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I owe my father a lot, not the least of which was for teaching my brother and me to sail boats.  Here is the only photo known to exist of my father (far left) and me (at the bow) getting ready to go for a sail on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  My godfather, Graham French, is the other gentleman seated in the middle.  Note: Corcovado (Christ statue) in the background).  Our boat, "Kiki," was kept at the Clube dos Caicaras.  Note the radial cut jib. She was a British Sharpie.

The gaff-rigged Sharpie - "Kiki" - in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From left Bob Stirling, Graham French, Bruce Stirling, Mary Stirling

Here are a couple of other photos of the boat showing the gaff-rigged main sail. My father always said she was a "Sharpie" class boat, similar to a Lightning. No other Sharpie online that I found looks anything like her. I returned to Brazil to look for her, but none of the old boats were found. The boat master at the club said all of the old boats were shipped over to Niteroi, the city located across the Guanabara Bay from Rio.

Gaff-rigged Sharpies at Clube dos Caicaras

Dois Irmaos peaks on Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro
Gaff-rigged Sharpie in foreground

Racing on the Lagoa in Rio
Gaff-rigged Sharpies