Guestbook Morgue 15 - July 1998!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

Came across the EA web site....and was so nice to re-visit and read about past alumni. I attended EA back in the late 60's. From class of '69. Wonderful memories...Dr. Brown....the food in the cafeteria...Cheerleading and rooting for the EA teams. Times at the beach....eventhough I always burned. Parties....just a special time. Bruce Stirling did a great job on this web site!!!!
Sharon Angrimson (Clark) <>
Klamath Falls, Or USA -

Check out the Class of 1990 addition to the EA Web, and their plans for a ten year reunion (y2k) in Rio. Read about the debate! The page was put up by Jaime Estupinan, one of the original EA Web webmaster. Check it out, particularly if you're from the Class of 1990. Click on Class of 1990 to go right to it.
Class of 1990 Homepage

We are working on a "Mr. Cole" page now. Peter sent us a nice photo of his father, who looks younger in the photo than he did in 1964! We would like all the memoirs we can get!

Desmond Cole (Head Master 1960-1964) writes: I don't have my own Internet connection, but would be happy to hear from anyone. Please write to me at: Desmond Cole 2243 Cranford Rd. Durham, NC 27706-2507 USA IF anyone is interested I would be glad to write a few reminiscences for you for this website. Best wishes, Desmond Cole
Desmond Cole (former EA Headmaster)
Durham, NC USA -

My brother, Dean Hallberg, told me about this website. What a great way to get in touch with old friends! Dean, Patty and I attended EA from 1973 - 1977. I would love to hear from Maureen, Steve, Walter, Emily, Francisco, et al. And I will be glad to pass on any messages to Dean or Patty.

Class of 1978
Cynthia Hallberg Freeze (maiden-Hallberg) <>

Just a short note to congratulate you on your web page . I am from the class of 82 if there any of you out there let me know drop me a line .
Sean Glennon <>
Miami, FL USA -

With the Vera Waissman's generous effort of copying, I was able to review seven (7) yearbooks and add approximately 1275 new names to our list of EA Alumni. Also, Debbie Stirling transposed the names from all the classes in the '56 yearbook (another 200 new names. The Grand total is now in excess of 6300 names. I posted the new files to Bruce today and he should have them on-line very shortly. I am still interested in getting my hands on yearbooks I haven't seen. If you have a yearbook other than '56, '61-'63,'74-'80, '87, '89-'91 please consider lending it to me or copying the vital class name lists and mail them to me at 4416 S.E. 4th Place; Ocala, Fla. 34471. I promise kid-gloves treatment and quick turn-around. Your help is appreciated.
Walt Perkins <>
Ocala, FL USA -

The BARULHO BRASILEIRO is coming July 31, though now that there is no Penta Campeao, o barulho won't be as loud and raucus as it would have otherwise been . . . If you're going, start packing. We need someone to take photos of the event for the website. Any volunteers? We at least need a report about it. Have fun!
Webmaster <>

Just wanted to update my new E-mail. Also still looking for any info on Gary Flach , the arm waver, to those of us in band. This is a great site and fun to hear from old memories.CKD
Colletta Doran(Myers) <>
Darien, IL USA -

can't remember if I "signed in" before so just in case ... hello to so many friends i've lost track of. would love to get in touch with anyone and everyone who was at EA with me from '77 to '79. thanks so much to Bruce for setting this up!
Peter Cole '79 <>
Boston, MA USA -

Well, its incredible that we can be back in touch thru internet. I remember when we were doing basic on the funky silver Wangs or Commodores or whatever they were at EA ! ! Other than Pablo Furman, I haven´t seen in person any other EA alums. Hope to see everyone at EA2000. Meanwhile, keep in touch via e-mail: Um abraco, Sebastian Micozzi '89
Sebastian Micozzi <>
Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Karl Johnsson <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil -

A news story appeared today 7/17/98 about Ronaldo's health at "How ill is he? Brazil obsessed with Ronaldo's health" After today I think you have to search the site to find the article. Just in case you haven't heard enough about "The Game" Also, if you look, you might find a story about what's been going on with me, an article also published today at Foxnews, health news.
Cindy Onorato <>

Hallo nach Brasilien! Liebe Grüße von einer brasilianischen Schülerin aus Germany! Hier ist es auch ganz toll. Schade daß Ihr nicht Weltmeister geworden seid! Eure Priscilla!
Priscilla dos Santos de Alencar <>
Bad Waldsee, Germany -

Ahh Bruce, não fica assim não!Daquí a quatro anos você não vai nem lembrar desse heartbreak e você vai torcer de novo!!!We're finally feeling a little better after two days of utter depression and dissapointment e a vida continua.Era dia da França mesmo.Não quero ver nada Francês durante um bom tempo!!Abraços,Sussi
sussi <>

I needed a day to regroup after that one. There is no "pentacampeao." Somebody choke? Someone just a little too confident going into that game? Zagallo guaranteeing a victory? Haven't these guys heard about giving the other side ammunition to get psyched up? That was the worst game I've ever seen Brasil play. It was feio demais. I'll never get excited about another sporting event. Acabou a festa.
Bruce Stirling

BUÁAAAAAA......o sonho acabou:(Agora só resta tristeza no coração da gente.Sniff,sniff.Thanks for the ride Brasil!abraços bem tristinhos,Sussi
sussi dahl <>

Ai, ai, ai, ai...ta chegando a hora, o dia ja vem, raiando meu bem, eu tenho que ir embora...

