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Email from Pam Andresen:
Hola fellow classmates from 1966-1971. It took me a long time but I finally got hooked up to the world. For those that remember me, I was Pam Andresen from the class of 1971. My brother Jim graduated in 1967. He currently lives in Roswell, NM. I was so happy to find this web site and to read all the GREAT memories. There are people on there that I have been searching for over 30 years. Sorry I missed the 1999 reunion but I will definitely be at the next one. After Guad, I went to school at Eastern NM Univ. in Portales. I was there my frseshman, sophmore and senior years. My junior year I was in Pamplona, Spain at La Universidad de Navarra. While there, I ran into Doug French from Butler Institute. Anyone remember him? I met my husband my senior year at ENMU, got married that following fall (1975). He was an Army officer and we spent 5 years in Germany, then moved to Virginia, Washington State, and back to VA. In WA I was able to hook up with Juanita Stein. In VA I saw Ellen Miller (anyone remember her?) I'm now living outside of Leavenworth , KS. I have 2 daughters, ages 22 & 20 that live close by. My husband, Bruce, retired from the military in 1998 and raises hogs. Who would have thought I would be a pig farmer. PLEASE drop me a line and help me keep in touch with all of you. Here's all the vital info:
Pam Andresen Simpson
28917 235th St
Easton, KS 66020

Email from John Rhodes:

I want to tell other persons from ASG about something I would have liked relived from my ASG school years.  It is a wish that I could have been more goal oriented when I was young and in school.  I feel for me to have been as successful as I would have liked to have been I would of had to put out 200%, where someone else would only put out 80%.  What this is reflecting is that I slowly became less and less oriented to common goals and ended up fighting a sort of Mental Illness for a long time. 

One of the goals I would have liked to have been coached with when I was young was building an Amateur Telescope.  I have since done this. I remember when I was young getting a little help with that exact project from a man named Mr. Prather.  One day my parents took me over to his house to see one of his telescopes.  I remember being overwhelmed by looking at one of them.  I did want to build a telescope but basically nobody wanted to help me enough, and I couldn't develop the proper insight to succeed at such a project.  Mr. Prather gave me some grinding powder for grinding the mirror and my dad gave me enough money for some plate glass for the mirror.  I remember how my dad wouldn't buy me some Pyrex glass for the mirror, which would have made a very good mirror.  Also the plate-glass was cut into a circle not very accurately. But if I would have finished the telescope, the plate-glass mirror would have worked.  I ended breaking the mirror and giving up in the grinding process.  Also maybe Mr. Mardus could have helped me with this project.  I think a lot of times you have to reach for the stars (thusly a telescope) to realize the value of down to earth goals.  If you know somebody who needs your direction, try to reach them and show them that they too can make a difference.  When I was young the only goal I had was that I wanted to change everything so I wouldn't have to do anything I didn't like.  I didn't realize that the best way to change something was to work with the system and not against it, adding your own two cents along the way. This one goal of making an Amateur Telescope wouldn't have possibly been enough to put me on the right track, but it would have been a big step.

Things weren't easy for me when I was young.   I think I had a memory problem where I couldn't memorize Math, English, and History.  I think with coaching I could have done a lot better at these courses. If you're fighting to achieve something and you don't know how to achieve it, reach for the stars and you can probably succeed.  I have since  built two Amateur Telescopes.   Believe me the effort is worth it.

Yours Truly,
John Rhodes

E-mail from Sylvia Betancourt:

I've used IRC for awhile now to chat with friends, and it's great! The company I work for sometimes holds chat sessions with our customers on IRC and it works great (once they figure out how to install it, etc..) I'm gonna send you the URL for ICQ, another great program that allows you to hang out with friends, chat, etc. Check out ICQ. . .it's a neat little program that allows you to chat and hang out with friends, lets you send files, launch programs, alerts you to new mail received, and lots of other features. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to the next ASG chat! Sylvia

E-mail from PegnCarol:

Thanks for having the great chat. We are so eager to meet you all. It is really weird how we all have so much in common, yet never met.  Sorry that we kept nagging you, we did not realize you were answering us! Take care, and thanks again!


E-mail from Laurie White:

Thanks so much for informing me of the results of the alumni meeting at the American School, and also for the copy of the objectivos. I am reasonably certain Bruce will be happy for our webpage to serve as the official alumni webpage. I am sure he will write you himself.

Juanita Stein-Zak wrote the reunion questionnaire and maintains the questionnaire page. I took the liberty of forwarding your report to her. If one of you would like to translate the questionnaire into Spanish, I am sure she would be glad to add it to the page so we can be bilingual! Perhaps it would be a good idea to designate someone in Guadalajara to handle the Spanish responses. It would need to be someone with email, so Bruce could put in a link on the page which would send the responses to that person.

We have been talking for some time about having a reunion in the summer of 1978. We think that is the earliest we could do it. There are still many, many old friends that we hope to find, and this people-finding business is very slow going! For myself, I might prefer for the reunion to be some other season of the year, but so many people would only be able to do this during summer vacations. Besides, unlike Texas, Guadalajara has very pleasant weather in the summer, no?

If you are looking at yearbook photos, please try to find the 1970 Leyenda - I much prefer my senior photo! My 1969 Leyenda disappeared years ago, and I have no photos of Bruce or Mercy (that was the only year they were there). Do you have a scanner? Or does the school? If the opportunity arises to scan me pictures of the Stirlings, I sure would appreciate it. Also, I would love to see senior photos (but is it called senior year for prepa?) of you and the rest of your committee. I believe you were in the 6th grade the last yearbook photo I saw of you, and I feel sure you grew up a lot between then and graduation!

I expect to be working on adding names and addresses to the addresses page this next week. Bruce and I have been discussing how to organize the page to make it a little easier to find people without having to scroll through the whole list.

Can't remember if I told you that Allan Castillo ('72) is in Dallas on business this weekend. My husband and I will be meeting with him several times over the weekend. It will be terrific to finally see him again after 27 years!

Again, thank you ever so much for keeping us informed, we do appreciate it. Bruce and Juanita and I are excited about this cooperative effort between the alumni from the English and the Spanish sections of the school! With your group handling alumni "business" in Guadalajara and with the school, and us handling it in the States and on the Internet, we can have a very effective Alumni Association.

