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Instructional Technology

Center for Educational Technologies

Connecting Students--provides elementary teachers with quality content oriented web sites,educational interactive sites, and Internet ready lesson plans.

Clip Art and Graphics
Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction
Cartoon Clip Art

Warning:  Check for permission to use images.  Also review Copyright

CollegeNET -- a free Internet guide to colleges and universities. Provides students with a web-based tool for identifying and applying to institutions that fit their needs. Features a free scholarship search database, virtual campus tours, and Financial Aid information.

Designing Web Pages:  Six Steps for Web Design -- web site designed to help educators and students develop web pages.

Educational Technology Network -- a very impressive collection of websites that are routinely updated; a visit is a must. Audience: K-12 teachers.

Educational Technology in Education


Federal Communications Commission: LearnNet Sites--The FCC's Informal Education page. Since technology is believed to have the potential to enhance education. The FCC is working to bring every school in America into the information age. LearnNet is about important FCC policy and education initiatives. 

Font Files
Free Fonts (TTF) Download site

Horizon--contains instructional resource links for secondary teachers and students.

HTML Goodies - Great site to learn how to create a web page.

Integrating the Web into Your Curriculum  -- provides a resource page to help teachers develop lesson plans, unit plans, and web sites for their students.

International Education and Resource Network--designed to provide projects that develop friendly relations among K-12 students of all nations, encourage collaboration using telecommunication tools, and for teachers to share material and experiences.

Internet Resources--provides instruction for using and creating Internet resources by UC Berkley.  Good resource for teachers and media.

Introductions to the physics and Math with JAVA-- a set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets.

K12 Opportunities--contains announcements about free software, contests,conferences, training opportunities, and educational WWW web sites.

PBS Teacher Source--provides schedules for educational television programs, quality program-related web sites, student activities, lesson plans, professional development services, and local outreach activities for K-12 teachers.

Reinventing Schools: The Technology is Now discusses the role of technology in education.

Sink or Swim: Internet Search Tools & Techniques -- a good resource for teachers to learn how to navigate through the ocean of information available on the Internet.

Software Publisher's Association-Education Section--contains information on copyright protection laws and the legal use of intellectual property, current standards for hardware configurations and standards for K-12 curriculum as it pertains to software.

Spartanburg County Schools' WebQuest Page--excellent webquest site providing a webquest template and many examples.  Excellent site for K-12 students and teachers.

Sound Files (can be used in PowerPoint)
The Movie Sounds Page.   Features clips from movies, so be careful and aware of copyright issues.   Fun use of these clips is to load them as Windows95 actions.

SBN Workshop Sound Gallery. Simple listing of short sound clips.

Tip:  If you want to use sounds in PowerPoint download the .wav files into c:\windows\media\Office 97\

Teaching with the Internet Best Practices and Example

Teaching with the Internet Examples of Delivery/Strategies

tech·LEARNING -- Read interviews with leading educational researchers about the debatable issue of technology's impact.  Information provided seeks to address the pressing questions of what types of technology, with which types of students, under what conditions, lead to best results.

The NODE-Technologies for Learning--information on learning technologies.Site designed to help  make informed decisions about learning technologies by organizing and contextualizing information, critical analyses and the experiences of colleagues.  Features monthly information about new teaching technologies, for instance learn about Integrated Learning Packages viewing comparative analyses, personal experiences, critical reviews and developer information surrounding software for web-based course delivery.

The Web - Basic Editors and Tools

WebED--metasite for web-based instruction

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