anyone know how to get in touch with Amos Greene or Alexandra Silva?  My sister, Ana, would like to know if anyone knows how to contact Isabella Brewster who moved to New York in 1987.  Great web site.  Keep up the good work!
David de Souza <>
Tequesta, FL USA -

Congratulations on the site!!!  It is so nice to catch up on EA and find some long lost friends.  And it looks like I'm the first of the unforgettable 91ZC to drop a line.  Well, I have been living in Rio for the past year and a half, working for Price Waterhouse and spending much time with many other EA alums...Jô and Guilherme Sabrá, Danny Saffer, David Morse, Victor Baez, Guy Von Oettigen, Natalie Sequerra...always remembering and sharing the good times. My sister Meghan ('93) is a teacher at a pre school in Santa Barbara, and Maureen ('95) is abroad in London and will be graduating in December from Boston University.  I can't beleive it has already been 7 yrs...hey 91ZCers, we have to start looking into our 10 year reunion!!!  Hope to hear from you all and anyone else who is out there soon.  Saudades e um bejão pra todos
Michelle Gallagher <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRASIL -

No offense meant, but have you ever noticed that those who criticize EA have a terrible command of the English language.  Watch out!  I made the mistake of not being adequately respectful to a few English teachers-and BAM! I am one.  Be careful what you complain about, and at least do it with proper English or Portuguese.  Abracos e beijos-Ruthie
Ruthie Judd <>
Woodford, VA USA -

Last week I requested EA Class lists generated from yearbooks.  The response has been encouraging but not overwhelming.  As incentive, following is an index of how many names are on record for each class.  Please let me hear from you if your class is 'under-represented'!  Send list to 4416 S.E. 4th Place; Ocala, Fla. 34471.   Year People Year People Year People Year People 1935 1 1952 8 1969 194 1986 21 1936 0 1953 4 1970 165 1987 13 1937 0 1954 11 1971 113 1988 14 1938 0 1955 7 1972 168 1989 11 1939 0 1956 43 1973 153 1990 22 1940 4 1957 9 1974 165 1991 1 1941 2 1958 5 1975 172 1992 10 1942 1 1959 14 1976 79 1993 11 1943 10 1960 14 1977 96 1994 2 1944 27 1961 44 1978 69 1995 4 1945 24 1962 49 1979 52 1996 8 1946 15 1963 92 1980 32 1997 71 1947 22 1964 88 1981 87 1998 0 1948 11 1965 148 1982 11 1999 0 1949 3 1966 111 1983 82 2000 0 1950 15 1967 107 1984 8 2001 0 1951 3 1968 165 1985 18 2002 0 Total 3/98 = 2895 Total 4/98 = 2909 Walt '63
Walt Perkins <WALT>
Ocala, Fla USA - [OK People, everyone make the extra effort to get your stuff to Walt!!!]

I reviewed the "reunion" page this morning and was a little embarrassed to realize a lot of photos were of relatives!  Sorry about that.  I must have been caught up in the moment.  The situation will be corrected.  I need to make room for another IRQ on my computer to run my video capture card.  This is also a "test" message.  It is written from another guestbook on a back page.   It should end up on the main guestbook.  Cross your fingers.
Webmaster <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - [BJ - thanks; the test was a complete success]

Found this wonderful website courtesy of Dr. Brown and it was so exciting to see familiar names and revive memories from the 70's when I taught at EA.  Would love to hear from any of you.
Geri de Souza <>
Tequesta, FL USA -

It was so exciting to find your web page -- courtesy of Dr. Brown -- and to see some familiar names. I taught (English) at EA in the 70's and have very fond memories of those years. Note to Jen Griffith Ezell -- saw your note on the "letters" page and would love to get in touch with you. What is your e-mail address?
Geri de Souza <>
Tequesta, FL USA -

Delighted to see EA appear out of the mists of etherspace.  Please add me to the alumni rolls.  Would love to hear from any other '71ers, or folk from 1968-71, EA's last years in Leblon.  About to mark 22 years in the U.S. Foreign Service and just back in Washington from assignments in Dublin and Belgrade.
Larry Butler '71 <>
Reston, VA USA -

Hey guys!!  I just came back from RIO!!!  I went there TWICE!!  Robin and I went down to drop off her daugther, Parisa, "no Norte" - Fortaleza - at the Colegio Bautista - and we had a great time matando saudades no Leblon, Barril 1800 and in Copacabana - we freaked with the cost of everything!!  HIJOLE, as we say in Mexico!!  From Arpoador to the "new" Escola Americana by taxi was going to be 60 REAIS!!  THAT IS 60 BUCKS!  When you live in Mexico and see how inexpensive everything is (most expensive taxi in Guadalajara is 2 dollars!!)   Needless to say, we choose not to matar saudades AT the school.  We looked toward Gavea and ate a kibon - de maracuja GENTE!!!  Got all kinds of musica brasileira - not only Samba but FORRO!!!  Gostei demais!!  Beijos e eu ainda adoro o Brasil e as Cariocas!!  Brasil é beleza pura!
Mercy Stirling de Duenas <>
Guadalajara, Mexico -