Take care, Laurie

E-mail from Laurie White:

Just a quick note to let you know that I am actually working on the addresses page (!!!). Still have to do the 200 from Moises, but think I've got the rest done. Will do more tomorrow. Also got a bunch of ASG correspondence done. And either filed or deleted a bunch of mail without rereading it to see for sure what it was. I may regret it later, but for now, it feels great to have reduced my inbox from over 230 letters to 130!

Later, Laurie

E-mail from Peggy McWood:

Hi! Yes, I am going to work on a story with my friend Carol Manning, while she is visiting. If she refuses, then I will come up with a story, but she will be sorry she did not participate!

Thanks for looking at the people I am trying to find! I actually feel pretty good, as we have found quite a few, and have some good leads on others! Once we find one, we usually have a way to find some more!

Hope you have a fun weekend!


E-mail from Peggy McWood:

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for the photo of Poli. In my seven years at the ASG I never knew his name! He just does not look the same without a shot of his baggy blue pants and pistol... Don't tell me he is still working? Is it a photo from a year book? Thanks again for doing this for all of us. It is just so wonderful! I am continuing my research to make sure to share the joy with others!

Peggy sans Carol :( (Carol left on Monday)

E-mail from Dr. Moise Hernandez:

Dear Guys and Gals, Well my vacations are over, reality again, and tons of E-mail to answer... I was sorry to have missed the first Online meeting of the alumni association, how did it go? Also I was sorry to have missed the party at School on the 5th of July, funny, nobody I know knew about it. I hope Laurie enjoyed her vacations, just as I did. I now need a week at Puerto Vallarta ALONE with my wife to recuperate from the kids. Saludos desde Guanatos a todos, Moises

E-mail from Laurie White:

Nathan Lee has located Mr. and Mrs. Holmdohl, also Jimmy and Jill. Mr. Holmdohl's phone number is [available on resquest]; they're in Scottsdale AZ. Jimmy and Jill are both in Cabo San Lucas. Jimmy did not want his phone number or address posted on the internet, however, and he didn't get Jill's address or phone #. Nathan talked to Mr. Homdolh for about 1/2 hour, he said, and he also talked to Jimmy. If you want to post the info, go ahead. See ya in a week or so. If my plane goes down in flames or something, I want Allan Castillo to write my obit. (And when are you going to post that nice one he did for Daphne?)

Take care,


E-mail from Sylvia Betancourt:

I tried to join in the chat today, but had problems, and finally a "server error" message. Hope you had fun....Happy 4th...see you next time! Sylvia

E-mail from Dr. Moise Hernandez:

My name is Dr. Moises Hernandez Nuno, and I am an alumni of the ASFG, I graduated in 75. Well, now I am an MD practicing in Guad and also member of the Board and Founders and President of the Alumni Association of the ASFG. We have been working with the new principal and you name came up, or rather Mercy Duenas name came up, and we were told that you already have developed a WWW site with info on ASFG alumni. We on our own are trying to develop several ideas, including a Home Page. We have the hardware, it is a matter of getting down to work. Also, I have recollected a database of around 200 alumni, which I would gladly share with you, if you want. The purpose is to contact as many alumni as possible in order to plan for a reunion or something before the summer vacations. Would you please give me the URL of this site? Do you have any ideas that you would like to share with us? What year did you graduate? We are waiting for your prompt answer, Dr. Moises Hernandez or

E-mail from Esmeralda Aubert:

Hi! We have already discovered this wonderful page. We are glad there´s somebody who cares about the alumni from the American School.

Receive our love and we´ll be in touch.

E-mail from Peggy Wood:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was at the ASG from 1971 thru graduation in 1978. . . . I can't think of anything more wonderful than what you have done for the Guad Squad. Tell my friends - are you kidding?!?!? You betcha!!! I'd call them now, but they are all east of me, and asleep! THANK YOU!!!!

E-mail from Janet Taylor:

You guys are awesome and I applaud you all for your hard work and dedication! Thank you for responding so quickly. We came from all walks of life. We shared ourselves in ways we will share with no others. We have grown into such mulitfacited individuals with our little quirks and perks. We lived a dream that only we could understand. Our pain, our accomplishments, our great memories. In some ways I feel we all were thrown into a lions cage. We stuck together and came out alive. I am proud to say that it didn't matter if you were a nerd, if you were shy, a beautiful face, or even a brain. We were the breakfast club and I applaud each and everyone of you, for who you were then and for who you have become! Please add me to the "list." I cross my fingers in hopes of a connection! Janet (Taylor) Ledford (class grad. in 88') Was at American H.S. in 1986-1987 as a Junior. Email address is: 1186 N. Cambridge St. Orange, Ca. 92867 Thanks again, you guys are awesome! Love, Janet

E-mail from Peggy McWood:

Hi! Well, those people I have kept in touch with are: Wendy Von Frieter (spell?) class of '76; Carol Manning, class of '77; John Bownds, class of '77. Carol is in touch with Lisa Schrifer, class of '79 (I think). Wendy is in touch with a couple of people, including the Bob Trepanier (class of '77) and his sister Marie, who I think was class of '76. I really need to find my Leyendas - perhaps my project for today, as my surname spelling and class info are just guesses.

I did not write names until I contacted the people - I wanted them to have the same thrill I had. I have left messages for John Bownds and for Carol Manning (she is on vacation during the holiday). I did reach Wendy, but she is computerless, and plans to go to Marie's house to get on-line. She is supposed to e-mail me after getting on-line. She is as excited as I am.

Dan Oppenheim should know where Lee Hoffnung (Class of '78) is, and I e-mailed him. Carol Manning is coming out for a visit over the 4th of July - we probably will make finding people a project for that holiday.

Yes, I was born in '68, but we did not move to Guad until '71.

THANKS AGAIN for doing this for us. I just can't tell you how much it means to all of us! I have done computer searches on so many people, hoping to find them...

