Guestbook Morgue 8 - December 1998  


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Oi gênte! Thank you for visiting and helping us matar saudades. We would love it if you would Write A Few Words to our guestbook! 

Larry Siulagi '79. Just couldn't resist another Portland, OR entry (::waving to Vicki::). Intel, huh? Just a note to say Happy Holidays to all. Thanks to Bruce I've been reconnecting with Ruth Judd, Jens Landrup and Chris Braun. Now does anybody know how to get in touch with the following alumni (mostly class of '79 to '81): Jodi Moutvic, Simone (?), Austin De Savigny, Scott (?), Bruce Healy, George Hagerman, Marcio (?), Steve Hardy, Tim (blonde, long hair we used to glo-paint his furniture) and any one else I may have met between '72 and '76. Feliz Natal! USA - Monday, December 15, 1997 Portland, OR USA
Larry Siulagi <>
USA - Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 01:16:20 (EST)

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season. It's been great trading e-mails with Class of '85ers. Thanks to all of the alumni who sent me pictures of my father. It's meant a lot to us! My sister Ali (would have been class of '88) and I thank you. Vikki Mueller Espinosa USA - Monday, December 15, 1997 Portland, OR USA -
Vikki Mueller <>
USA - Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 01:14:12 (EST)

Hi everybody, I don't have words to express my feelings when I went surfing into the EA's homepage. It was like going back many years, to one of the best periods of my life. It was unbelievable to see messages from people I haven't heard from in many years. Congratulations, and many thanks to all who made this possible. - Sunday, December 14, 1997 Asuncion, Paraguay
Joseph Misan <>
USA - Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 01:13:21 (EST)

Hi todos! I'm in India, with my husband Jonathan Karp, and my 13-month-old twins, Maya and Daniel. We work as foreign correspondents for U.S. publications, and have been living overseas forever (it seems!). Life's a a truly wonderful adventure. Among the previous stops were Jerusalem and Hong Kong. I'm in touch with Shannon Drennan, Pamela Ryan, Adriana Carvalho, Paola Machado, Cassio Conceicao, Karla Redig. Where's everyone else from Class of 1981? Send news to All the Best, Miriam Jordan '81 India - Saturday, December 13, 1997 USA
Miriam Jordan <>
USA - Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 01:12:27 (EST)

Hi to all fellow EA alumni! What a great pleasure it was finding this site!!! I hope some of my fellow 76ers will come across this page and get in touch. It was fun seeing all of you at the 96 San Diego reunion. Too bad we never got any pictures!!!!!!! Do any of you have pictures of the whole group or the class of 76?? Merry Christmas to all and the very happiest of New YEars'!!!! Beijos, Sussi Dahl, San Diego, CA USA - Friday, December 12, 1997 USA
Sussi Dahl <>
USA - Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 01:11:14 (EST)

I've been visiting this web site for several months and have watched it grow. It's really nice to see so many names that I recognize crop up on various pages. I think the pages devoted to Mr. Becht and Miss Collares are great, since they were two of my favorite teachers. It was also nice to see that Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Bridge made the 60th reunion. I attended EA for eight years from 3rd grade through my sophomore year, and would have graduated with the class of '66. Bruce, keep up the great work. Henderson, NV USA Walt Quering <>

This is cool!!! EARJ was like a 2nd home for me. I miss many things from those days. I just wish I could contact more people from the class of '96. I left in the 8th grade but I know many classmates that stayed behind and many faculty. VALEU - Friday, December 05, 1997 Coral Gables, FL USA - Sunday, January 04, 1998
John Patrick Braathen <>

I went to EARJ in 89-90 then in 9th grade, had Mr. Curtis in History, etc. Now I am looking for old friends. Any idea where to start? Please help me in my search. - Tuesday, December 02, 1997 Stockholm, Sweden - Sunday, January 04, 1998
Patrik Erik Fröcklin <>

I'm the musical director at Escola Americana de Brasilia and have been trying to reach Randy Wanless via e-mail. My messages are being returned. Please ask him to check his return address and give him my home e-mail which is above. Thanks for your help. Brasilia, DF Brasil
Dana D. Honn <>