What a treat this is!  For 20 years now (ouch) I've wished for a way to get in touch with old faces.  Count on technology.  Quick update.  Graduated '77 from EA.  Have managed to stay in touch with Susan Sybert and Nancy Huber.   Married, 2 girls, Meagan-13, Miranda-10.  A sweet life that I wouldn't change for the world.  But have to say, unless someone has been there they really can not begin to understand our love for Brasil, Rio, and EA. Thanks for this very special page!!   Would love to hear from you all.
Penny Payson <>
Bremerton, WA USA -

It's been great hearing from so many people.  I just got back from a visit with Fred Mulligan ('78)--we got back in touch thanks to the Web page.  I can't believe how fast twenty years have gone by.  Does anyone know of any plans for a Class of '81 reunion?  Happy birthday (April 12) to Scott Daniels ('78).  Does anyone know where he is now?
Linda Moore Reynolds <>
Greenville, SC USA -

Wendy Wilkinson came through for us with the name of an old EA yearbook publisher.   She wrote:  "At least in 1972, when I graduated, it was at Grafica Editora Primor S.A., Rodov. Presidente Dutra, 2611 Rio de Janeiro."

Anyone in Rio able to check out whether this place still exists, and whether they might be interested in making "reprints" for people?  Or whether they have any old photos preserved?  We'd all appreciate it.  Thanks, and thank you Wendy!
Bruce Stirling <>

Hmmmmmmm!  What to write. . . that's usually the problem I have when I'm trying to write my essays!!!  Well, I guess what I want to say is that it's great someone took the initiative of creating this web page!  I hope more people visit the site so we Panthers can keep in touch!  I'm currently studying economics at the University of Warwick in England, so if anyone out there wants to get in touch or drop by, just give me a buzz! See ya, Rodrigo (Class of '96)
Rodrigo Strickland Faro <>
London, England -

Happy Easter, everyone! I'm still waiting to hear from Jeanette Ellis, Randy Weyland, Rick Newberg, Cathy Ware, Raymond Simonpietri, Carl Sweet, Carlos de Sa, Mike Blassingame, Iona (?), Ann Strickland, Jim Howe, Barbara Harmon, Debbie Erling, Anita Moss, and Avi Rosanes, to name a few.  If you know them, tell them to check in and leave a message.   Class of '70, where are you?
Bruce Stirling <>
Phoenix, USA -

Class of 81, and this page made it feel like I was 17 years younger!  Next to me still hangs a photo with most of our last football team . . . da saudades. . . .
Robert Asperslag <>
San Diego, CA USA -

I'm so excited to find this!  I went to EA in '84 -'85 for one year.  I was in 7th grade (class of '90).  I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.   I'm specifically trying to get in touch with Yara Royster and Jodi Gross.  My dad taught at EA the same year I was there (Ellis or "Dave" Davis).  He would also love to hear from old friends but does not have access to a computer.  You can e-mail me for his address if you want to reach him.
Julie Davis <>

There is more news posted on the "News" page about the coming of the official EARJ website.  We are also trying to obtain the name of the yearbook publisher, as well as Cabral's address.  Anyone on the old yearbook staffs remember who the publisher was?  Let me know.
Webmaster <>

Amy Ecker Stevens - Great to hear from you, but I was unable to reach you at the e-mail adress you had listed.  Do you have an updated address.  My family would love to hear from yours.  Cindy
Cindy Onorato <>
Bristol, CT USA - [Amy, check your email address.  You wrote it incorrectly on this website]

Maria Cristina Arnold Herrera wrote and provided us with the URL to the magazine BRAZZIL.   Eventually, I'll have a permanent link added to it.  For now, check it out.
Webmaster <>

ATTENTION ALL EA ALUMNI . . . as regular readers of this Web site know I have been busy compiling and updating the class lists so everyone can conveniently look up old friends and, if the information is available, contact them.  My sources for names and information have been strictly limited to publicly available listings.  My goal is to produce as complete a data base of people who attended EA as possible.  I've lost track of the current total but it must be over 3,000, and I know the list has many gaps still.  I am at the point where I would like to take a new direction to complete the list.  I am appealing to all alumni with yearbooks to xerox the pages containing student names by class and mail them to me so I can comb through and add the missing names to my data.  I am thinking of the 'Last Will and Testament' page for Seniors and any group class photographs with names listed.  At most, this would be 8 pages per yearbook.  Please send the copies to 4416 Southeast 4th Place, Ocala, Florida 34471 USA. Send 2-sided copies to keep postage cost down.  Please do not fax them if you know my number.  If you can scan the pages and send them via e-mail that's OK.   Please do not send info from the years '61, '62, or '63.  I will post additional years as I get them from you so there won't be a huge overlap.  Thanks for your help . . . this should be fun!  Walt Perkins '63
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