Hey, do you think that the American businesses that brought so many to Guad. would be willing to run an article in their newsletters? A lot of companies have special newsletters for those that have retired. The companies I am thinking of are: Kodac and Motorola, but there were others. Also, so many were connected with the Consulate - if we could find the parents, we can find the kids. What do you think? Does anyone have a connection with these companies or the govt? Take care!

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E-mail from Laurie:
Mark Lawson sent me this quote:

"Any new venture goes through the following stages: enthusiasm, complication, disillusionment, search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent, and decoration for those who did nothing."

So, which stage do you suppose we are currently in??!

Postcard from Kirby Power:

What a shock! You're [Laurie] a good detective - you found me - class of '70 A.S. of Guad. Sorry it took me so long to answer you. Sure, I'd be interested in a reunion, or at least a list of addresses.

I'm married & live near Sun Valley, Idaho. Ski in the winter & float rivers in the summer.

Thanks & keep in touch,
Kirby Power

Email from Mark Lawson (Thanks, Neal B.!):
I finally got over to my friend's house and decided to send you my brother's and sisters' addresses. Debbie lived in Mexico one year but didn't go to the American School, now lives near Portland Oregon. Her address is Debbie Lincoln, 210 SW 8th Ave. Canby OR 97013. Phone 503-263-1991. Tracy Womble, 529 Rawls Circle. Irving TX. 75061. Phone 214-544-4892. Chris Lawson, 125 E. 2nd St. Newton KS. 671114. Phone 316-283-5701. Chris told me the other day he has access to the internet so you can write him if you would like.

I'm still not sure how all this works since I only do this once in a while. I was talking with Neal and he told me since Kodak is more or less on the internet with our PROFS system, you might be able to send me a note to there and I can reply to you. I just got the address for Kodak for me. Send it to This would be pretty cool if we can do this. It would sure make it easier than having to bother Neal every time I wanted to talk to you.

I might still be coming through some day. And if you'd like, I can stop by and stay for a day. I figured it's going to take me about 24 hours to Tracy's and about 6 &1/2 hours to Chris and then another 24 hours to my home. Not too bad, do you think? If I do get the car, I will definitely go and see you.

I'm going to sign off now, but I'm still trying to find the Van Ness kids and the Mueller clan. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know. Good talking to you, Laurie. Have a great day and stay out of trouble.

[Webmaster's note: Anyone out there between Florida and Texas - or Texas and New York - care to offer Mark a place to crash when he makes this marathon trip?]

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Email from Laurie White:
Juanita and I talked on the phone for nearly 2 1/2 hours the other night, can you believe it?! It was SO much fun!!! Too bad we can't make a habit of it. Last weekend, both Mark Lawson and Oscar Egly called me. It was GREAT talking to them! Kirby Power had received my letter and he called Mark and told him about our efforts. I'm hoping to hear from Kirby eventually too.

Also got a nice "land" letter from Mike Roulette this weekend. Sadly, none of these guys is online! Oscar and his wife live in Guaymas 2 weeks out of 3, Tucson the rest of the time. He said his sister, Bernadette, teaches school in Brownsville, Texas. And Carroll Boyd is in San Antonio, Texas. Mark works at Kodak in Rochester, NY. So does his brother, Bill. (The Kodak invasion begins!) You can read about Mike in his letter, below.

Also received email from Christy Shaw, who has volunteered to help, bless her heart! (The cavalry has arrived! This has just about turned into a full-time job, so reinforcements are definitely welcome!) It was so good to hear from her, hadn't talked to her in years. Hopefully, Connie won't be far behind. It would be terrific to hear from her too. It was fantastic to finally get affirmative responses to some of those "blind" letters I've been sending. It was also exciting getting more names and addresses from these people -- my favorite way of getting new info!

Received email &/or info also from Mark Olsson, René Zazueta, Rod Conerly, Ivonne, and Nancy -- as well as the usual suspects! So, a very busy week, but what fun hearing from all these long lost friends! Laurie

Letter from Mike Roulette:

Yes, I am the Mike Roulette who went to school in Guadalajara in the 70's I have been in Carson City, Nevada since 1978. Still am, as a matter of fact. Too much time has passed since we have seen each other. I think it's a great idea to have a reunion. Let me know where and when this reunion of yours will take place, and I'll make a point to be there.

Tell Bob Conerly I am still alive and well. If you have a list of our high school students who are still with us, please send it. My curiosity is killing me. As of yet, I haven't bought a computer, so I have to do things the "old" fashion way. Pen and paper. Thank you for getting in contact with me, I look forward to hearing from you again.
Your friend,
Mike Roulette

Email from Christy Shaw Mayfield:

Richard Oppenheim E-mailed me. It was great. I gave him some info on the Mayfield family. You'd love to know that today is Marissa's "Gotcha" day.

Twelve years ago today Marissa arrived from Korea. We met her at DFW airport. We had a tremendous party. We showed her off for over an hour. We've celebrated tonight with a pizza party and the girls have some friends over. It's a very special day for all of us. Leah's "Gotcha" day is August 18. She's nine years old. Both girls are from Korea. We adopted both as infants.

Connie continues to work in real estate. I don't believe she has E-mail. I would like to search for our classmates, but I don't know how. If I can learn, I'll be happy to oblige....

Please let me know how I can facilitate a reunion. At least you are not far. Saludos a todos. I had forgotten you had kids. You got started before us. We're now entering the forbidden zone of puberty.

Check you later. Thanks for contacting me. I love doing this.

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Email from Allan Castillo:
Laurie "Master of the Master List", "Keeper of all that is Righteous",
Nice job on the updated address list!

I had dinner with Sam and his wife Patty on Saturday....he confirms that his email address is

Sam and I hadn't seen each other in 25 years. (Holy cow, I sound like my parents; pardon my liberal cussing and swearing.) We waxed historical over old times......I recognized him immediately......he has more grey hair than I do (I only have 5 strands that I have been able to identify, weed out and destroy), but, alas! He has more hair than I do, myself being a victim of a weak hirsute gene pool. We will not discuss weight at all.

Gotta Heaven's Gate meeting is getting started....