Hello fellows, Thought it would be nice to send some news about the EARJ Alumni in 90's. There is a great number of us here in NYC and luckily we keep each other company so no to miss the good old days in Rio. Actually I think we are managing to have too good a time...I just wanted to thank EARJ for providing me with such a good atmosphere and exposing me to such excellent people. Here in NY, you will find the amazing Fernanda Pucheu (C'93), Alan Araujo (C'92), Antonio Pereira (C'92), Carlos Macedo (C'92), Rodrigo Guerra C'92), Isabel Lofgren (C'93), Oscar Estupinan (C'92), Ica Zraick (would be C'93), and myself, Claudio Lohmann (C'92). Also we get these great Cornell folks such as Renata Araujo (C'93) and Jaime Estupinan ((C'90) who come down here all the time to party with us. I just would like people to know that EARJ social interaction among the alumni is alive and kicking here in NYC. Take care, Claudio. New York, NY USA
Claudio Lohmann <>

Roberto Pons, our EA main man in Rio, and the guy directly involved in creating the "official" EA site, wrote to tell us why the "official" site was not yet operational. Sounds like it is ready to go any moment. They are just waiting for a dedicated phone line. This is what Roberto wrote: --- "Pode parecer incrivel, mas o nosso problema agora eh que a Telerj nao consegue botar uma linha nem de 64Kbps para conectar a escola na Internet!! Estamos tentando outras solucoes como radio link e tudo mais, mas parece que a bruxa nao quer que a escola se conecte.... O resto esta pronto, so esperando isso...." So when the line goes in, you'll see a link to the official page, just as soon as we learn about it! Abracos, Bruce
Webmaster <>

Just in case you didn't know, there's now a bust of Mrs Stanton in the school library. I saw it when I visited in about '91 or so. [Webmaster's Note: we were unaware of the bust. If anyone has a photo of it, please scan it and send it attached to your email for publication here] - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 New Zealand - Sunday, January 04, 1998
Brian J. Dooley <>

Hi again!! Just thought some of you might enjoy this great Brazilian music site. It's exclusively MPB, 24 hours a day. Talk about "matar saudades!!!!!" The address is: It's absolutely the best!! I would also like to thank Bruce for doing such a wonderful job with this site!! It's been a ball exchanging email with old friends!(and I mean old!!!!) Even my sister (class of 62) is excited about checking out this site. PS. Mr.Pons, good luck with Telerda!! You'll need it!! ha ha Happy Holidays to all! Beijos, Sussi - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, January 04, 1998
Sussi Dahl <>

Hey, great website, I just wanted to know if anyone could help me get in touch with anyone who was in the 1st grade in 1989, I'm desperato so please help me..... - Wednesday, December 17, 1997 Hilversum, The Netherlands
Bart-Jan Wittebrood <>

I went to EA from 1987-1989, was a member of the Class of '90. The site is beautiful. What a great surprise!! Thanks!! Cambridge, MA USA
Michael Landers <>

This guestbook brings back many great memories from my time at EARJ (-81 to-84). I was class of '87, and would like to get in touch with some of my old and great friends. I´m a proud father of twins that are 9 months old. Thanks again for a great web site! - Friday, December 19, 1997 Surahammar, Sweden
Christer Westerlund <>

First, Cabral does not work at the school anymore. He left some two or three years ago. Retired... Ms. Collares, I have 'Geografia do Brasil' with her. She seems never to change! She is great. The school in now going through a lot of changes. Buildings are being redone, the school network is ready for Internet, we just need the digital phone lines... I know e-mails for a couple of teachers, but nothing significant. The school does not have Internet yet. By the way, what is this Tatui thing? Never heard of it! [Webmaster's Note: Daniel offered to be our student correspondent. Look for a new page with his contributions soon. This was an email response regarding getting messages to Cabral and Ms. Colares. Thanks, Daniel. P.S. "Tatui" was the school newspaper! Wasn't there also an "Urubu?"] Pager: - Friday, December 19, 1997 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil
Daniel Benkendorfer Salama <>

