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Curriculum Material and Resources
Language Arts and Literature

Booktalks--Quick and Simple is a database of over 500 booktalks geared toward K-12 fiction.  Contains an author index, a title index, subject index and interest level index.  Although meant for educators, families have found it quite useful also. 

Excellent sites for 5-6 year-olds, their teachers and parents. 

Common Errors in English  -- a reference for secondary students and teachers.

Comprehensive Teachers’ Guide provides step by step guidance through the Professional Cartoonists site so that English and Social Studies teachers can use it with their classes to study everything from current events, politics and government to symbolism, satire, metaphor and irony.  The guide will be constantly updated and expanded.

Debate Topics -- provides excellent  links to high school debate topics including international resources, selected readings, and an annotated bibliography.

EINet Poetry Index--a list of online poetry collections.  Audience:  Secondary English teachers and students.

Electronic Children's Books--a gopher site providing links to a collection of online children's classics.  Audience:  K-8 teachers.

Emily Dickinson--informative site covering the life and works of Emily Dickinson; very interesting list of FAQs.  Audience:  Secondary English students and teachers.

Fairrosa Cyber Library of Children's Literature--excellent links to online children's books and other literary information. Audience: Elementary and middle school teachers, students, and parents.

Fairy tales and fables:  A collection of Grimm's fairy tales--gopher site providing links to electronic versions of Grimm's fairy tales.  Audience:  K-12 teachers.

HyperGrammar-- an online grammar reference for writing labs and secondary education students and teachers.

Integrating the Internet into the Language Arts Classroom--an online two-day workshop designed for Language Arts teachers in grades 1 through 12.

Jane Austen Information Page--interactive site with electronic versions of Austen's work in hypertext. Great inquiry site!  Audience:  Secondary English students and teachers.

Japanese Old Tales -- Eleven tales with illustrations appropriate for 5th grade and up.

Luminarium -- an excellent resource for students of medieval and early modern English literature.

Myths and Legends--comprehensive metasite providing numerous links to myths, legends, global folklore, urban folklore and much, much more. Audience: K-12 teachers, but aimed more for secondary teachers and students.

Project Gutenberg--electronic text versions of literary classics. Audience: Secondary English Teachers.

SCORE Language Arts -- provides K-12 lesson plans, web-based units and links to many other resources.

The Alphabet Superhighway --provides lesson plans and a literary magazine for upper elementary school and middle school students. Sponsored under the U.S. Department of Education's READ*WRITE*NOW! Initiative.
     Wild World of Words learning activities  -- includes word, graph and map challenges, word scrambles, anagrams, word puzzles, and writing contests. All kinds of learning fun with words.
     Teacher's Lounge  -- create, locate, and communicate information through active learning, guided discovery, mentoring, competitions, and other online activities.

The Children's Literature Web Guide -- an excellent and comprehensive web guide of  resources and information.

The Edmund Spenser Home Page--extensive metasite providing electronic versions of Spenser's works and interesting links to related literature.  Audience:  Secondary Honors English students and teachers.

The English Server Fiction Collection--a site devoted to novels and short stories with links to electronic versions of literary works.  Audience:  Secondary English and drama teachers.

The On-line Books Page--index of online electronic books.  Audience:  Secondary Teachers.

The New Bartleby--a National Digital Library that currently features the selected works of Theodore Roosevelt. Audience:  Secondary English and History teachers and students.

The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon--an international forum for the appreciation of haiku.  Audience: Secondary teachers and students.

Theodore Tugboat's Online Activity Center--fun interactive site featuring an online coloring book, interactive stories, and links to many other children's sites.  Audience:  Primary grade teachers, students, and parents.

Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page -- provides resources and information for reading and elementary teachers.

Writer's Toolbox: Internet Resources for Writers--site provides writing related links. Audience: Novice and aspiring professional writers, but resources could be used in 9-12 grades.

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Curriculum Material and Resources

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