Note from Mark Olsson:
It would be nice to try to locate: Carol Stokes, band/music teacher, in the mid 70's she was in the SF area and played electric fiddle in a band. Janet Brodie, yearbook + HS teacher. She wrote a book called "Fighting Back" about rape. She used a different last name in Guad, Brodie was her maiden name as I recall. Seems like it was Janet Usas? I have lost track of both. Also someone named Kathy Tormey who stayed for a summer and was later with the State Dept in Rwanda????

Email from Travis White:

It's fine to list our phone number. The fourth Conerly is Carlos, about Sandy's age. I've had two e-mails from Nathan Lee. Now I've answered it, hope to hear from him more. You've sure been putting the work in on this!

We've been busy, had something every night for the past 9 days, counting my trip to Chicago. But I've been having fun planning what to do with the Tinleys. One of two main events will be the Smithsonian. The other will be a 6 hour (one way) trip to far SW Va., to kill two birds with one stone. The Tinleys really want to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT), and then there's also a super-sounding 23-mile bike trip that we all want to do. Not to worry, the ride is all downhill, on an old railroad bed, through gorgeous country, along a river. A business takes you and bikes to the start of the ride at the top, then you coast down. Reportedly the best of the entire AT is within a few miles of where the bike ride is. Really looking forward to it.

Haven't seen the Colony Reporter article, and I still haven't seen the ASG web page. When I try the URL, just get an error message. Sigh! Computers and I just weren't cut out for each other. Show me a car that needs fixing!

Mom's envious of three of her children e-mailing each other "2 or 3 times a week." If my never used by 4 year old printer would ever work, I could print off copies of the e-mails and send them to Mom. I'm about to break down and hire a computer person to come fix this stuff!

Love, Trav

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Email from Nathan Lee:

Just a short note. My E-mail you posted is correct. Found out that the E-mail address my querida daughter (scatterbrained) wrote down is incorrect for Dorothy down in Guadalajara. I will try and get it later.

I also have the Bagget's info which is as follows:
Tel. 647-3841
Rincon de las Bugambilias #3578
Villa Santa Rita Cp (I will get later when I talk to my Mom tomorrow), Guadalajara.

Hope this reaches you,

P.S. I E-mailed Travis to say hi also. See Ya

Email from Sam Rockwell:
Hi Guys! My E-Mail address is "". I met Allan last Saturday night at a restaurant, along with my wife Patty. We talked for over 4 hours and had a great time. He is in the process of house hunting and Patty and I gave him some ideas. Moving to this area from the Mid-west can give one quite a bit of sticker shock on home prices.

We caught up on life and Allan told stories to embarrass me in front of Patty (since his wife and kids will not move out until the end of the school year I will have to wait to get revenge). We hope to get together again in about 2 weeks. Allan reminded me of people I had a hard time remembering, I guess 25 years is longer than I thought. Patty liked Al and can't wait to meet his wife.

Well that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure Allan will put a different slant on our little reunion. T.T.F.N

E-Mail from Laurie White:
Here's an excellent quote from Allan Castillo:

"'s like it's opened up a lost portion of my past life that I can now share again with people. . . ." He's done a super job of expressing what a lot of us are feeling. Is there somewhere prominent we could put it?

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Email from Christy Shaw:

I would love to have a reunion. Let me know how I can help.

Here are the addresses I have:
Tinina Watson Vasquez, San Martin 680, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Connie Walker, 2121 Dauphine, New Orleans, LA. 70116
Kathie Walker Millar, 1110 Matador, Abilene, TX 79605
Charlette Keene R. de Solana, Esmeralda 2620, Residencial Victoria, Guadalajara, Jal. 44550 Mexico
I have telephone numbers if you want them.

Our E-mail address is: phone # 214-328-4837.

Glad to hear from you. Look forward to this summer.

E-Mail from Laurie White:

Hey, you guys! Rodney just showed me how I can pull the addresses page off the web and go in and add all the new names and addresses - in little boxes and everything!!! And then I can send it to you and all you have to do is upload it to the school page. Laurie P.S. Are y'all still up?

[Webmaster's note: Laurie has done a great job, with help from Rodney, and we all owe her our thanks! We're starting to look pretty good!]

E-Mail from Karla Rosas:
Here is some of the information I thought I sent, but you never received. The pictures hopefully will be on their way. Please just be patient. If you need anything else please let me know. Karla

[Webmaster's note: Karla apparently sent information about the school almost a month ago, which was lost. Sorry. She was kind enough to resend it today (4-25-97), but alas, the school uses MAC computers. I will send it out to the "techies" for conversion. Thank you very much, Karla!]

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E-Mail from Juanita Stein:
Thank you for getting the questionnaire page up. Let's hope I get some replies. (That means you too, by the way!)

Please tell Debbie I appreciate her taking the time to change the Memoriam page. I will give you some feedback when it is done.

Have a great weekend!

E-Mail from Bruce:

I went to the American School Prom at the Holiday Inn (I think) in Guad in 1971 on my return for Mercy's wedding. I was a sophomore in college, still without a life, but moving ahead. I met a tourist at the market from Ohio that day, and asked her if she wanted to go to the School Prom. She was standing there with her mother and father, who couldn't really believe what I was saying. They were actually staying at the Holiday Inn, so they said, "ok." We went, and the FEG showed up and raided the place. The band, The Spiders, packed up and walked out right at the beginning of the party. I returned my date to her parents and then split quick.

E-mail from Mercy Stirling:
I called my neighbor and mom to all the Oppenheims from the American School. She said Kathy Neiman was good buddies with her daughter Nancy...and perhaps is living in California somewhere.

Cristina Chonacki (69) just emailed me and said that she is going to get in touch with you. She is taking groups of gringas from San Diego to San Miguel Allende for "tours" . Tough job but someone has to do it!! She does a great job cause all the gringas are lining up...she knows what they like!! Her brother Mark is an accountant and she will be able to update you on his whereabouts in the East...

Saludos, Mercy

[Webmaster's Note: We checked with Nancy about Cathy, and she said, "I have not heard from her or seen her since the early 70's!!! Sorry!"]

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E-mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas):
The Colony Reporter called on Monday to get information about the page. It should come out Friday. Christi Chonacki has not seen the homepage yet because she is in San Miguel for the week. You can find Susana Brambila's (Gold) address on WWW.LYCOS.COM PEOPLEFIND, if she is in the phonebook.

