Pedagogically-informed Networking for Learning & Knowledge Management

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Evidence of Technology's Impact on Learning

Netlearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet
NCATE Report Says Schools of Education
Should Increase Emphasis on Technology
Research Showing Impact of Technology
Students and Teachers Benefiting from Curriculum Integration of Technology
The Impact of Technology

Panel on Educational Technology Report to the President on the Use of Technology to Strengthen K-12 Education in the United States  March 1997

Pedagogy and Learning Theories 

Conceptual Frameworks for Network Learning Environments:  Constructing  Personal and Shared Knowledge Spaces by Jacobson & Levin 

Design Principles for the Support of Distributed Processes by Hewiitt & Scardamalia

Designing Effective Learning Environments: Cognitive Apprenticeship Models by Sue Berryman

How Should Learning be Designed? 

Instructional Models Based on Learning Theory Instructional Technology: Pedagogy for the Future by Dr. Lawrence A. Tomei 

Local Infrastructures for School Networking: Current Models and Prospects by Denis Newman, Susan L. Bernstein from Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.  & Paul A. Reese from Ralph Bunche School

Models of Database Use by Jud Burtis From the session: Sociocognitive Design Issues for Interactive Learning Environments Across Diverse Knowledge Building Communities by Scardamalia & Bereiter, Chairs AERA, Chicago, March 1997

POWER AND PEDAGOGY:Transforming Education through Information Technology By Robbie McClintock

The Theories

Schools as Knowledge Building Organizations  by Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter

Situative Design Issues for Interactive Learning Environments: The Problem of Group Coherence by Hewitt, Scardamalia,  & Webb

Technical Resources

Dictionary of Computing
An Early Draft of a White Paper on Wiring
Hardware Guidelines
LAN (Local Area Network) Proposal
NSF's Wireless Field Tests
Spread Spectrum Device Compendium
Syllabus from Computer Communications...
Tech Encyclopedia
WAN Documents

State Reports on Technology 

Computer Technology In California K-12 Schools: Uses, Best Practices, And Policy Implications

Related Links 

Computers in the Classroom
Connecting All Americans for the 21st Century
Cyber Library
Educational Technologies
EdWeb:  Exploring Technology and School
Evaluation Rubrics for Websites
From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal
How Technology Counts in Arizona
Schools in the Information Age
Learning Technologies
LearnNet:  The FCC's informal education page
National Center for Technology Planning
North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Statistics in Brief: Advanced Telecommunications in U.S. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, Fall 1996 

Technology Planning Bibliographies
US Department of Education:  Office of Ed Tech
Using Technology in the Curriculum
Writing Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)

Model Network Project

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