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Internet Activities

Classroom Applications for the Internet

Dead Sea Trek--journey to the center of the earth; one man on a bike heads for the Dead Sea. Provides a log, photos, and many resources...sponsored by the Discovery Channel. Audience: K-12 teachers and students.

Education 532 The Computer as an Instructional Tool--contains links to web pages that present material for use by elementary  students.

Educational Instructional Units Using Internet Resources--provides links to instructional units designed for K-12 teachers.

Global News Challenge-- Weekly LIVE school day Internet Relay Chat current events game.

Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN)--a leader in the instructional applications of telecommunications since 1985. GSN is a nonprofit educational organization headquartered in San Diego and is dedicated to harnessing the power and tools of the Internet to transcend distance and time.GSN recently created Community Share Program, a website that promotes programs to get schools and their communities working together. Launched in October during GSN's "Community Share Week,'' regularly displays activities designed to assist K-12 schools in utilizing the power of the Internet in sharing and uniting with their communities, as well as with other schools around the world.

UNICEF Kids' Global Village Game--decision-making game for youth to better understand global issues.

Interested in groundhogs' day?  Check out for information about Pennsylvania's famous weather forecasting animal.View the event live on Feb 16, 1998, includes a teacher's resource section, guide to PA technology and a visitor's guide.

Houghton Mifflin -- brain teasers, projects, handbooks, activities, and curriculum ideas. Follow the SCHOOL link to the Reading/Language Arts Center, Mathematics Center, Social Studies Center, etc.

Internet in the Classroom

Journey North -- an interactive project dedicated to exploring wildlife migration as well as other environmental issues using an inquiry-based research approach.  Provides excellent resources and teacher guides for grades 3-12.

K-12 Oceanography Web Resources-- very extensive list of links categorized by data sets, lesson plans, oceanography metasites, and more links, which includes a through review of the web site.

KidsONLINE: INTERNET ONLINE Summit:  Focus on Children--dedicated to making sure that online experiences are safe, educational and entertaining for children.

Learning Quest--provides links to K-12 teacher resources and classrooms applications of the Internet.

Light Walk - Exploratorium -- interesting exploration of sunlight for teachers looking for hands-on science and art ideas.

Microbe Zoo-Learn about microbes and microbial ecology. 

Museum of Dirt-Search for dirt by texture, category, region, contents, etc.  View celebrity dirt & submit your own sample of dirt.

Sample Curriculum-Based K-12 Educational Telecomputing Projects, Organized by Activity Structures -- provides an extensive list of links grouped by activity structures:  keypals, global classrooms, question-and-answer activities, electronic publishing, telefield trips, pooled data analysis, and information searches just to name a few.  A bookmark must for teachers interested in classroom technology intergration.

Sample Internet Lessons and Learning Projects--contains the history of the Internet, Internet terminology, and other links.

Star Trek Interactive--Ask Lawrence Krauss the author of 'The Physics of Star Trek' questions and review the answers to submitted questions such as, could Warp speed be possible? What about transporters? Deflector shields?

The Book Review Forum -- interactive site where 1-12th grade students ages can submit a book review and read reviews written by other Internet submitters.

The Electronic Zoo -- provides a searchable database of comprehensive animal resources for K-12 grades.

The GLOBE Program -- a network-based global learning community of K-12 students, teachers, scientists and community leaders, investigating environmental  issues and exchanging data findings.

The Idea Channel--site sponsored by the same people who produce the PBS series "Free to Choose" with Milton Friedman.

The JASON Project -- K-12 students and teachers virtually explore the rainforest and conduct a comparative study of temperate, tropical, and fossil rainforests.

Views of the Solar System- Take an educational tour of the Solar System.  View images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids.

Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project--a University of Minnesota-based website.  Platform for more than 9,000 schools (many countries) to collaborate on school improvement issues.  Project was designed to facilitate the introduction of this networked technology into K-12 schools. Goals of this project to: 

  • help K-12 educators learn how to set up their own Internet servers,
  • link K-12 web servers and the educators and students at those schools, and
  • help K-12 educators find and use K-12 appropriate resources on the web.

WebQuest--" inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet. "(Bernie Dodge) 

Webquests created by teachers in a summer graduate class

The WebQuest page 
Another webquest site from San Diego State University 

Webquests--The New Hampshire Educational Media Association presented a webquest workshop during the summer of 1997. 

The Designing and Creating a WebQuest Workshop by Brendon White 

What is a webquest?--a tutorial on HTML and/or JavaScript.

What's News? --An ongoing tri-weekly competition. Students create questions for a fast paced WWW Jeopardy-style game of current events investigation. 

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?  -- a web site created by high school students as a Think Quest project.

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