[Webmaster's Note: Christi! We know you are there, and we know you have seen the page by now.... So what's up with not writing? Mercy: We checked this and other peoplefinders, but have been unable to locate info on Susana.]

E-mail from Mark Olsson:
Found Jeff Marston's website/resume' Go to Also, Flannery Group phone number is 619-239-5558 x19

E-mail from Mark Olsson:
A flood of old and good memories.

Mark S. Olsson (left in 72 at the end of 11th grade, class of 73 group) In Guad. Dec. 68 - June 72 619-576-1261 x301 work 619-455-5201 home 619-576-0219 fax San Diego, CA, USA. Owner company DeepSea Power & Light (50 employees), also (OEM product). Married to Kami Olsson-Tapp, with Kira 10 and Chase 6

Jeff Marston '73 is in San Diego Somewhere, I will track him down. Also, Allan J. Castillo, Buffalo Grove, IL 708-520-3159

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E-mail from Laurie White:
Juanita's last letter mentioned how much she appreciated your recent notes. In case she is too modest to mention it, her magazine, The Professionals, just won the photography award at a graphic awards dinner last night. Thought you might like to know.

E-mail from Laurie White:
The Colony Reporter pages still haven't changed.... I just spent 2 hours looking at army and Viet Nam Vet sites. I finally found one where you can post notices for Viet vets, and posted one saying we were looking for Bill Steele, but it seems like a long shot. He wasn't listed on any of the lists I found and the only other search things I found, you have to know a lot more info than I know - where exactly he was stationed, rank, position, what years he served, etc. There are 88 Bill Steeles' street addresses listed on 411, and possibly we could find him that way, but it would be about $28 in postage. There has GOT to be an easier way of doing this! Can you think of anyone who might have stayed in touch with him?

How's the guestbook coming along - any progress? I'm going to call it a night, I have to be somewhere before noon tomorrow. Holler if I can do anything.

E-mail from Robin White:
Ye-rain-[flooding]-classroom/office/bedroom really created a backwash here (so to speak). This past week I finished... putting up the last of the chaos and we're back to where we were the second week of January. Sigh....Other than afore-mentioned agonizing recovery-from-l'eau program, I have been in mucho demando on the speaking circuit, having in recent weeks done a two-part (highly acclaimed :-) conference on self-esteem (the only problem in preparing for which was not feeling really capable or worthy to lead this), leading a meditation.... Besides library. Besides bookstore (which I really am planning to quit doing, any minute now). Besides school and house and so on....

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E-mail from Juanita Stein:
At the risk of repeating myself, I just wanted to let you know how great the website is at reuniting old friends. I have been delighted to find several "Juanita is that you??!!??" letters in my e-mail recently, people I never thought I would have contact with again in my life.

Just got a surprise letter from Allan Castillo! Have you been in touch with him? I assumed he got my name from the alumni page, but I don't see his name there. We were in drama class together, and I have had no contact with him since 1971.

  • Juanita
  • E-mail from Juanita Stein:
    Nice to hear from you. It is GREAT to see the questionnaire up. I guess it would be nice to give it a separate page. Laurie said that if you find a way to do that, she will send a note to everyone on the alumni list asking them to respond.

    I also looked at the memoriam page. Thank you for including my mom. Are you going to add people like Raul, Daphne, etc? Or only recent ones?

    I also think we could skip the Dear Gabby column. I thought it might be fun, but it's hard enough to get people involved in the website as it is. The guestbook idea is really what I meant by interactive: some way for people to instantly write a message on the letters page without sending it to you first. This will not only encourage more action from everyone, it will take a huge load off your plate.

    I have exchanged a few notes with Sam Rockwell. His e-mail address is <>He also gave me Mark Olsson's email: <>

    The other thing that would be nice on the webpage is more news from the WEBMASTER! Once you have the guestbook up, and you are spending less time transferring people's e-mail to the letters page, maybe you could write a few words of your own now and then! We actually know very little about you except that Arizona won THE GAME. [GOOO CATS!]


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    E-mail from Stan Field:
    Hello! I am a graduate of the Colegio Americano in Mexico City and have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find any alumni from there. Do you by any chance have an email address or a phone number? BTW - Are you the science-fiction author? If so, thanks for the many pleasurable hours.
    E.C. "Stan" Field
    Personal page:

    [Webmaster's note: yes, that would be me.... Not!]

    E-mail from Alan Castillo:
    "Holy cow!" was my first reaction to seeing the [ASG] Webpage. Thanks to Mark "ShutterBug" Olsson for putting me in contact with you guys.

    I have been trying for a few years to track down some fellow ex-Guadala-holics thru the Web, but always seemed to come up short. I found Mark because of the unusual spelling of his last name but most often found "no name found", too many names, or Twilight Zone stuff where I tracked down a "Daphne McLeroy" in Tyler, Texas only to learn that that was her MARRIED name and that the "real" Daphne McLeroy ('72) died unfortunately a number of years ago.

    A short synopsis of my life after Guad ('72 graduate): got my BSEE and MBA from Illinois Institute of Technology......worked for IBM ( in the good ol' days) in sales....joined a consulting firm in Chicago and did marketing and strat planning consulting reaching Associate Partner...started my own systems integration company.....married Mary Ann in 1981 (she's put up with me for 16 years) offer I couldn't refuse and sold out.....son, Christopher was born in 1984.....daughter, Michelle, born in 1988......they both keep me young....headed up marketing and western ops for a software company in Naperville, Illinois for 3 relocating to San Francisco area as VP/COO of a firm specializing in placing IT professionals in high-tech industries.

    Yes, I am interested in some kind of reunion....Juanita, if you get this, count me in! Will contact you later. Anybody who wants to reach me can do so My address will follow when I figure out where the heck I will be living in the Bay area. (By the way, I hear the body piercing here is FABULOUS!)

    Anybody know whatever happened to my pal, my bud, Hal Holmdohl (who wanted to lynch me after I complained about the conditions of the athletic field at a Monday morning "Assembly") about Mariella Fineburg (one of my all time favorite teachers) or Mr. Susac (a wild and crazy teacher if there ever was one)?