Luis Almeida - Class of '89 Wow!  What an excellent web page.   Congratulations to all of those that participated in creating it.  I am now living with my wife, Julie, in Miami.  I am working for a computer monitor manufacturer, ViewSonic and I have the opportunity to frequently travel to Brazil (YES!).   After graduating from Clarion University, I worked with David Morse and Victor Baez at a company called Tech Data.  I am in constant contact with Leo (deh monkey) Nobre, and I often speak with Alvaro Azevedo who is now living in London and working for Bominflot.  My brother Felipe '91 works for Fonte Cindam, an investment bank in Rio, and David (aka Batata '94) works for Solomon Smith Barney, and is always in and out of Brazil.  Recently I've been bumping in to Al Iriberri ('88) and it was he that turned me on to the EA Web Page (thank you).  Some of us from the class of '89 are planning a 1999 New Year's Eve Reunion at an incredibly beautiful farm (courtesy of Guilherme Sabra's girlfriend Karina) if you are not afraid to party with the cupula, send me an email, and we'll get you in the loop.  Best regards to all, um forte abraco and hope our paths cross again.  Luis Paulo
Luis Paulo Almeida <>
Miami, Fl USA -

Forgot to add Monica's email.  Tchauzinho.
Monica O'Day Trentini <>
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil -

Hello everyone from EA!!!  Well even though I ended up getting my HS diploma from another high school, I will always feel like an EA alum.  CLASS OF '90!!    I'm back in Rio, Ipanema, selling trips to the most beautiful destination in the world, Brazil.  I work specifically with ecological tourism: Pantanal, Chapadas, Ilha Grande, Foz, Fernando de Noronha, Amazon, etc.  Phone: 55 21 512-8882 and email below.  My sister, Monica,  just moved to Sao Paulo from Phoenix.  She's at a flat in Jardins until they get settled 011 287-2288 apt. 403, if anyone can help her look for an apartment.  Her husband, Nico, is working for Citibank.  My father, William O'Day, also an alum is in Michigan.  His email address is   I've run into a few alums in past months, Isabela Nunes, David Morse, Vitor Baez.   But I've been spending most of my days with an almost alum Ronald Gibson.   I've also had the pleasure to have dinner with Mr. Ed Stanton and the Boones.   All the best to everyone, especially Kim no longer Bobb, Corina, and Hiro.  I miss our days at EA.  I'll never forget a comment by a visitor to EA, "How can get any studying done here?  This isn't a high school, it's a resort."  Um imenso abraco para todos, Alex
Alex O'Day <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil -

Joe, the link you describe is already found on this website.  Click on "welcome" then at the top of the page, "matar saudades," and under "Meu Brasil" you'll find the complete website of Prof. Koreisha.  It's probably the biggest site on the web about Brazil.  Beleza pura.  Click on the above links to go to it.
Webmaster <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

I just wanted to pass on the URL for a very impressive site I just found on Brasil with great links:   Hope it temporarily satisfies saudades for you as it did for me.
Joe Musgrave <>
Corpus Christi, Tx USA -

Oi! How is everyone? It has been a while for me.  Since graduation (1990), I have not been back to Rio, unfortunately.  So much has happened in my life these past eight years.  I miss all my friends from EA.  I still remember the good times.   My five years there were fun.  I still keep in touch with a handful of people from EA, mostly from the class of '90.  It's time to reminisce: the triple A, Big 4's, playing handball and basketball, going home tired from cheerleading practice, staying up late doing my homework, the smoking area, Cabral, the wall, staying after for play practice, hanging out with Lucy, Olga, Lari, Andy, Chuck, Patrick, Stefan, Debbie, Jessica, Luca, Andrea, and Mike (just to name a few, I haven't forgotten everyone else, there's just not enough room), playing Gamao, going to the dances, and my teachers.   I surprised myself when I became a teacher.  I am now married (Williams, no longer Kim Bobb) with two children and a third on the way.  My brother, Travis (we moved before he was able to graduate from EA - he would have been class of '96), is attending Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina - doing well.  My older sister, Patrice (class of '87) is also married now (Minor) with a daughter.  We are all healthy and happy.  Our parents are staying busy as well - 3.5 grandchildren, who wouldn't be?  I would love to hear from old friends or anyone just interested in writing me.  Tchau! - Yes, my Portuguese is still limited.  I was always the Gringo in the class willing to speak only English. - And don't forget to Smile!!!!!!!!!
Kimnada Bobb Williams <>
Fort Washington, MD USA -

