In Memoriam - Mr. Frederick Mardus

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Mr. Frederick Mardus, retired American School teacher, died last Wednesday, June 10, at age 94.  He is survived by his wife, Edna Mardus, retired American School Librarian, who is now 90 years old.   They were married for 63 years.   They moved to Guadalajara in 1962 from New York, after Mr. Mardus decided Mexico would be better for his health.  Mrs. Mardus's sister-in-law is currently visiting her.

Mrs. Edna Mardus would love to hear from former students and old friends.  We contacted her, and she said she looks forward to hearing from all of you.  We would appreciate it if you would contact her.  We think it would be very nice if old friends and students contacted her at the following address and telephone number:

Mrs. Edna Mardus
Apdo. Postal 5-546
Guadalajara, JAL.
Phone 011-52-3-823-2859