    Thanks for putting this page together for all of us from "guad squad".....more later.
    allan castillo ('72)

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    E-mail from Laurie White:
    Hey there! It was good talking to you too! It doesn't seem like it could really have been so many years. You and Robin H. are the only people I've called. (Karen and Jane don't count, 'cause we've stayed in touch through the years.) Richard O. sent me a video. And I FEEL like I've talked to Bob and Juanita, just from all the email.

    The Colony Reporter page is still exactly the same. I've been checking it every few days. Checked around midnight last night. Do they even know how to put anything new up, or will they have to pay someone to do it for them?

    Juanita is tracking down a few more addresses, and she says the one I had for Sam Rockwell is correct, so I should put it back. She heard back from him. I sent Dan O. a note yesterday asking what happened about the pics. Haven't heard anything yet. Have you ever heard anything from Robin H. since that first time?

    Let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm actually beginning to feel like a human being again. Also, give Debbie a huge abrazo, and tell her thanks a million for being such a good sport and so supportive about all this ASG stuff! (I don't care if she's supportive about Rio or not!) I look forward to meeting her someday.
    Take care, Laurie

    E-mail from Bob Conerly:
    Greetings from Bob (Robert) Conerly in Jackson, Mississippi Graduated ASG in 1971. Good to see names of old friends and know they are still kicking. Bob C.

    E-mail from Samuel Rockwell:
    I was a member of the class of '72. My address is "4100 The Woods Dr Apt 414, San Jose Ca 95136.
    Home Phone # is 408-281-3933. Email address is

    E-mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas):
    When you guys get ready for a vacation come to Guadalajara!! You would have a great time!!!! I had lunch with the new principal of the American School and told him all about the [ASG] page.
    Kisses..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhArizona.... We watched and I yelled my head off. About had an attack!! What a game! Mercy

    [Wemaster's note: GOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!]

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    E-mail from Laurie White:
    This excerpt is from a letter from Robin (White) and Paul Tinley: Paul has been having a ball this past week framing out the nursery for our church. He plans to do the drywall this week. He is really, really, really thrilled with the new Rattan Depot which just opened and has all the basic building supplies you'd get in the states. He is so, so, so happy not to be working con bloque y cemento. Also, all his compadres are having lots of fun learning new building techniques from him!....
    Also from the Tinleys, Quote of the week from Venezuela: "Reports that President Caldera is dead have been highly exaggerated - - not that his appearance is anything to go by."

    Thought you might like this quote from our paper today: "Self-doubt was never an option, self-pity never a possibility. Fearless and peerless, Arizona simply used overtime to show why it deserved to preside over all of college basketball."

    E-mail from Juanita Stein:
    I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for posting my note on the alumni letters page! It is really fun to read everyone's comments. You are obviously spending a lot of time and energy on it, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it! My dad keeps telling me how gorgeous the weather in Tucson has been lately, while we are just escaping a LOUSY winter. We had 4 feet of snow between Christmas and New Year's, totally unheard of for this very mild part of Canada where it usually just drizzles in the wintertime. Jan and I were in Puerto Vallarta at the time, and we missed the total chaos that you can imagine such an event created. It was the most snow here in 90 years or something. Gotta run, just wanted to say hi. Have a great (long) weekend! Juanita

    E-mail from Richard Oppenheim:
    The name of the school, as given in the title page of the '68 Leyenda, was "The American School, A.C." (A.C. = Asociación Civil). That is the only name I ever heard for the school. If there was any debate, then or later, concerning its name, I was unaware of it. Richard

    E-mail from Juanita Stein:
    A few former ASG students are thinking of organizing a reunion for anyone who attended from 1965 to 1977. Please answer the following questionnaire:

    1.Would you be interested in attending a reunion?
    2. Would you travel to Guad? If not, where would you suggest?
    3. How much notice would you need?
    4. Would you want to have the option to bring your spouse?
    5. How many days should the reunion be?
    6. What activities would you want to include?
    7. Any suggestions regarding accommodations?

    If you are in touch with anyone else, please pass this questionnaire on. Address your responses to Juanita Stein (Zak).

    E-mail from Laurie McClung:
    Hi! I just found a different address for the Colony Reporter, and you might want to change the link on the ASG page because this address allows you to access a lot more info on the Colony Reporter pages. It is
    Also, I found a handy thing, Netminder, that will monitor a URL and let you know when any changes occur there. So, it should notify me when the paper puts new articles up.

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    E-mail from Laurie McClung:
    I sent blind letters to all the Dennis Boyd and Carol Newton e-addresses listed in 411. Since the wee hours of the morning, I've been getting responses, but none has been the right person yet. Most of them say something along the lines of "No, I'm not the one you're looking for. Wish I was though, sounds like fun. I hope you have a great reunion." A lot more of a response than I was expecting. I've gotten responses from Carol Newtons in Canada, UK, and Australia! And I got a couple of kinda wacky, weird responses from a wrong Dennis in California (where else!). I'm planning to send letters to the 66 Bill Steeles tomorrow night. (You owe me.)

    E-mail from Laurie White McClung:
    Hooray for Mercy! Will they [Colony Reporter] put the article about our ASG webpage on their webpage when they do it? Or will we have to get Mercy to mail or Fax us copies?

    We've run into a temporary setback with the photos. They really need to be tweaked, and Daniel is VERY good at that, but we haven't been able to find the disc with the program for doing it. I tried to select photos of people whose names appear on the homepages. We did senior photos of Ivonne, Fedro, Richard, Henri, Bill Steele (What do you think of the idea of a "Wanted" page?), Kay Wolf (whose address I need to get from Karen), Raul (deceased), Hal Fineburg (Wanted), Gail Rummel (Wanted), Hector Urroz, Connie Walker, and me. Also, class photos of Jane Ehrlich, Pam Andresen, Karen Wolf, and Ellen Miller. Candid shots of Juanita Stein and Ellen Miller with Poli, and candids of David Crane, Daphne McLeroy (deceased), and Fedro and Ivonne with someone (?). We desperately need the 1968 yearbook.

