Photos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto PenascoPhotos of Mayan Palace in Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco

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 Puerto Peņasco, Sonora, Mexico ...............................................              ............................. ..............................Sea of Cortez 

.Just 3.5 hours by car from Phoenix & Tucson

Editor circa 1956 surveying beach front property


NOTICE TO U.S. Citizens traveling to Rocky Point!!!

United States Border and Customs reminds all US Citizens traveling to Mexico to remember their PASSPORTS and other proof of U.S. Citizenship.

Persons 19 years old and over must show a government issued photo ID AND PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP in order to re-enter the United States!

Persons 18 years old and under must also show PROOF OF U.S. Citizenship before they will be admitted into the United States.  

See links above and below for exact documentation required!

Frequently Asked Questions re: Required Travel Documents



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New Puerto Peñasco
International Airport
Inaugurated by El
Grupo Mayan

Daniel Chávez Siqueiro, Director of The Mayan Palace Group, officially inaugerated the new international airport after a $30,000,000 initial investment, according to a story that appeared October 2, 2007, in the Spanish language newspaper, El Financiero.

The new airport will accomodate Boeing 737 jets and up to 80,000 passengers a year. The runway is 2500 meters long and 60 meters wide. Eventually, the airport will be able to handle 200,000 passengers per year.

Phase two of the construction project will cost an additional $30,000,000, which should be completed by 2009.

The new airport will open Rocky Point to international visitors and investors. No longer will development be limited by highway traffic between Rocky Point and the U.S. border.

Last Year 5,000 Vacation Homes Sold In Mexico - Up Fifty Per Cent From 2004 Sales



Last year 5,000 vacation homes were sold in Mexican beach towns, according to Softec, a business consulting firm, and the National Association of Realtors. Four thousand of the 5,000 properties sold were new construction, according to Softec.

The properties were sold in Rocky Point, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Loreto, Puerto Escondido and Cancun.

The combined total sales figure came to $1.5 billion, which is fifty per cent above 2004 sales, according to Softec. Non-beach area properties resulted in fewer than one per cent of total sales.

According to Eugene Towles, a partner with Softec, Mexico has the potential to sell 300,000 homes per year with a combined market value of $150 billion dollars.

April Romo de Vivar - Southwest Artist
april romo de vivar - artist

Mexico has the potential to sell one quarter of all world vacation homes, but significant planning must take place first, according to Towles.

Increased globalization of the banking industry will make buying a vacation home in Mexico simply a matter of dealing with one's home bank, according to Towles.

New Fonatur Marina To Open In Two Months On Fidepaz Property in Baja Sur

Fonatur announced the opening of a new $70 million peso marina in Baja California Sur. The marina is to begin operation in August, 2006, and is part of the Mar de Cortez Project, formerly known as the "Escalera Nautica" (Nautical Ladder).

The huge construction project envisions several marinas positioned along the Baja California coast that will accomodate sailing and motor yachts cruising Mexican waters. The plan is to attract more tourists via sea by opening anchorages along the coast. The marinas will permit extended cruising into areas previously accessible only to the largest ocean going vessels.

The Mar de Cortez Project will create opportunities for small towns along the route to become new tourist meccas. According to John McCarthy, the director of Fonatur, La Paz is considered one of the favorite destinations among cruisers ultimately bound for Cabo San Lucas.

Twenty-nine marinas are to be constructed as part of the Mar de Cortez Project over the next fourteen years, said McCarthy. 


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