Guestbook Morgue 13 - May 1998!

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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. "A turma toda" would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook!  You may need to hit your "reload" button to see your message appear.  "Depois que tu partiste tudo aqui ficou tao triste . . ."  Welcome back.  It's good to hear from you again.   Remember when you promised to write?  Now is your chance. 

During the CHAT session, the idea of the EA Web Ring emerged.  It has already started to a degree (see EA Web), but I want to announce that those interested in creating their own EA home page or a specialty page of some particular interest, should do so and then let me know the address.  I can seemlessly integrate you into this site, and thus, there will be no limit to the size of EA's internet presence!  It's the quickest way to get huge, plus you'll free great because you helped.  And you'll control the content of your space!  Contact me.  Most of you are entitled to at least 2MB of space from your internet providers.  Use it!  For an example, see the Giffoni Class Photo under "Photos."
Bruce <>

Okay, it's winding down now.  Dave Martin was there, Carolyn Hannibal, Ale, Ian Duff, some guy who said he'd bring back more people (Mikey Weaver), then never returned, and it was a lot of fun on such short notice. We're going to do it again NEXT WEDNESDAY, same time (6:00 - 8:00 Pacific Time, that's 9:00 - 11:00 Eastern Time).  Be there.

The chat was a big success.  Enjoyed it.  Thanks
David Martin 69 <>
Orlando, Fl USA -

Hi everyone!  I'd like to sign the guestbook as a member from the class of 85 (aka: the class with no yearbook) from the 2nd to 11th grade. I've been living the last few years in the Phoenix area with my wife Suzana and our two cats.  My crazy long hair is now short and going grey, but at least I'm not going bald...  Since 1988 I've been involved with auto racing and currently work for a motorsports sales/consulting company - IME Interactive Motorsports Entertainment (   If you want to get in any kind of race car contact me and I'll direct you to the right people.  We even have Formula 1 cars available (Christian Fittipaldi/Gianni Morbidelli's 1994 Footwork-Arrows)!  I also kept alive my artistic side which was developed at EA during classes --> math, science, Lit, detention, etc.. - Some of you may be familiar with my work on the "How to be a Carioca" handbook, if not, go out and get one - I still collect royalties from sales!   Recently I have begun doing some new editorial cartoons on the current Formula 1 season for some racing websites.  If you like F1, you should check them out at: (English) or (Portuguese).   I usualy come up with 2 or more after each race.  I remained in contact with very few people from EA, specially from my class.  It would be great to hear from anyone from my past at EA.  The only people that I still talk to on ocasion are Mike Engel, Shane & Sundance Sponagle, and Andre & Kim Almeida.  I don't have much spare time to keep looking for you all but I'll answer your e-mail if you write.  Po, escrevi tudo em ingles... virei gringo. Carlao
Carlos 'Carlao' Carneiro <>
Tempe, AZ USA -

I just tracked down an old 7th grade friend, Richard (Rick) Newberg, who sent an email.   I sent him a copy of the website in return, so hopefully we'll hear from him here soon.  His email is:, for those of you who knew him.  Welcome back, Rick! Watch, now he'll never write anything . . . .
Bruce Stirling <>

Bruce, congratulations for putting us through.  Where are Classes of 77- 81?   Waiting to hear from you all, soon.  beijos cariocas .
vera claudia waissman <>
rio de janeiro, rj brasil -

I've placed counters on the major pages (eventually all will have counters) to better track your clicking habits. Either people are confused by the new front page, or you all have the Guestbook bookmarked. Please let me know if you're at all confused about navigating through the EA site. It's supposed to be intuitive and easy. Any suggestions to make it easier? Has everyone figured out that the swirling red "welcome" graphic on the front page is an active hyperlink that takes you into the website?
Webmaster <>

Hello fellow EA students... I attended EA de Brasilia, in 1980 class of 84 and I understand Peter Vacchina was a teacher in Rio for a while... Not sure when? Do any of you know where he may be? Thanks. TMCX
Tania Maria Xavier <>
Houston, tx USA -

I have just looked briefly at the web site but have enjoyed what I've seen. I have been to three Barulho Brasileiro meetings (there's one this summer in Monterrey, CA) and am in touch with Frank Long, Ben Bendetti, Asla Aapro, Ladis (Les, now) Szabo, and Carl Taylor from my class, 1959. We exchange e-mails de vez em quando. I have started my own company this year, and work from Ann Arbor supplying products to the Brazilian plastics industry. I also do some consulting for Tubos Tigre, a big manufacturer of PVC pipe and fittings in Brazil. I have a son, Alex (EA-'90) and Monica (EA-'87) who live in Rio and SP respectively. Alex is in the ecological tourism business and Monica is looking for a job. She is married to Niko Trentini, from Porto Alegre, who is starting a new job with Citibank in São Paulo. I go to Brazil every couple of months and enjoy it as much as ever.
Bill O'Day <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA -

Our Lady of Mercy's Guestbook was just posted a week ago, and already the entries are flying in. If you knew any old OLM kids, check them out and make a connection. I've linked their Guestbook to this message. Otherwise it can be found at this URL:
Webmaster <>

Como é que é?!  Long time no see.  Just had lunch with John Stabb a few weeks ago, the only other EA person I've seen in decades.  I'm living in Parker, Co (303-805-7574).  If anybody is out there drop me a line or E-mail.  Tchau!   James
James Tolbert <>
Aurora, CO USA -

Several of you have asked that a CHAT session be scheduled. So I hereby propose a chat session for next Wednesday evening (PHX time), about 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. I've never come across anyone in the CHAT room yet, so let's see if it really works! If it does, then maybe we can schedule a weekly chat. So see you Wednesday, May 13, 1998, in the chat room.
Webmaster <>
Phoenix, AAZ USA -

Bruce: Congratulations on the Sunshine Web award!! You're doing a fantastic job, as always! EA Alumni: Can anyone help me find Johnny Baxter '65, Susan Goin '65, or Tom Goin '67? (Please see my postings on Bruce's new EA bulletin board.)
Kenny Mertz '65 <>
Malvern, PA USA -

In case anyone wants to get in touch, I'm off next month to the US.  Touching down in Boston June 1, Philly around the 14th, Orlando, FL the 21st, and on to London (July 10); back to Christ Church July 20th.
Brian J. Dooley <>
Leithfield Beach, N. Canterbury New Zealand -

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