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    E-mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas):
    Mary Alvarez lives here in Las Fuentes (Gloria's sister). I will get her telephone number. Cristina Chonacki Corey San Diego(619) 294 8034 and her address is 2910 Albatross, San Diego, Ca 92103.Her brother Mark Corey went to the American School. Cristi should have email but I have not been able to get in touch. Barry Tobias is her hubby and he has Breakaway Tours...maybe I can find them... Mercy

    E-mail from Scot Stirling:
    Hey, I just checked out the American School Guadalajara page with the Guad Squad on it, and noticed that you have my e-mail address as ""
    Actually, the "g" in Stirling was dropped in my e-mail address (too many letters, I guess), so my e-mail address is actually -- and I'm not sure how long that's going to last, because that Counsel Connect system is going to the Web and everybody is bitching about the software and the access problems, etc.

    E-mail from Robin Heinrichs:
    Hey this is great!!! I just got off the phone with Laurie....What a surprise! It was great to catch up with her and to hear about you and your family. Hard to believe it has been almost 30 years since we were last together.

    After leaving Guadalajara, we moved to Oregon where I finished high school. I went on to college in California and then to graduate school in Minnesota. After graduate school I worked in Guatemala for awhile and then returned to Oregon. I got married in 1976 and we moved to Alaska in 1979 (for a summer). We never got around to returning to Oregon. We live in Kodiak where I am self employed as a designer and general contractor. We love it up is the kinda place where you can still leave the house unlocked and your keys in the car.

    I can't believe that Laurie was able to track me down...but I'm glad she did. I think the idea of a reunion would be great. I'd love to correspond with you and others from the school. My e-mail address is My address is P.O. Box 2812, Kodiak, Alaska 99615. The phone number is 907-486-4339 or 907-486-8293 (fax). Thanks for your efforts in creating this page. I look forward to catching up with all of you soon.
    Best Regards, Robin Heinrichs

    E-mail from Dan Oppenheim:
    Great job acquiring all these e-mail addresses from the gang at ASG! If anyone remembers Memo and Rosanna Martin, I'll be glad to pass along any message to Rosanna... she lives here in Albuquerque with her husband and 5 children. I'm trying to locate anyone who had the following teachers: Baggett, Billings, Aspness, Krach, Stein, Lozano, Profe (what was his name? Mr. Coach himself...), Stokes (Music), Ugalde, Seimandi. I went to ASG from 1966-1977 and graduated from the High School section. I now live in Albuquerque, NM and am a process engineer for Intel Corp. For all you Intel processor users, a big THANKS! Anyone heard from Kathy or Tom Watson? Randy Heinrichs? Please write:;; Dan Oppenheim 505-898-6904

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    E-mail from Juanita Stein:
    Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia! I have been living above the 49th parallel since 1972, after a year at the U. of the Americas in Cholula, Puebla. This is the prettiest part of Canada, and my husband Jan Zak and I live in a house with a lovely view of the Juan de Fuca Strait. He is an architect and has a 16-year old son from his first marriage. I have my own publishing business...Some of you may remember my mom, a teacher at the A.S., Dorothy Stein. She died last year at the ripe old age of 82, from Parkinson's disease. She was her same sweet self right up until her last breath. My dad lives in Arizona and is a very YOUNG 79 years old...I LOVE the phrase "GUAD SQUAD" (thanks Rod Conerly!) and I hereby vote it as our official alumni name...Regards to all, Juanita Stein

    E-mail from Christopher Cart:
    Christopher Cart, class of '79 Lived in Guad...'74-'79 3 Page Street Hallowell, Maine 04347 1 207 621 0817 Love to hear from anyone!

    E-mail from Juanita Stein:
    Thanks again for all your hard work. Laurie and I think you are terrific. By the way, we were not friends at school but have only become in contact on e-mail in the last 2 months. It is so easy to develop a friendship this way. By the way, my dad lives in Tucson and Sedona. Next visit, maybe we will drop in...if you don't mind! Regards, Juanita Stein

    E-mail from Richard Oppenheim:
    I looked at the web page a few hours ago. I did not know before that Henri Audirac had e-mail, or that he liked to be called "Gromaticus". I guess Ivonne contacted Henri. I now also found Fedro's e-mail address (Ivonne's husband): FSZ@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU I think the Web page is a very good idea, hope you don't think of taking it down. Who is paying for it, or do you get free Unix disk space with your ISP provider ?
    [WebMaster's Note: I inquired whether Richard had anything he would like to say to his former constituents. He responded, "Yes, don't ask what your school can do for you, but rather what you can do for your school." He said, "that line got me elected VP!" Laurie White contacted Fedro recently. It's funny what memories we keep about those old days.

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    E-mail from Richard Oppenheim:
    I haven't fished for an old Leyenda yet, but I remember the school being called "The American School". I NEVER heard "Escuela Americana" until I saw your web page. Nor "Colegio Americano". But, I am in my early 40's, Alzheimers, you know... Do you know anything from or about Howard Rhodes ? I'd be especially interested in chatting with him. I believe he was(is) a chemist with Kodak. You've done great between Feb. 9 and now, congratulations! Thanks for your efforts ! It's appreciated. Richard

    E-mail from our English Cousins:
    Vik and Dorcas have linked us to their page in England...
    This way, please, for The American School. . . As an aside, Laurie McClung is hoping to have a reunion of her old school chums at the American School of Guadalajara, and if you want more info, why not take a peep at their home page, which is still being built, even as I write!

    [WebMaster's note: Sadly, our English cousins lost their WebPage when they switched to AOL…and there went our prestigious European connection!]

    E-mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas)
    Hi guys, I just read the American School page with all the e-mail from people. I sent a little blurb off to the Colony Reporter, and then one to the American School so that they can include it in their paper...what a nice brother I have for spending time when we all know he should be researching a lawsuit!! But noooooooooooooooo like a good old Stirling, he is doing something that will bring in no money, but que tal those warm fuzzies!!!??? Thanks...

    E-mail from President Clinton:
    Cool page! Glad to see your presence on the Web, the Bridge to the next century!  Keep up the good work, Bruce! Let's do lunch. Your old partying buddy, Bill.