Oi gente! Tudo bem? Depois de quase 6 anos de ausencia do Brasil, estarie retornando para passar as ferias de junho e julho com a minha esposa no Rio. Infelizmente, nao tenho onde ficar estes 2 meses, estou procurando alugar um apto de quarto e sala mobiliado no Leblon ou em Ipanema, mas ate agora ainda não encontrei nada! Gostaria de saber se algum ex-aluno que esteja no Rio agora possa me ajudar a achar um apto.  Como disse para os meses de junho e julho em Ipanema ou Leblon.  Agradeço qualquer ajuda!  Um abraco para todos.  Walter Carvalho
Walter Carvalho <>
Manama, Bahrain -

Regarding my last entry in reference to the painted panthers, Karla let me know of the changes that occurred resulting in the demise of the panthers.  Things change. . . .
Joe Musgrave <>
Corpus Christi, TX USA -

And oh, by the way, we'll be in Rio from May 16 to May 30 on vacation - anyone from classes of '74 or '75, or who was there from '70 -'72, going to be there around then?   I'd love to stop at the Garota de Ipanema or Castelinho, toss down a chopp or seven, and talk about all that has happened since then. . . . Joe Nordstrom, class of '75, EA from '70 to '72 - 3/30/98
Joe Nordstrom
Lincolnshire, IL USA -

Oi, pessoal. Me mudei de Houston para Chicago com a minha familia a pouco tempo atras.   Se tiver algum ex-EAer por aqui, me avise.  Hi, everyone.  I just moved to Chicago from Houston with my family a little while ago. If there are any ex-EAers out there, let me know. . . . Joe Nordstrom - 3/30/98
Joe Nordstrom <,>
Lincolnshire, IL USA -

Amy Ecker Stevens -- I am unable to reach you at your e-mail address posted in the guestbook.  Will be in Cave Creek over Easter.  Would love to talk by phone or get together.  Please e-mail me.
Jill Spivey Janicki <>
Colleyville, TX USA -

I am seaching for a friend in Rio and hope to find help on your website.  I am searching for a Janey Robertson Wanderly.  Any information would be appreciated.   Thank you.
Lisa Clark Lecraw <>
McLean, VA USA -

I finally found someone to teach me how to write into this guestbook.  I'm hoping that one and all of those from the class of 1980 will start writing to me because guess what kids??!!  Our twentieth reunion is just around the corner and since it's in the Year 2000 we had better get a head start on it.  Thanks to Bruce, we have this page to help me get the ball rolling.  Thanks Bruce!  I'm doing great e ainda falo português entao para quem quizer, eu adoraria receber noticias suas.  Ate a proxima beijos, Amy
Amy Ecker Stevens <76147,>
Cave Creek , AZ USA - [Thanks, Amy, but your email address is incorrectly entered.  You are missing an "@", plus all Compuserve addresses on the Internet require that the "," (comma) be changed to a "." (period).   Please try again.  It also looks like you left off a number.]

Que Saudade!  Just found this site; what a great site.  I never even thought about looking for EA online.  I  will be checking back on a regular basis fom now on. Class of '72.
Bob Bado <>
Tampa, Fl USA -  [ Bob's brother, Rick Bado, was in my 1970 Class.  Rick, we're still waiting for your official log on to the Guestbook]

I was noticing on one of the photos of the '87 reunion with the panther in the backgroung on the gym wall.  My mother painted the panther along with a leaping panther over the locker area in 1980 when I was Campus Committee chairman.  I was wondering if any of you that have been to the campus recently, are they still there?  I would like to let my mother know.  Thanks.  Loving reading up on all alumni.
Joe Musgrave <>
Corpus Christi, TX USA -

Howdy all!  Great site!  I graduated class of '80 after a brief 18 months at EA.  I remember the beauty of Rio, the warmth of the people and still love the music.   But I'll admit, I was scared of the city.  I've lost contact with all but Sheila Brown.  I've read the "morgue" of guestbook entries and recognize a few people - Hello Mary Ann, Doug, Karla, Katia, Miriam!  All the best - drop me a line to say hello! - JK.
Jackie (Jessup) Kirner <>
Boca Raton, FL USA -

In browsing the web for information about Kinshasa (where my sister's going to begin teaching at the American school this autumn), I followed a tortuous trail to this site!   Thank you so much for your time and effort in creating it.  I attended from 1977-80, grades 8-10.  Would love to hear from my classmates!
Lisa Waterworth <>
Orange , CA USA -

Hello and thank you--Lauren Rongo
lauren rongo <>
essexville, mi USA -

Hello out there!  How wonderful to find this site.  I attended EA from '78-'80, grades 7th & 8th, and I would have graduated in '84.  I've never been back to Rio but have been thinking about taking a trip. . . .  I lost touch with everyone from back then . . . maybe now we'll find each other again.
Alison Jessup <>
Sherman Oaks, CA USA -

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