Na coracao da gente, uma esperanca quente, . . . Brasil, sambando com a bola no pe!!! Everybody, drop what you;re doing today and watch the last World Cup of this century. Watch Brasil samba off with the the World Cup for the 5th time!!! One day we'll all be able to write it down in the EA Time Line!!! That day is today!!! Just like Kennedy's assasination, you'll all remember where you were today!!! E o gol! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL dooooooooooo BRASILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!
Futebol no Internet <>

The Saga Continues - Part II. I'm sure some of you have heard of Palm Coast, Florida in Flagler County. After spending 14 jet lagged hours at my parents house the police and fire trucks come down our street and told us there is a mandatory evacuation and to leave immediately. Just what I needed - my second evacuation in six weeks. To make a long story short - the fires got 250 yards from the house. We went to Orlando for a week and after the Brasil beat Holland we drove around with our flags honking the horn. Did you know that you can walk in any store on International Drive and speak Portugues? After Brasil beats France we're all going to an Italian restaurant with our flags and Brasil shirts and have the owner explain to us once again how Brasil is nothing without Romario.
Eric Emerson <>
Balikpapan, Indonesia -

Oi gente!Here's the Brazilian National Anthem.( need to sing it very loud before the final game so they can hear us in France!Que Marseillaise que nada!Vai com tudo Brasil!!!
sussi dahl <>

Oba Bruce e a Turma do E.A., Com muita alegria tenho visto todos os partidos desta Copa Mundial e posso declarar com tuda certaza que o Brasil vai ganhar o pentacampeonato pra o povo Brasileiro. O Brasil tem o melhor time desta Copa Mundial e tambem deste siglo. O time do Brasil joga um futebol lindo e se mexe como uma escola de samba no campo. Pra frente Brasil, vai nessa, a gloria esta quase ao se alcance. Maria Cristina Herrera Arnold ************************************************************* Steve Arnold
Maria Cristina Herrera Arnold <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRASIL!!! -

Check out Cindy Oronato's new addition to the EA WebRing! It'll be linked via the EA Web. It's nice to see new sites developing all of the time. Join in on the fun and make your own, too! Too tired to climb Gavea? Follow Cindy and her friends as they make the ascent. Click on "Webmaster" or go to: Thanks, Cindy!

Check out the embassy's list on Brazilian magazines on the web. Click on "webmaster" or go to
Webmaster <>

Checked out the Brazilian Embassy page in London. What other country would create an entire section about futebol on their official website? Ninguem segura este pais!

Check it out at, or click on "webmaster" below.
Webmaster <>

I'm not sure I can take another one like that!  Taffarel comes through!!!   Make sure to watch Sunday!!!  BRASIL! BRASIL!  BRASIL!

Check out the "TV" link at the top of the page after the game for all Brazilian TV coverage.

Randy Moeller sent me a XEROX copy of our 4th grade class from 1962, now visible on the EA Web. Click on my name to see the 4th grade photo.  Since the good xerox copy came out so well, I'm asking the rest of you with yearbooks to xerox off the class pictures, and any others, and snail mail them to me at 33 West Willetta Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003. No scanning even necessary! You can even do the color xeroxs, too. Thanks, Randy!  If you know the names of anyone not named, or if I have a name wrong, please let me know.
Bruce Stirling <>

Ai meu coração!!!!  It's nail biting time folks!!  Get out those "figas,"let's squeeze some oranges, pra frente Brasil!!!!  See you in the semis! (i hope!) Abraços, Sussi
sussi dahl <>

I tried to email Walt Perkins with an offer of a yearbook for loan, and it bounced. So here goes: Walt, I have a 1972 yearbook, and bound copies of the 1970/1971 and 1971/1972 school newspapers (including the 'where they went to college' listings) that you can use if you need. Wendy
Wendy Wilkinson <>
Houston, TX USA -

I was reading this less than a month ago, but I had to write again. This really is wonderful. Thank you Webmaster! I went to see EA while in Rio and it has really changed, but it still made me feel saudades for all the good times I had there. And since i now know about this web site, I'll have to keep checking to hope that I find some more friends. This was just a quick stop while I searched for information on the Copa - since I started watching it in Brasil, I feel the lack of updates on the games. Wish I could have stayed in Rio until the final ( and watch Brasil play, of course). Yara
Yara Royster-Ryan <>
Colorado Springs, co USA -

My brother Eric told me about the EA web site! Great! I've got it down as one of my favorite sites. Me, I went to EA from K thru 8th, I would've graduated in 81...well I did, that is here in the States. I'll be looking forward to the updates. Muito Obrigado! Gozei!!
Scott M. Emerson <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

Sorry for the down time!!! Someone at my server messed around, added a new server, and failed to remap it!!! My sites were there, but the server couldn't locate them. I had to tell them how to fix it!!! Aquele Bebeto e ainda uma maravilha! GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL do Brasillllllllllllll!!!!!

70 Neles, outra vez, Brasil!!!! Essa taca e nossa!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I will be glued to the TV tomorrow to see Brasil play the Danes. Thrilled to learn that Zico was named assistant coach of the team. I still have my autographed poster of him from his days with Flamengo. Boa Sorte, Brasil! Vikki
Vikki Mueller Espinosa <>
Portland, OR USA -

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