Hello all EA people! I graduated in the class of '93 and keep in regular touch with most of my EA buddies from the 90s. If you need info on anyone from '92-'95 I can spool it to you. It's great that EA has such a great website, it gives me the biggest sessao nostalgia...Stefan Sittig, if you ever browse the guestbook, I am glad to hear that you have become an actor. I have also somehow landed in theatre and film as a scenic designer/architect/artist. My brother Gunnar (class of '90) is now living in Sweden, and my sister Andrea (class of '89) has a beautiful three year-old son, little Victor Lofgren Sattamini. All the best to all EA grads! NYC but moving, USA - Saturday, December 20, 1997 USA
Isabel Lofgren <>

Ok, I have a really strange question to ask all EA people, especially Doc Brown if he ever browses this site. I am an artist/architect very interested in "green" architecture especially after having attended EA's jungle campus for 8 years and being really influenced by the way that school was designed in the early 70s. Does anyone know who designed our school? - Saturday, December 20, 1997 Brasil
Isabel Lofgren <>
[Webmaster's Note: the information was sent to her - I found it on the net]

Hi everybody! I was a "class of '89" in 1982-1984 and would like to get in touch with some of my old classmates, especially Natasha Biebow, Katie Green, Siãn Ratcliff and Sif. This guestbook is a really nice initative, it makes you remember some very nice years. - Sunday, December 21, 1997 Västerås, SWEDEN
Anette Westerlund <>

Me formei da classe de '95 e nao piso na escola desde entao. Esse site me deu vontade de revisitar a escola um dia desses. Tenho varios amigos que se formaram comigo que tem e-meil e homepages, mas nao sei porque nao querem se inscrever. Vou tentar fazer com que comecem a deixar seus nomes para aumentarmos nossa lista de Alumni. Adoraria saber se tem alguem por ai que esta envolvido com cinema (da Isabel Lofgren eu ja sei, ja que ela foi minha cenografa no meu ultimo filme). Me escrevam dizendo o que fazem num set de filmagem. Leticia New York, NY USA
Leticia Giffoni <>

The last time I left a message, I also left a bogus email address. At least it is not operational yet. To reach me try or Hope to reconnect with folks from the classes of 80, 81. See ya, Allen Boston, MA USA -
Allen Baker <>

Feliz Natal...Happy Chanukah...Merry Christmas...Happy Kwanzaa...Boas Festas... to all the turma of 76 and whereabouts classes. Patrick - Class 76 Houston, TX USA
Patrick Richoux <>

Hi Guys, I just dropped by to say Hello and congratulate you for this great IDEA, ainda estou com muitas saudades da MELHOR ESCOLA DO MUNDO!!! Um Abraço para os meus amigos da CLASS OF ´89. Hitoshi C., Russel L., Alessandro F., Alvaro e Priscila M. o Leo, Irene etc... - Monday, December 22, 1997
Alberto Seelenberger <>

Santiago, Chile

Just wanted to say "hi" and send everybody um abraço daqueles, porque estou morrendo de saudades. I should have graduated from the class of '97, but left to Chile. Can anyone tell me where Luly Castellanos, Marcela Cookson, Luciana Gevert, Michael Engel and Ronaldo Guelman are? Just wanted to get in touch once again. Miss you. Beijinhos. - Tuesday, December 23, 1997
Martha Seelenberger <>

Santiago, Chile

Hello everybody from EA Class of '78! I just discovered the EA home page today 24/12/97. I am living in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil since 1984 after graduating in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Florida at Gainesville. I still speak to Mario Guimaraes and Daniel Howard from the class of '78. I would appreciate hearing from all who attended EA betweem 1972-1978. Can anybody answer when will there be a class reunion??? I missed the class reunion in Orlando around 1988. My sister (Denise Joughin) from the class of '76 now lives in Rio and has an 11 year old daughter at EA. A big abraço to everybody and congratulations for the EA home page! My Address: Rua Silva Jardim 591/706, PORTO ALEGRE, RS, 90450-071 Home Phone: (051) 332-6118 Work Phone/Fax: (051) 332-0350 Alan Joughin 24/12/97
Alan Robert Joughin <>