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    E-Mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas):
    Okay are all going to owe me a bottle of herradura tequila for this. YOU FORGET what it is like trying to get information in Mexico!! But I finally got the following: Jesus is in charge of ASG internet. The email for the school is: They have their own little server, and all teachers have email. So for contacting about the reunion, I say use Bridgette Herrera (high school principal or counselor), as the base. Her email is, or Roberta Rhen, the librarian: The American School does not have a page yet. I told them about the one Bruce made.

    E-mail from Laurie White:
    Hey, you guys! Is this great, or what?!! After over 20 years of no reunions and very little communication with long-lost school friends, we finally have a way to find each other and communicate! (Picture lots of confetti or fireworks here!) A million and one thanks to Bruce Stirling for providing this opportunity by creating our very own WEB page!!! Also, special thanks to Juanita Stein, Mercy Stirling, Robin White, Travis White, and Mom for their help and contributions. Thanks also to all of you who offered encouragement and support - it helped! Keep those cards and letters comin', folks! And, as we say in Texas, y'all come back now, y'hear? Laurie White McClung '70

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    E-mail from "Gromaticus" - Henri Audilac Lass:
    I was really happy to see your clever idea of setting up a web page for ex-alumni from the American School of Guadalajara, and find that old buddies like Richard Oppenheim have already logged in. To be frank, I don't recall you by name but certainly if I look you up at 'La Leyenda' my memory will pin point you. Ivonne sent me your e-mail address. I studied Prepa with Ivonne (my sister) and Fedro (my brother in law) from '68 to '69. My nickname: "gromaticus" means something like land scanner in Latin, which relates to my professional activity. I do not have a web page yet, it's under development by my dear son Felix. After serveral years out of Guadalajara I have been back for the last 8 years at: Circunvalacion Oriente 689, Zapopan, Jal. 45010 Phone (3)62710.25 & (3)627.1552. E-mail: Regards, Henri (Gromaticus)

    E-mail from Laurie White:
    ....Yeah, GREAT time to be alive!!! I'm gonna have to work up the guts to try a chat room. New brainstorm - but maybe you've already thought of this - how hard would it be to set up a time and place for an American School chat room? Wouldn't that be a blast?!! Almost as good as a reunion!

    E-mail from Ivonne Audirac:
    What a great idea!! Thanks for doing the web page!!

    Ivonne Audirac, American School, Prepa: 1969; lived in Guadalajara from 1966-1971; e-mail:; Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University; phone: (904)644-9801 (office) home: (904)668-1813 City: Tallahassee, FL, 32306 USA;

    E-mail from Nancy Oppenheim (Green):
    Graduation: June 1971; Left Guad in 1971 for U.S. University... parents still live there; E-Mail address:; Phone: 207-454-2331 Fax: 207-454-0144; Address: 33 Lincoln Street, Calais, Me. 04619; Web Site: American College of Nurse Midwives.

    E-mail from Mercy Stirling (Dueñas):
    I spoke briefly with Esmeralda (twin sister Rubi - graduated in '73 I think). She said she will get me the American School email address and let them know that there is a web page. She said that last year (or year before) they had a reunion and about 200 people went! she is excited and said that she will get back in touch. I faxed her your email so she has all the info... suerte...Mercy

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    [WebMaster's note: This Homepage is for anyone who ever taught at, worked at, attended, or who merely was a friend of the school (any part of the school)!  We want everybody!  So keep those cards and letters coming! Even Butler kids!]

    E-Mail from Dan Oppenheim:
    Dan Oppenheim Class of 1977 4508 Silver Arrow Drive Albuquerque, NM 87114    I can't believe this is happening... these names are bringing back incredible memories!!!! Dan

    E-mail from Robin White:
    Hope to get you addresses and e-addresses tomorrow, but not promising. We've got company for lunch (during the school day) and our mission just had the surprise sprung on us that a new family is arriving a week from today and I need to pull together a 3-day orientation, plus get tickets to go up. Also youth Bible study and WMU tomorrow night. Another slow day in the tropics . . . Love lots, Robin

    E-Mail from Richard Oppenheim:
    I saw Fred and Edna Mardus two months ago in Guadalajara. Their address is: Apdo. Postal 5-546, Guadalajara, JAL. Mexico. As you know, Fred was physics professor and Edna was the librarian for over 20 years. Edna built the library from nothing. Edna is bed-ridden due to osteoporosis and surgery complications of both knees, but Fred is still well. Fred celebrated his 93rd birthday on Feb. 28 (actually he was born on Feb. 29, 1904). Edna is a few years younger, I don't know her exact age. They both continue to read and be the same warm people. Richard

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    E-Mail from Rodney Conerly:
    Good to hear about some familiar names and see things cookin' regarding American School alumni. I've done a poor job keeping touch with most folks so I am very interested in participating in this venture. Mercedes, please send my best to Ruby and Esmeralda. We graduated together in 1973. (Seems like yesterday). Laurie, good to hear from you. I hear from Paul and Robin every once in a while via their newsletters. I have been terrible at returning their letters so be sure to send them my regards when you next speak to them. Please send my best to the rest of your family. I like the Home Page idea. I am one of four Conerly graduates so we can add to your alumni count pretty quickly. I have maintained contact with a few other 'Guad Squad' folks and will check to see if they want to join.

    E-mail from Jenny McCarthy:
    Bruce, thanks for making up the American School Homepage!  WOW!  What can I say?!  I am sooooo excited!  If you were here right now, I could just....OK!!! WOW!  I'll never forget that time we went to PV!

    Love, Jen

    E-Mail from Laurie White:
    Here's my theory on the school name: The gringos called it American School of Guadalajara; the mejicanos called it Colegio Americano (or Mexico-Americano?); the Arizonans called it Escuela Americana.

    Take care, Laurie

    WebMaster's note: The debate rages on! I attended three (3) "American Schools" (Rio, Tegucigalpa, and Guadalajara).  For the sake of tradition, consistency, style, and "searchability," I owe it to the "global" audience to leave it the way it is, not to mention my sanity!   ¿Sabes cuando I'll change it?

    ALLLRRIGGHHTT!!!!  So I changed it.   The Vice-President has spoken.  Thanks, Richard.

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