Porto Alegre, Brasil

Hello all of you EA alumni. Would like to wish a Merry X-mas to all and a Feliz 1998. Um abraço para todos e especial para o Bruce that gave us all the opportunity to reunite. Valeu Bruce..... Karla Redig - Class of 1981
Karla Redig <>

Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil

Hi, I'm a class '83 and hope someone out there is one also and can communicate with me or visit Belgium. As saudades que eu tenho do Brasil cannot be described to anyone who hasn't lived in Brasil and my dream is to go back someday with my children. Does anybody have Patrick Delaney's address? If you are looking for a few from our class, maybe I can help. Um beijo. Natacha e muita saudade!!!!!
Natacha Vandenhende <>
Seneffe, Belgium

Hi Bruce, I've recently moved back to the U.S. and so has the Class of '83 site! Our new URL is: I must say that your site is like a fine wine: it only improves with age! Fantastic job and thanks for stirring up some wonderful lembranças! Archie '83 Jupiter, FL
Archie Dick <>

What a pleasant surprise to hear from so many people I had lost contact with! Please continue to keep this excellent web cite available for us all. My e-mail has been changed from Paflygirl to Thank you! Reading, PA
Judy Sybert <>

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all have a wonderful year. Only 2 years to the 2000 Reunion! Um Abraco. Ruston, LA
Carolyn Hannibal <>

Meu nome e George Hunter- Class of 1978. Tenho muitas saudades do Rio, da Escola Americana, e em geral a vida carioca. Visitei o Rio em setembro de 1996 mas nao tive a oportunidade de visitar a\ a faculdade de EA. Desejo para todos meus amigos e colegas um ano com muita alegria, sorte, e amor. 2 Janeiro, 1997 Sacramento, CA
George Hunter <>

What a great site!!!! Every so often I type in "Escola Americana" in the various search engines to see if we have a webpage yet. We do and it is GREAT!!!! Fantastic job! I went to EA in 1967 in the third grade in Leblon and graduated in 1977. I spent 10 fantastic years there. Seeing the pictures of the old and new schools, Cabral (I used to buy ice cream from him when he worked for Kibon), Ms. Collares, Dr. Brown, etc., brought back a lot of saudades. I haven't checked out the whole webpage yet but I will. I will let some friends in my class know about this page, Jill Spivey, Bruce Hogarth, Paul Cunningham, Karen Cherry, and Jimmy Freeland. I went into the chat room (which I've never done before) and typed "hello?" And who answered was Ruth Judd. Her sister Laura was in my class. We must have chatted for about 45 minutes matando saudades. It was incredible. I enjoyed reading the guestbook. My wife is from Rio Grande do Sul. She goes back to Brazil every year and I go back most years. Still a great place. We are looking into making reservations to be in Rio during New Years in the year 2000. All the hotels we have contacted aren't taking reservations yet. We'll keep trying. I'll be back alot!.
Eric "Emeric" Emerson <>

Jakarta, Indonesia

Gente ! This is so cool !!! I'm class of '88 and I'd love to hear from Dara, Luciana, Joana Ryan, Eugenia Naro, Stefan Sittig, etc.... Some of the best times in my life were spent at EARJ. Muitas saudades !! People of class of '88, '89 and '90, WRITE to me. Much Love, Adriana.
Adriana Nogueira <>

Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Hi EAers, especially the class of 1977. The Washington D.C., Orlando and San Diego reunions were great but now we can have cyberspace reunions. I can't wait to hear from old friends. Thanks Bruce for a great site.
Jill Janicki <>


Hello All You '77 & '78 Grad's -- I wasn't around long, and was mostly known for running around our little track during lunch, but I enjoyed my stay in Rio -- If Monique or Di ever read this, drop me an email! By the way... If you ever hanker for some Brazilian food while in Washington DC, try the following restaurant -- -- EA grads get a BIG discount!
Charles Port <>
Santa Clara, CA USA

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